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how long does valium withdrawal last?

I've been using valium for at least ten years on a daily basis. Two months ago I reduced dosage from 10mg a day to 5, and three of weeks ago went down to 2.5mg. Two weeks ago, stopped taking it altogether.

Now, I've got a strange metallic taste in my mouth, fast heartbeat and the world seems to be kind of swimmy, if that makes any sense. A couple of nights ago I was having full on visual and auditory hallucinations.

It is my intention to walk away from this drug, but I'm not sure if I'm going about it the right way. I have no insurance and no Doctor. I understand this may take a while and am willing to suffer through, but am curious if anyone out there might know the real taper off formula? I am 50 years old and in good shape, 5'8, 160 lbs.

Thanks in advance
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Hi what have you taken in the past? The most values at once before? Talk to me...let's see what we can do.
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just 2 tens , but i still feel ill ilke wind symtoms  i was drinking a lot also
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Wow! Denial is denial and 7 years of klonopin daily will definitely give you a good dose of that. So what your saying is that you don't need REM or SWS? "Someone" might need the Ashton Manual. This comment does not pertain to the other meds, as I know nothing about them, but benzos daily are a very bad idea (PERIOD) Brainwashing is only to be administered  by the brain in need of washing.
American Doctors don't want to help you. They want to keep you. You aren't a patient. You are a client. Anyone wanting to come off of benzos who does not have access to a doctor needs to read the Ashton Manual. It can be found at benzo.uk.org/manual. The American public needs access to this literature. It needs to be in our system.
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no-one                                                                                                             hi, i don,t really no were to start but here i go. I am one week in to withdrawing from 20 mg diazepam a day. Iv started by reducing by half mg a day. Im 50 yrs old and have been on these for 12 yrs, many a time iv missed taking a dose due to sleeping and saved those for when i needed to go out of the house taking an extra two which has become a habit. If i know i have got to go somewere i will take a prescibed 7.5mg zopiclone so i can save my diazipam up. My psychiatryt has just changed my antidepresants to 20mg of mirtazapine a night just  weeks ago. I got to rock bottom at the end of november last year when to many things got to me and really let myself go and if it was'nt for a very good friend calling round to see if i was ok i really don't think i would be here to write this now because i'd turned my phone off, kept my blind's shut and nobody had seen me. I hope i get a reply, i want to tell more but as i m writing this i can hardly see the keys as my eyes are streaming. Please help x
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i also had a heart attack in 2008 and after reading some of these posts am now frightened of withdrawing x
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I think you are tapering rediculously fast.  The recommended rate is 5 - 10% every 3 -4 weeks.  You are 50 years old (I am also in my 50's) and you have been on them for 12years so if I were you I would go with the 5% reductions.  It is very important to take the correct dosages daily and at the same time each day so do not take the Zopiclone instead of your Valium. I suggest you download the Ashton manual and take it to your doctor so you can work on a more sensible taper plan.
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thanks for the reply carol, i'v wrote things wrong. I take 4 x 5mg daily. I'v started cutting down by 2.5mg daily, leaving me with 3 and a half diazepam to take daily. I also take a 7.5mg zopiclone at night. If i missed taking any diazepam its them that i have saved to take when and if i have got to leave the house. I hope iv made more sense, it's the first time iv spoke about these horrible tablets and im not very good at all on the laptop. please reply if i have made more sense thank's.
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I still think your cut is too much.  If you were taking 4 x 5mg = 20mg.  The maximum you should have reduced was 2.00mg i.e 10%.  I would still have gone with 5% =1.00mg every 2 to 3weeks.

Zopiclone is also very addictive and even though it is not marketed as a Benzodiazepine - Z-drugs work on the same GABA receptors.  The difference being their shorter half life. This means you are confusing your brain even more and will definitely be experiencing interdose withdrawals.  Valium has a 300hour life every time you take a Zop.

Noon IMO you should do a  taper of the Zopiclone first - I don't know how long you have been on it but if possible you should loose it first and then once you have stabilized - usually at least 3months later should you start to taper Valium.  The Ashton manual says Z-drugs can be c/t but I think that is ludicrous if you have been on them for a long time.  A 10% taper is far more sensible.

You are going to have to be more vigilent about not missing doses - get a monthly pill box and put your daily doses in them.  To w/d any drug with as few s/e as possible a slow taper is advised and it is imperative to take your doses at the same time EVERY day.
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Hi There

My problem started with being prescribed 10mg Tamazepam for menopausal insomnia just over 12 months. I took it regularly for about a month and was then prescribed HRT which fixed the problem. However a few months ago the HRT stopped working and I had to start taking the Tamazepam again. I started going to a naturopath and was able to reduce the dosage I was taking down to about 2.5mg.  

However, suddenly I began to suffer the side effects of it not working and needing to take more. My doctor switched me over to Diazepam, but I found the equivalent dose of 5mg wasn’t enough. I kept increasing it each night until I could get to a dose that worked (10mg Diazepam) and then each night I reduced it by 1mg until I got down to the 2.5mg again.

Everything seemed to be going okay. I wasn’t sleeping great, but I was getting about 5 hours each night. My doctor's plan was for me to stay on the 2.5mg for about 5 days and then reduce to 2mg for another 5 days, then 1.75mg, then 1.5 etc, until I got off the hideous stuffed.

However, it's 4 days into the 2.5mg dose and suddenly my insomnia returned really badly and I can’t sleep again. I don’t want to increase my dosage because I feel that would be a backward step. I’m wondering if going up to the 10mg and reducing 1mg per day was too quick. What does everyone suggest?
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Sorry, I got a bit confused with the doses there. My doctor wanted me to start with 2mg of Diazepam (not 5mg as I said above), but that didn’t work. So I went up to the 10mg. I’ve now come back down to the 2.5mg, and it’s from that dose that I want to withdraw without suffering the consequences of insomnia.
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10mg Tamazapan is the equivalent of 5mg Valium as you correctly stated.  I am unclear of exactly how long you were on the Tamazapan for and when you crossed over did you cross directly over to the Valium and drop the Tamazapan.  Valium takes 300 hours to build up in your body.  This means you would have to have been on a particular dose for about two weeks for it to reach its full strength.  Once you reached the 10mg did you wait to stabilise at that dosage before you started to taper?  The rate at which you tapered would also influence your s/e.

If you wish to taper from 2.5mg at the recommended rate of 10% your first cut would take you to 2.25mg and then 2.03mg.  Just multiply your last dose by 0.9 each time.

Remember your taper must suit you and often making smaller cuts (5%) at longer intervals helps to ensure a smoother taper and reduce the consequential s/e.  I would not go back to 10mg and start again.  If your insomnia is really bad - that you have had zero sleep for the last 4nights then maybe you could go back to your previous dosage or to about 3mg - hold at that for about two weeks and then start tapering slowly again.

I hate to tell you this but insomnia is one of the most common s/e of tapering any Benzo or Z-drug so regardless of how slow you taper there is no guarantee that you will avoid it completely during your taper and for a while thereafter.  

Liquid Valium (if its available in your country) makes smaller and more accurate cuts possible.
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I have just reread your first post.  You state that you reduced by 1mg every night!!  Yes you did taper too quickly.  I still would not suggest you go back to 10mg but to the lowest effective dose and hold at that for 2weeks before tapering.  Remember to hold at least two weeks between dose reductions.
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Thanks for your replies. It is currently about 10.30 pm and I'm not able to sleep again. I took 2.5mg a couple of hours ago, and I've just taken another 2.5mg. So I don't know if that is going to work. I'm going to see if I can get an appointment with my doctor tomorrow afternoon, because obviously my rate of reduction just wasn't working. I do understand that I was probably trying to do it too quickly. My problem is also that I get hot flashes, and that doesn't help with the insomnia either.
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Sorry, I didn’t really answer all your questions.  I had been taking between 2.5-5mg of Tamazepam for about a month before the withdrawal symptoms started.

I began taking Diazepam on 15th Feb. When my doctor gave me the Diaz she didn’t mention anything about continuing to take the Tamaz as well, but for the first couple of days I took 2.5mg along with the 2mg of Diaz. But as that wasn’t working, over the course of a few nights I increased to 10mg of Diaz on 18th Feb. I knew that was more than I needed, or was used to, but my plan was to take that larger dose as a one-off and then each night reduce by 1-2mg until I got the dose that I needed, which I thought was 2.5mg. That seemed okay for about 4 nights, but then the withdrawals presented again. Obviously that was the wrong thing to do, but now I’m really confused as to what I should do.

Last night I ended up taking 7mg. I did get some sleep, but it was only a few hours, but as I took the 7mg over the course of about 4 hours I probably didn’t get the full effect of it. I know that while this is going on I’m not going to get great sleep, but as long as I can get to sleep reasonably easily, and get about 5 hours sleep, I’m okay with that. I’m also getting a lot of hot flushes and I’m now wondering if this is a result of the withdrawal, as opposed to menopause, because I noticed last night that after I took the 7mg the hot flashes seemed to settle down a lot.

So now I’m not sure what to do tonight. Do I just start doing the withdrawal from the 7mg or could I try coming down to 5 or 6mg over the next couple of nights?

I will do what you have suggested and do a taper every two weeks.  Thanks for the tip about multiplying by 0.9. That will help me work out what my next dose should be. Obviously I need to take this really slowly, and perhaps more slowly than my doctor thinks I need to, because she said I could reduce every 5 days. I’m going to try to get an appointment with her this afternoon, but it’s not always easy getting a same day appointment if you don’t phone early enough.

Thanks for your advice and help. I just want to get off this horrendous stuff. I wish I had never taken it in the first place.
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You are really confusing your brain with your erratic dosing - it is important to dose the same amount at the same time each day to be able to acurately establish what the lowest effective dose is.  

Insomnia is known to increase anxiety which tends to exhasperate flashes.
Taking Diazepan would have calmed your anxiety hense providing you with some relief.  At the same time your erratic dosing of Diazepan means you are constantly w/d from lower doses.  You have not been on it a long time but following a slow taper is always recommended.

I am 5years post menopause and was on Benzo's and Z-drugs for insomnia 13years so I understand how difficult this time is. I am still tapering off a Z-drug and having gone 21 nights straight with zero sleep trust me a slow taper is always better than cold turkey.
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Well, I do have some interesting news. It would seem my problems aren't related to the diazepam at all. I saw my doctor again and she is convinced that what I was experiencing had nothing to do with withdrawal because the dose I was taking wasn't high enough or long enough, and she’s had a fair bit of experience with this kind of thing.

I went off HRT last November because it had stopped working, and I was seeing a naturopath. That treatment did seem to be working during part of January, but considering all the symptoms I was experiencing my doctor was convinced it was hormone related, so it would seem that the naturopath’s treatment had stopped working as well.

So I went back on to HRT again, which usually works pretty quickly, and I'm already feeling better. The hot flashes have reduced and I have slept reasonably well without taking any diazepam at all, although I will take a small dose over the next couple of weeks to taper myself off it.

My doctor said that some women do need to change brands of HRT during the course of the menopause journey, and sometimes they might even have to go on the higher dosed stuff, but I can't be worried about the long term effects of that because the present is more important than the future. I will deal with whatever happens in the future - in the future. I’m also taking on a new job soon, so I needed to get all this sorted out because the added stress would have been too much for me.

I think my problem has been that I have been reading too many of the horror stories on the internet, which have mostly been from people who haven’t been professional medical people or who have had long term high dose abuse of these drugs. I really needed to listen to my own doctor more, because she always said I was beating myself up too much over the whole thing, and it would seem she was right.

Thank you for your kind advice, but hopefully I have turned the corner and I am on the mend again.
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That was the most inspiring piece of advice. I have read in all the research into topics such as you described.
Even reference to not watching news and negative articles is the best advice to all...the book I love to have people read is THE POWER OF NOW, by Eckhart Tolle!
Blessings to people such as yourself who can help. Others like myself learn ang grow healthier and happier!
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Thank you for your comment--I am a believer as well, and trust that the Lord will deliver me from this dependence on Valium  (I've been on it for nausea for about 18 months (I have multiple chronic health problems, one of which requires IV nutrition, so I use IV Valium). Jesus Christ is Lord of my life, including my body. He conquered sin and death, and He loves me--and He will be with me through the withdrawal process. Your testimony of deliverance is very powerful and encouraging--I really appreciate it!!

Fortunately mine is a purely physiological dependence and not for anxiety. I've been wanting to quit, but have feared the withdrawal process. Anyway, yesterday I decided to try to quit cold turkey, and was very proud that I went over 24 hours without a dose; but after reading about the dangers and complications of suddenly stopping, I'm reconsidering my approach, and will find a tapering plan to follow.
The rest is in God's hands.
Thank you for the encouragement--even though it's been two years since you posted your comment!
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1mg of Ativan is equivalent to 10mg of Valium (Diazapam).  You were tapering way to fast.  It takes about 4 months for 1mg of Ativan or 10mg of Valium.  Please everyone check out Dr. Heather Ashton in UK.  She runs a benzo clinic in UK and there is everything you ever needed to know about tapering including a schedule.  The woman graduated from Oxford Medical school and is a genious.  I have found no info in U.S.  She literally saved my life s almost died from Ativan withdrawal n the ER.  The ER doctor did not know what he was doing and tried to bring me off 5-6mg Ativan by taper in 3 weeks whichsent me right back where I started.  I have been following Heather's schedule and am slowly making progress.  It is TEDIOUS but if you want off there is no quick way.  May God bless you all and grant you success through this very difficult process. Irie Daughter
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This thread is so interesting. I have been on 20mg diazapem for 3 years. I stopped cold about 3 weeks ago. The first week was torture. I thought I was getting better, because I actually felt good for a few days.. minor anxiety, insomnia, mood swings.. But then for all of the sudden all of my symptoms returned. I thought i was going crazy. I was wondering if I should just continue to 'Not' take them, and hopefully this will all go away?
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I love your wolf posting! I get it. Finally someone gets it!
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I have a taper chart my doc gave me, how much would you be tapering from? My boyfriend whom had seen me struggle ( & almost for on a Xanax and on a Valium withdrawl) I'm very upset as he now started taking them too- just for a high to assist in I've cravings (plus he's on meds after a shocking train accident) now he is facing withdrawl of the worst kind. He was also buying them and is now on 37 a day. He has 10 left and I'm terrified, I have just kinda figured he may be schizophrenic. I hate all these pulls so much. They absolutely destroy lives. I am almost off Valium myself however I use them responsibly now. (I smoke weed to help when im desperate) another thing to stuff myself mentally so I don't reccimend it. Good luck everyone going through addiction. Hope we all get to the other side.
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I am planning to come off Valium cold turkey in June. I'm only on 20mg but am advised to go into detox. I have tried unsuccessfully to come of cold turkey before and tapering doesn't work. The strange thing is I've come off roughly 150 mg of morphine and 300 mg of Valium cold turkey and lived to tell the tale but getting this last 20 mg of diazepam is rough and seems to drag out. I have been tempted to take heroin for a month just to get the Diaz shifted but that plan is sure to backfire. I prefer to do home detox as I think it works. I've been on 20mg for about three years and haven't taken heroin for well over a year and don't feel the need, I don't get a high from the Valium so there is no point it being in my system. Realistic how long would it take if you went cold turkey for diazepam to leave the system I have gone without for a week before and am not concerned about seizures, any advise from a professional would be welcome.
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My maths is bad 1500 mg morphine so like I said why so long to get of 20mg valium!
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I was on valium for a few years I would take around 15mg's per day. I tapered off in 2 weeks. I started with 5mg's per day for a week then .05mg's for 1 week then just stoppped. I fealt very weak the first week. The second week I was not only weak but I was sick like motion sickness. By day 10 it was the worst. Day 11 I feel 100%! I do not want a valium. I took meclizine 25mg for the motion sickness. You can get this over the counte. I just took it 1 day and took 1/2 in the afternoon and 1/4 that night. I was fine the next day! Just ride it out! Good Luck
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Let's see how you are next few days or next week, the real symptoms of withdrawal from Valium do not come on for weeks or even months after you stop or cut back and it is hell. You are playing a dangerous game, which could involve seizures and even death or brain damage. Gigi, you have cut way too fast and the withdrawals have not even kicked in yet, it's normal to feel okay for a day, or even a week, or more, then it hits and you wont know what has hit you.
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I have been taking diazepam for years I am on 20mg now I really want to come off them. I have stopped taking them and it seems like the world is not real cant concentrate and everything is brighter how long will this last for?
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I went off of them about 5 weeks ago from taking them for 11 years.  At first, it seemed easy.  After about 2 weeks it got really bad!  I just hung in there & now able to function a little bit! I believe a lot of it is mind over matter.  I have been doing research on this.  Psycho Somatic is what it is.  You are so used to taking the 'drug' that you are not 'used to life' w/o it.  I believe once that hurdle is crossed & the desire to take the drug is gone is when you start to heal.  I am still feeling the affect BUT when I tell myself that is all they are, they dissapate.  After 5 weeks, the 'drug' is probably out of your system.  I was sproatic with the doses. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little.  At the end there, I was taking 10 mills a day until I ran out & did not get a refill.  I was sick & tire of being sick & tired.  I have come this far & had a major breakthough when I conditioned my 'mind' to the fact that I was DONE!  I think a lot of the withdrawl is because of that very reason... I'll be back........
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Yeah this is true.  At first you 'think' you have it aced!  It does come on a few weeks after the 'drug' is stopped but the actual 'time' that the drug is really in your system is not that long after that.  It is cause of the half life.  Once you reach the point of true withdrawl, it is really hard & you think maybe you won't make it.  It doesn't last that long though.  Once over the detox then it is all about the 'mind'!  Conditioning oneself to 'get along with out it'.  That seems to be the hardest thing.  For so many years, we are dependent on it.  Take it away & wow!  What a difference.  Everything is intense.  I believe a lot of that is b/c the Valium DULLS everything & we just get used to that.  After awhile we realize how potent it really was & wow we did not need that!  :)
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Try the benzodiazapine support group on facebook there's a lot of help and support there I myself have tapered from 150mg valium and 40mg temazepam from july 2011 I'm on 8mg now it's not easy but you can do it  also      non-benzodiaziepines.org.uk is a very useful site good luck
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The Ashton Manual is the benzo bible. Print it out and read every word. I did this and it keeps me from using valium now.

I tapered very, very, slowly. By .25mgs every 3 weeks. What's the hurry if you really want to taper off completely and safely? It probably took you years to get to this point, so take it easy and taper slowly. I even took powdered fragments towards the end. As a result, I did not get sick, I felt very little difference the whole time. But I knew I was making progress so that helped calm my mind. Keep a very accurate journal/log. Go slow!

It has been just under 1 year for me since my last pill. There are occasions when my body is soooo stressed that I feel that old "need a pill" feeling. But, if you rest alot, distract yourself it will go away, make sure you eat and keep your blood sugar level. Prayers to everyone. Hang in there!! I do think some medications are necessary, but valium and similar drugs will just keep you from being free. There is a better way.
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I guess I should feel fortunate ...

I take 2.5mg of diazepam twice a day for anxiety. Been taking it for YEARS. I rarely (maybe once or twice a year) feel the need to take any more - and on those rare occasions, I might take 5mg between doses if I know in advance that I'm going to be walking into an extremely stressful situation.

It works like a champ to control my anxiety, and I've never felt the need to increase my dosage, meaning, that I don't feel like I've developed a tolerance to it. But, I guess 2.5mg twice a day really isn't a hell of a lot Valium. Sometimes, I forget to take the second dose, and I've never felt any adverse effects from that.

So, because its working, and I don't feel the need to increase my dosage, I also don't feel the need to stop taking it either. I'll probably take it for the rest of my life as long as its doing the job.

A long time ago, I used to take Xanax to stop panic attacks. That works really well and pretty quickly to kill a PA. But this low dose of Valium prevents them from happening, so I'd rather take a total of 5mg of diazepam a day and not have a panic attack in the first place.

I know some people that take 25mg of Valium or more a day to control anxiety and muscle issues. I would just be too terrified to take that much of that drug even once. I don't like taking drugs to begin with, so the least amount I can take to solve the problem that I have, is what I'm gonna do :)

I'm very grateful that I can take this stuff, and its effective, and I don't feel the need to take more. But that's me, your mileage may vary.
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Well, that's what I get for talking....Since my last post I had an unexpected or unexplained (as of yet) event where I awoke with my heart racing - tachycardia because it was over 100 beats per minute. It awoke me from sleep at 4am. EMT's took me to the hospital because it would not slow down for over 1/2 hour and my bp shot up 190's over 90's and stayed high for the entire 6 hr hosp stay. So, they sent me home and said to have a cardio workup. I ended up taking (on my own) 2mg of valium at home a few hours after the ER visit because my heart would not calm back down on it's own (now palpitations because rate was 90's). The valium worked within 1 hour which made me feel much better.

So, have had cardio visits and tests and now await the doctors opinion. But, I would bet you he will say anxiety. I know I am anxious, but I have never experienced anything like this. I am just thankful I had some valium left over from when I used to take it.

I am very disappointed to now be taking it again, until I find out anything better to do. Currently 2mg every other day. I am having muscle spasms and very, very sore back, shoulder and neck. Also a headache that won't go away. I am puzzled as to what happened....and I am taking the 2mg on my own now as my doctor did not tell me to take it. But, the anxious body symptoms were beyond what I could tolerate.

The ER doctors and the cardiologist suggested I may have been awoken from a scary dream or some similar event that morning. Who knows? All I know is that the shaky body has returned.

I understand what you say when you "gj32" say that you don't mind 5mg a day...but I still wish it was not necessary. I agree with you...I know people that take very large amounts or take multiple anxiety medications. So, compared to that I will be happy if I can stick to 2mg every other day, or even every day if need be. Of course now I will have to find a doctor that will continue to prescribe it to me. If they do not agree I don't know what I will do.....

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My father killed himself in the 60's and he was using Valium heavily for PTSD.  Benzos are not good stuff.  Thorazine (non-benzo antipsychotic) was around at the time, cheap and non-addictive.  I wish he had used that instead.  Seems all the docs were pushing the Valium.
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Hello. Ive been addicted to diazpam since i was 20, im now 38 and i am weening myself of them. After every child ive had my depression has got worse. I was up to about 30 mg a day. I am trying to ween myself off them, so i have cut down to 10 mg a day. I beginning to shake and my body feels life less. I am also on anti-depression. How long do you think it will take untill the side effects wear off?
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Hi Nancy,

From your comment "I am very disappointed to now be taking it again",, Were you withdrawing?, If you were then your body was more then likely reacting to the withdrawal. If you are withdrawing make sure you cut back at the rate of 2.5% per month - its very important. Benzos have weird side effects so be very careful and look after your physical, mental and spiritual health  - Best Wishes, J
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my name is james i have been valium 7 years quit taking them 21 days ago im not sleepimg at all night sweat head hurts and ears ringing what should i do too sleep eat thanks 10mg taken maybe 2 too 3 times day any suggestions
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Hi and welcome.
You are posting on an old post  go to the top of page. Orange "post a question" start you own post that way. You will get a lot more response.
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Valium is not a benzo, it's a diazepam and there is a difference. Neither is easy to get off, however I believe Valium has less side effects when you withdraw slowly, don't give up and be aware of the symptoms, these drugs should be taken off the market and used only in a hospital setting for a very short time.  
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Great story and i totaly understand your pain as im coming off Valium but life is tough and hard and unlike you i have no faith in a God so i walk alone but undeluded and understand the true horror of these medicines are man made and self inflicted.
Good luck for the future.
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Thank you thank you thank you for the mention of the Ashton Manual you have filled me with hope,something I haven't had for so long.I have had to take these 'horrible' little blue devils for about 3 years now due to firstly a knee operation ,then major shoulder surgery, then unfortunately another round of knee surgery because the first one failed. I have been trying so hard to come off these pills and have reduced a good few times down to taking only 5mg per day then unfortunately surgery reared it's ugly head again and i was beginning to think I would be hooked for life.I was an extremely fit extreme sportsman(b.a.s.e jumper,skydiving instructor,climber,gym fanatic) and still am pretty fit considering the operations I have had to endure.Even the great Surgeon was impressed with my physique and cardiovascular health(I have a lung capacity of 7+ litres and lung age of a 19yr old,not bad for 46!) I have tried and tried with my family GP but he is, and has always been very obtuse with me for some reason even though I am polite to him and always have been and to all other people in life too.I'm starting from today, thanks to your post, getting off these life destroying pills and I can't thank you enough for those three little words you posted 'The Ashton Manual'.I am so strong mentally there is no thought of failure,only success.You're a star and I hope life brings you what you deserve and more.Thank you very much Shauny
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so glad i found this post, i to am coming of diazapam. Iwas on 10mg aday and with the help from my dr who put me on lusral Iam know down to half a mil aday, it has taken about 8mths to get this far,some days Ifeel abit wozzy and have burning sensations but most days I feel a lot lot better.Iam so glad Ihave got this far as Iwas on them for 24yrs, glad when Iam off them altogether, nasty little things. good luck to you all. sal
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For those who have gone through the withdrawal process, how long did the symptoms last? I've weaned off after 10 years on it and am feeling crappy: dizzy-like, stomach pain, diarrhea, and nausea. Hope this goes away
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A few years too late but for those that come across this now there is a book with a lot of info on how to get off benzos and tapering charts for different benzos as well as for different levels of usage. It is called 'the Ashton manual'. It also lists the common side effects and withdrawal symptoms and how long they are expected to last.
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A few years too late but for those that come across this now there is a book with a lot of info on how to get off benzos and tapering charts for different benzos as well as for different levels of usage. It is called 'the Ashton manual'. It also lists the common side effects and withdrawal symptoms and how long they are expected to last.
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Well, since I wrote that, I went down to 2.5mg / day. An extra 2.5 if I know I'm going into an extra-stressful situation. Been about a year now.

At this low dosage, I MUST have built up a tolerance to it, and I'm probably getting the placebo effect. But I don't care, whatever works is fine with me.

One thing that *****, is that the manufacturer of the generic diazepam I'm taking no longer makes 2.5mg tablets. So, I have to get 5mg tabs and split them in half. The pills are so soft, they often crumble when splitting, so... well, that's just a minor annoyance, I suppose. I'll put up with that inconvenience to not have muscle spasms, twitching and panic attacks :)
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There is NO rat POISON in Valium, I looked on a specific site. If you have 2 PhD's in Medical Science, then you would know how to spell poison. Go to www.rxlist.com it will TELL you what is in Valium. The pills are yellow in color NOT blue. I am in the medical field as well and know a few pharmacists. They even said there is no RAT POISON in that drug.

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Hi everyone.

I will start by saying that I know what everyone will say, go and see the doc, but that option is not really viable.

So, here goes.

I was taking 10mg diazepam for 2 years. 3 months ago, I decided that enough was enough and that I was going to get off these things. I tapered off, 5mg for 6 weeks, then 2.5mg for 6 weeks, then cold turkey 7 days ago.

I think I have developed a serious problem, and it is scaring me. On the 2nd day after stopping taking the 2.5mg, I developed chest pain, back pain, short of breath, the feeling that my chest was being crushed, and extreme dizziness? It sounds, to me, that I am having a heart attack? The pain/crushing feeling/short of breath is constant, 24/7. I have not been to see a doc, yet. If I go and see the doc about the heart problems, whether it is actually a heart problem, or not, they may find out that I have just come off diazepam. Umm! That would mean me going to prison, and losing my job, so you can see why I do not want to go to the doc?

Apart from the fact that I feel really dreadful, (I also have a lot of other withdrawal related problems, the panic attacks have started, hot flushes, etc), I am determined to beat this, if I live long enough!

My question is this? Can diazepam withdrawal symptoms mimic a heart attack? Or have I actually had, am having major heart problems?

I am really scared, so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have started to take 2 aspirin a day, but they have not done anything.
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