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how long is the withdrawl stage after stopping seriously abusing percocets everyday?

i have been takin up to 40 /5 mg percocets daily for 6 months now,prior to that i have casually been taking them off and on for about 2 years,i really want to quit but i am scared to death about the sickness and deppression asscociated with stopping.does anyone have any advice to get me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it.the addiction is ruining my life,relationship with my girl ,effecting my job and jeprodizing my health.still the first thing i think about when i open my eyes is getting high.IT IS to the point where ten percs barley get me high.How long will it take before i can get my quality of life back,as well as my personality.I feel like such a looser as i dont even have any pain only took them to get high and deal with emotional problems in my life.Is it even possible to be normal again?where do i even start ?and when i do how long will i be sick for?....Pls anyone with any knolodge or advice pls reply,as i am so sadly lost and looking for direction to get off this horrible drug.
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The bad part of withdrawal lasts at least a week or more. Day 4 is usually the worst. Everyone is different.
If you are really taking 40 pills per day, I would try to taper down first.
Take a look at the Health Pages on the right side of this page. Look for the Thomas Recipe and the amino acid posts. There is lots of other useful info there too.
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I personally had to taper because one of the reasons I abused pills was to escape the emotional problems like you said you were doing.  I had to deal with all the things I put off dealing with and tapering helped me get a hold of the emotions better, and to let go of the pills one day at a time.  Everyone on this forum seems to be a little different in how long it takes to get through the w/d's but it is a very short time compared to a lifetime of abusing, maybe a few days you feel like you have the flu then everyday you win back some energy.  Good luck!
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thank you i wouldsay 40 pills is average sometimes more or less but at least 3 or four times a day a minimunm of 40 mgs at a time will i ever be able to be normal again? i am,or was, a healthy strong 28 year old male and a feel like a helpless little child i make over 500 dollers a day but i am spending 300 on pills,also i take oxycodone str8 or oxycontin and break the time release.my biggest problem is lots of money and lots of suppliers.when u say tapering down from say 200 mg a day of oxycodone what would be a reasonable regime in decreasing the dose before i seek professiopnal help?
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thank you flowergirl suddenly i do not feel so alone in doing this but tapering will be near immpossible for me unless i had a person monitoring and administering the pills 2 me becausse i am so addicted to the feeling of getting high,however i heard that stopping cold turkey was dangerous health wise and could even be fatal....do you think this is trfue and if so applies in my case?
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If tapering is out of the question, it will be rough but doable. Look at the Thomas recipe and get ready. Withdrawals last 5-7 days. Some start feeling better by day 5, some after that. Everyone is different. Keep in mind that w/d is the easy part. Staying clean is the hard part. It takes a super deep commitment. Good Luck and keep posting.

>>>>>>>>>>>>"When your desire to get clean, is stronger than your desire to use. Then, you will get clean" GTMI <<<<<<<<<<<
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thanks for the help do u think i am at risk medically by not tapering first cause right now im lokkin at checking into a rehab center for 30 days,would you suggest seeing a dcoctor or crisis nurse at the hospital first to ***** my situatfion?is there anything the docs will perscribe me to make the withdrawls less painfull and possibly more safe?
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Looking into a 30 rehab would be a good idea.They  can moniter your withdrawals and can check you out medically as well
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Rehab may well be your best option. I would recommend that. Yes they give you meds for blood pressure and maybe anxiety. Make sure you get a liver blood test when this is over. Your dose can be damaging to the liver.
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i agree with thea bove statement, the wrost is days 3 through 5. and it can last for up to a week and a half.  everyone gets the withdrawals differently, i got it the worst in my shins and lower legs my ex had it throughout her uppeer body...and soo on. home detoxing is possible but with the amount you were taking i would recommend geting a liver test done with all the damage youve done to youre liver could come up to haunt you or already be toxic...the amount of acetiminophen(tylenol) you were taking was extreme..i know i did it for a few years pretty heavily but then moved on to straight oxycontin and heroin so in some ways that was good(but in reality i was just digging myself deeper and deeper), then after about a year I was using percs or vikes jsut to ease the withdrawal from OC's or H. would you might find that you need to do is get help go into a suboxone treatment plan or methadone, but be careful with both because they are addicting as well and can only help you stay completely clean to a certain exstent, but with the amount you were taking you might not be able to taper, CT, or home-detox youreself, which if you cant it doesnt hurt to ask for help it def. can save youre life.if you try a home-detox method i would recommend going to immediate care or hopsitala nd explaining the situation and they can give you some meds to help ease the withdrawals, i wish they had something to completely take it away but thats impossible. they probably will give you clonidine(a blood pressure med, taht has been flound to really help ease the sweats, chills, blood pressure spikes, and insomnia), lorazepam or another benzo that helpas alot with the anxiety and extreme muscle aches and cramping. definitely take immodium(loperamide-generic) for the diarrhea, there also something claled tigan taht helps with nausea and vomiting. eat really well, take vitamins, and  exercise it def. helps. i know while withdrawaling it may seem impossible but try it it def. takes youre mind off and can help with the release in your own natural endorphins with feelings of pleasure and your general well-being. it eventaully ends and youll be claen and sober and you can actually live life and enjoy it, not wait around for a stupid pill that controls youre every move and degrades you to a selfish slug of a human being. best of luck and try youre hardest- christos
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what problem do you think i will encounter when you speak of the liver damage?as i said earlier i have been badly abusing for the last 5 or 6 months between 30 and 50 percs a day,i get the str8 oxycodone whenever possible but those are alot harder to find.is my liver going to be destroyed?
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It is possible that your liver has been damaged. The worst case is if you keep at this rate, the liver can shut down. The liver can repair itself, to a point. The test checks your liver enzyme levels, if they are up, they know there is damage. We are not trying to scare you (too much), you just need to quit this cycle. Medically they can help you.
Just get things rolling on towards you recovery.
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im just like you man i love perks i look at a yellow perc10 like a normal person looks at a bently i  used tto eat them all the time any kind of pain killer than i cut down on the pills and made a change.... to guess what snorting dope i looked at it like "damn this is cheaper than pills and im getin twice as high" to this day i cant believe i jumped on the heroin train but it happened so fast i got myself in this hole b4 i knew what was goin on. Personally i cant taper myself im not with that just cuz i cant. if you give me 40 percs dont expect them to last more than 2-3days tops. i feel your pain with blowing tons of money we might as well pull out a wad of 50's and set em on fire. i also feel your pain with it causing probs with your girl, ive lost a couple great girls b/c of my addiction it turns me into an egotistical jerk and i dont blame my ex's for leaving at the time i didnt even care. But being i cant taper and im pretty far into adiction land ive decided to go to rehab myself, its prolly your best choice having a habit that big. Im looking at a 90day place cuz this isnt my first rodeo with rehab ive done the 28day programs and just went back to my old ways. What you said really hit home with me, on the outside i appear to be a healthy "strong" 22 year old man but inside sometimes i feel like a helpless child too good luck to you man getting help is the way to go getting high aint cool anymore its played out
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young dude i have seriously considered sniffin herion instead it would be cheaper but then whats next stickin a needle in my arm? lyin dead in a hotel room? i am  so messed up on theese pills i cant do anything without them i feel like i just woke up off a 2 week bender every morning till i get tose first few pills down i just dont feel as though i can ever be normal again i forgot what it even feels like to be happy or excited about something all i know how to feel is when my first does of pills hits the bottom of my stomace,i am so terrified about dealing with this prob it was alot easier to just keep getting high i cant even stand to look at my lown face in the mirror as i know what i am and what i have become.i just pray that i will be able to feel like a normal human being when this is done.
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the liver damage i was talking about was from all the tylenol you put in your liver everytime you take massive amounts of the percs i know i did it for a couple of years, tho i dont have any liver problems eventually it will shut youre liver completely down and you could possibly die if it goes on long enough, but like stated above with treatment and giving your liver a rest it can heal itself over a process of time. its kinda of the same way heavy alcoholics have liver damage, the same thing applies with too much tylneol repeated...you most likely dont have any liver damage or a very small amount at most, unless youre puking blood then i would be worried...
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The bad news is that you've fallen into the trap and detox will be rough, but you can do it.  

The good news is that you really only abused for about six months.  Getting back into a life of sobriety should be so much easier for you than a lot of us who have been stuck with addiction for several years.

We have have to learn to re-live, and it's hard when we were on "the other side" for so long.  It's hard to remember what that's like.

I wish you the best.
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Listen to enemy48 - she knows whats up here. In saying that I had a HUGE problem with similar meds and am on day --40 something. Day 2-4 sucked bad, but It Does GET BETTER. You just have to REALLY want it. Post here often and read read read. We are all here for the same thing, and for each other - Go for it, you wont regret it in a few weeks, promise
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20-5mgs percs i 100mg a day of narcotics...not extreme in comparison to many on here..they tylenol u r taking is a bit scary tho as there is usually 325 mg of tylenol in each perc...ur dose is doable...a taper would help with a friend to hold the pills for u...or u could jump off if u have no heart condition...main thing is to get clean..depression follows detox and it sux...coping and making it thru this hard period is what most can not do...prepare and seek aftercare...be ready to fight the temptation for a while and stay strong!
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i sure wish i didnt do this to myself,thanks for the helpfull info i am seeing the crisis nurseat the er tommorow to discuss my options,it will be a long hard road but i have alot to loose and im gonna do it somehow.
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