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how long!

how long can i human body go without sleep? got myself stable on .20mg sub, wanted to start skipping days on monday, don't know if i can like this going without sleep, not really sick, just feel really bad I work out of town all week, come home on the weekend's and my 5 year old son keeps asking me to play with him and i can't, every time i try to get up i get dizzy,do to  lack of sleep, I feel like the worst dad on top of that starting to feel emotional like feeling's i never felt, i will just start crying for no reason, anybody got any sugg on a trick on sleeping, already taken meltonia took a ambian also my dad gave me and i dont take ambain, still couldnt sleep, want to make my jump any finally be drug free, its taking me almost 6 monts to get to .20mg sub and displine, just want this to be over with, and can not miss work at the same time, feel like it's killing me going without sleep, on top of that inside me just says go get high and it will be over you can sleep, now since coming down starting to crave ocy's, really thought the early withdrawl was hard feeling like i had 200 hundred pound dumbell tied to my arm and legs was hard its at least i did sleep, how much longer can i go on sleeping 2 hours at night?
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Everyone is different, but it sounds like you are getting to your limit of exhaustion.
There are over the counter medication like ZZZZZs or Advil PM , that has antihistamine and can help
Try to stay away from caffeine or sugars. If that does not work call your doctor and he will give something stronger.
I wish you all the best.
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Hi I'm not sure what the protocol is here posting after a medical prof'l but for what it's worth I'll give you my .02.  First of all I'm really sorry you're going through that.  I don't think my DOC was yours so i don't know much about the meds you're struggling with.  However, I was on pills for many years and when i first got clean last july i literally went with almost no sleep for close to a year.  If I got half an hour I was overjoyed.  Like you, I felt pretty dreadful much of the time.  It's a horrible, horrible feeling to have to go without that basic human need and on top of it to have to fulfill your routine responsibilities, which can be significant emotionally, physically and mentally.  I must say after a while I actually got used to it.  Not fun, but i got used to it.  I sometimes even tried to laugh about it--bitterly. lol

I tried everything and nothing helped me.  I was trying to avoid narcotic sleep stuff but before that Ambien CR did help, so if that didn't do it for you wow I am speechless.  Someone once told me Alteril which is like a health type thing in the vitamin aisle and i got about two hours of sleep on that about twice.

Only other thing that worked was like, literally doing three workouts a day and cleaning the house.  Needless to say on zero sleep this did not happen too often.

I do believe that if you exhaust yourself enough you will eventually sleep, but when that is for each person I guess as was said is variable.

Don't go back to the junk for sleep.  At some point this cycle has to break for you.

I can only best offer my empathy and care.

Hope i didn't offend the moderators ...

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When I jumped off subs, sleep was definitely the most intense symptom. It was always in front of me, starring me down. I found that I built an immediate tolerance to anything. Tylenol PM would work one night. I would stay awake for 3 days and take melatonin, which worked one night. I would stay awake three more days and take lunesta for one night. I found that with exercise and enough sleep deprivation, I could take something to sleep 5-6 hrs to hold me over the next 3 days. I just rotated sleep aids. I wanted so bad to take more sub to sleep and then I asked my wife what she thought. She said, "Why don't you follow through with something for a change." That made sense in many ways. Within 3 days of that discussion, I started to sleep on my own at least some nights. By about 3 wks, I was sleeping every night. At 30 days, I was sleeping solid every night. I just kept telling myself, "No matter how bad a problem is, drugs can make it worse." I also took the Thomas Recipe and Amino Acid Protocol that I could find. Anyway, that's my experience, I hope this helps in some way. Keep it up, you will not regret it. Good luck.
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Try to get as much exercise as you can, hence you need to tire yourself out. If you just lay around your body will take longer to get rid of the toxins. So work your body as much as you can physically do.
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thanks for all the info, still going to make my jump monday skipping days, i got to work a high stress job also 10 14 hrs a day, when i get off work i make myself get on treadmill for about 1 hr 30 min atleast everyday, it makes me want to use so i can sleep, but i wont to it, got my mind made going to keep going or die trying, cant wait untill this passes, the sleep this is lot worst the the withdrals, god bless to all!!
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