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how long

ihave been taking nurofen plus for a few years now, tomorrow will be my 5th day without any substance at all. i would like to know how long i can expect the withdrawal to last,this is the longest i have been off them, this is also my first atemptand i will make sure it is the last, i take ( sorry took)  24-36 tablet in 1 go, and between 50-60 per day. does it make a difference if i took them all at once or over a period of the day, could my body obsorb that amount.
if you can answer my questions i would be very greatful
P.S sorry about spelling
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ohhhh boy that is alot you may be looking at several more days before you are feeling alot better .it may take a bit over a week but I think things will get better faster then you think.
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Hang in there.  You are doing Amazing having gone this long.  Good Luck!  Keep on doing what you are doing.  Clean and Free is always better!  Don't turn back now!
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thanks for the quick reply,i found this site on tuesday, and realised i was not on my own, as corny as it sounds after reading about everyone else giving up, it has given me a lot of hope,hope these several more days goes fast, thanks
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they will it does get better you have gotten your self off a big dose be very proud of your self stick with it we are here to help you threw
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Hello there, I too am on nurofen plus so a big congratualtions to you for having gone off them and stayed off them for five days! I am on about 40 - 45 per day at the moment, so bit less than you. The way that i look at it, it doesn't matter if I take them all at once or spread out, my overall tolerance is the same - the main difference of course is when I take a big bunch all at once I am trying to get that little bit of a rush.

I am really happy for you - I am trying withdrawal again in a couple of days, I have tried so many times and not made it past day 6 - please hang on to your clean time, last time I was clean 6 days was a year ago, then I thought I would have just a few, and it has been such a struggle since then. I wish I had just hung on - but I was too impatient, thougth that at Day 6 I should be feeling better than I was. Hah, what a joke - in this last year i have developed stomach ulcers, kideny problems from the nurofen - I wish I had stayed tough.

Can you please tell me how you have been feeling the past 5 days?? It is not often I come accross someone here on the same tablets as me, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your detox experience with me.

Again, congratulations!
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today is day 5, so not 5 days clean just yet. to be honest i have not felt as bad as i thought i would, dont get me wrong first 2 days were hell, could not stop thinking about going and buying a few packets. and i know i would have if it was not for my family and girlfriend-not through love, care, and the rest of that- simply because they took my bank card and made sure i had what i needed i.e lunch, cigs but no money, no money = no pills. i think because this is my first time going c/t i amagined it to be alot worse, still got some leg cramps, but ill that them anyday over  day 1 and2, i woke up this morning fo the first time (manly because it is the first time i have slept in a few days) not craving any nurofen plus, so i guess the answer to your question is i have felt pretty lowsy mostly flu like symptons, i guess it is the same for us all, we just have to ride the wave of w/d. easier said than done i know, but i guess its the only way, i know i have a few hard days ahead, but today i feel pretty good. hope it lasts,
let me know how you get on,
keep me posted, your going to need someone to talk to on first few days, trust me
good luck
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