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how much usage to get addicted

I have been taking 10 to 15mg of percocet a day for about 12 days now to relieve pain from an injury.  I know it is different for everyone, but does anyone know about how much usage of this type of drug it would take to get addicted to it.  Thank you
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If you continue for much longer at that dose, even if you are not addicted you will likely suffer withdrawal symptoms, which can send just about anyone back for another pill to make them go away. The withdrawal can be as bad as the original pain. So make sure you are working with your doctor to taper down. I used off and on for many years without problem, but once started on a daily dose after a few weeks I had very bad W/Ds when I ran out. Good luck.
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How goes it this morning?  I've got to get out to the shipyard in less than 2 hours this morning.  It  will not take me a long time to get ready.  My fingernails are really long.  At least 3 curl to the side, although I keep them filed.  Maybe I should cut them before I go to the shipyard.  I'll be dressing much like the others who are men.  It will not be a delicate or femine job.  However, it will be a challenge.  I need work that pays good even if it means taking a man's job.  Wish me luck.
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Good Luck with the Job
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don't forget work boots,i think tou have to have them to work in a ship yard , i worked on the saratogo years ago.
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Yeah, I have to have steel toed boots, jeans, and mostly tee shirts.  I have to buy XXL tee shirts to hide my endowance.
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You sound good, and good luck. I've never even been to a shipyard, but it sounds like interesting work, good clean labor! Is this full time?
I've been going nuts, my kids have been sick and my husband had the laptop the last few days so I couldn't even escape into cyperjunk. I think my house has mold as my oldest daughter and I are both getting daily headaches.
Will you be at work all day? You should cut those nails before one gets pulled off and really hurts! tlk
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I will cut my nails.  My  hands are just like my mother's were.
I doubt it will be good clean work.  It will probably be more like hard, sweaty with lots of dirt work.  But my grandma always said a job is a good one if you give it all you got.  She did not mean laying on your back either.  I will be one of a very few women pipe fitting.  I'm strong from years of lifting patients and maintaining my acre of god's country.  I can do it.
Check out the mold.  Get a good antihistamine.  The new ones are expensive.  Good luck with that one.  It is so humid here on the gulf coast.  But it is salt water.  It makes a difference some how.
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Addiction and physical dependance are two different but intertwined things.  You can be physically dependant on a substance, but not addicted to it.  If for example you take your percocet as perscribed and when you stop you have chills, sweats, diarhea for a few days but never go back to the pills, that was dependance.  If you keep taking the percocets because you like how they make you feel after the pain is gone, then that is addiction.  A fine line to cross, but easily done.  

Are you taking them for the "feeling" or to prevent the pain?  Ask yourself this and the answer will tell you if you are addicted or not.
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Well, good dirty work is better than no work, huh? Actually I think that sounds great. I'm thinking about looking for a different line of work myself. My husband keeps telling me to go work for a corporation doing PR (I did it for police agencies for the last 5 years) because I could make a lot, probably double, the money. But it's this spiritual thing, I hate commercial work, it kills me. I did that prior to going into public service. I was miserable. Of course the stress of my last jobs probably pushed me over the edge with my using (it was a short push though, I have to admit). That's why I was so interested in what you're doing; I think physical labor would be great! I am tired of working around a bunch of men, though, especially cops who can be real pains. I love the guys as friends, but they hit on you constantly. Sorry for digressing.
Good luck, you will do great! Just don't hurt yourself. And don't take any **** from anyone!
The weather here is soooo hot, in the mid-90s, and the city is covered with haze and smog from the agriculture burns in Mexico right now. Everyone is sick. It lasts a good month.
I hope everyone is having a good day. I just had to call all my bill collectors and beg not to shut off my utilities. But at least I did call; when I was using I just ignored that stuff and let it happen.
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good luck at the shipyards. give it what it's worth and chanes
are good it will work out. BE CAREFUL. this is coming from a per-
son who collected workman's comp. for 29 months! it just wasn't
a very good few days off!

keep an angel on your shoulder
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Ketta, if you're out there, can you email me at ***@****? Wanted to see if we do live near each other, ask about some meetings, chat. Thanks, tracy/tlk
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Hello, is anyone around? I'm having another very low energy day. I'm taking the multi-vit but can barely drag myself around. Shouldn't it be better by now? I'v been off the vics for one month today. I need to clean my house but am having a hard time walking from room to room, It's almost as bad as the early days. tlk
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