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how qick can you get hooked

I was wondering if anyone knew how fast you can get readdicted to vicodin.i had been on vicodin for a couple of years. and I have been off of it for a month, and I took about 25 over the weekend. will I experience withdrawls from this?
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Well you are on the right track, wanting to explore different ways to deal with the pain.

hopefully you do  not experience any withdrawl, but that was quite a bit to take. i would not be surprised if you experience withdrawl induced pain.

so i was addicted also and have chronic back pain/injuries. these are the things that i have found to be helpful and hurtful.(hah)

the humidity causes pain. i use to live in mich. where the humidity gets pretty high in summer months, so i moved out west where the humidity avg is like 10%. this has been the biggest help. i actually have painless days now.
also the cold, cold weather caused much pain and stiffness. and that is not out here either.

i spend most nites on my couch because i can sleep with my legs up that way and am not in pain and really sore when i wake up. it really relaxes your back.
if my back is bothering me, i usually lay with my legs up like that and the pain goes away like in 1/2 - 1 hour.

do alot of stretching exersizes to enlongate the back and muscle strengthning exersizes for the core. this helps to support your back.

i have had to fish around for a job that allows me to sit or stand whenever i need to. and have had to quit jobs that make my back hurt. this one is not so easy. but if you keep looking you can find something. i am currently working as a teachers assistant in an elementary school. works out great.

i'm sure you realize these are not quick fixes, but then we know that the quick fix pill does not work either. after time it stops working and we are just left with the dependancy and pain. not to mention the brain damage we are doing to ourselves.

we have to face the facts. this is somewhat of a handicap we have and the most we can do is to try and eliminate the things that are causing the pain. and not just treat the symptoms.

good luck to you and hope you are feeling better!
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u may feel a bit yucky..not sure as everyone is different..nothing u cant handle but it is good u stopped now..playing with fire but u know that...addicts get addicted again much faster to any drug including alcohol than the normal population..be safe
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If you are an addict, It only takes one to become addicted again.  The physical w/ds are a small part of living life clean, sober, in control, and happy.  The hard part is beating the addict in you everyday.  I will always be an addict, but I will also try everyday to be a recovering addict.
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please be careful taking that many when your tolerance is down...it can be dangerous..
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I am in a program right now, but my main issue was alcohol, and benzos , I only was on the benzos becouse I had been taking them for so long and I needed to be safly taperd, I have no desire to drink or use benzos, but the reason I took vicodin this weekend was becouse I have cronic back pain, it has been acting up so bad I caved, I had some surgeries that limits what I can take, vicodin is the only thing that has worked for me,i told them i did not want to quit the vicodin but in order to enroll myself into this program i had to stop. once they test me and detect it I will have to leave but really I am kinda done with this program, i have been there for 6 weeks and it is getting old.but now i really want to explore different options for my pain becouse I realize 25 pills in 2 and a half days is not normal.
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i dont know if you will experience the physical part or not...when i had my surgery after i quit i didnt...but the mental part will ramp up again for awhile.  why did you use over the weekend???  i really think you should look into some aftercare programs...it is very important to get to the root of why you  use and deal with it.  good luck
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