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how to get off hydrocodone painlessly

Ive been taking vicodin then norco for 5 years.   I want to quit because of the hassle of pee testing and signing contracts.  I feel like a criminal.  Anyway.  I can get down to one 10 mg in a day.  When I quit and all is out of my system I get terrible diarrhea.  So I am at a loss. last time I quit I got depressed so now I am taking buproprion.
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Hey jraghost,

The diarrhea will go away after the first week or so.  Take some immodium or something similar.  The depression is trickier obviously but will go away with time.   Are you using recreationally or is it for pain?

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For pain. In fact I'm having a major flare-up. Lots of pain, stiff joints, increased BP. So I went to doctor. He gave me a norco refill and prednisone
In fact I'll have to put off quitting for a while. NJ
Not to rain on your parade but your symptoms seem on par with reducing your norco.  In my earlier post I talked about using comfort meds to ease withdrawals.  Clonadine for blood pressure because it goes up when detoxing.  Marijuana for pain which is increased since you reduced your norco.  
I have to agree with Kelcoo.  Increased pain and increased bp are common during withdrawals.   Any time you lower your dosage or quit you're going to experience both of those things along with the other symptoms, diarrhea, insomnia, depression, cravings, restless legs etc.  You can minimize by doing/taking the things Kelcoo suggest among others.  Many people say the pain went way down once they were through the first week or two of wd's.  It seems to be more like phanton pain that tries to get you to use.  I don't say that to minimize your pain at all but just to pass on what I've heard here and felt personally.
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Hey how’s it going?  I’ve done it cold turkey and with medication to ease withdrawals.  I had more success with medication.  My doctor prescribed medication for diarrhea, nausea, anxiety and blood pressure.  This was all non narcotic.  I also smoked marijuana which helped immensely.  
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