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how to stay clean from Loritab

Wow, I have been reading a lot of posts and my anxiety it rising....  I have a neuromuscular disease (myasthenia gravis) and started taking loritab about 9 months ago from some surgeries.  My disease causes weakness and fatigue in all muscles, but I found that the loritab gave me energy!  I am single mom and was able to start taking care of house and cooking dinners again for my 2 kids.  I got up to 12-15 pills of the 10's a day - and I could do anything.  But I couldn't handle the anxiety when I was close to running out - so I quit cold turkey (couldn't do it slowly)  I ended up calling an ambulance because I became so dehydrated and anxious, and I was afraid it might effect my breathing due to my disease.  They put me in hosp and hydrated me w/iv and gave me adavant( sp?)  I've taken lexapro for years for depression and klonopin (one at night to sleep) for years.  I only suffered physical w/d symptoms for about 24 hours. I think I am one of the lucky ones.  no shakes, nausea, etc... (did have loose stools which caused the dehydration (sorry).  I haven't had a loritab in 10 days even though I have some at the pharmacy.  (I called and cancelled two prescriptions)

I'm not having cravings, but am having anxiety and depression.  How long does this part usually last?  

Also, I'm afraid I will start up again for the energy so I can take care of my kids.  I have no family in the state to help.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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well i gota say that u have gone this far and u dont wana feel like u did when u ran out or have to go back to the hosp. for this again u will get ur energy back im told, i cant say when cuz i havent been clean long enuf time to find out but u are so close im surer i mean its been 10 days hang in there and im sure if u ask peopl on here will be able to tell u there are certain thngs u can take to help ur energy just wait theyll be around to help. but if u have any other Qs or concerns ill be here just ask. good luck and stay strong, if not for u at least for ur family!
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Thank you for your response.  I'm really scared right now of what's to come.  I've never been through this before and don't know what to expect.  Thanks again.
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Although it sounds like you're in need of these pills due to a very legitament reason, it also seems like you want to get off of them. This is a good thing, but it does take time. Just know that you're able to do this, whatever your final decision might be in the long run.

If you're telling us that you're 10 days sober from the pills already, then it sounds like you're doing good. Everyone's different when it comes to the amount of time it takes to fully recover physically, but you should be done with that aspect of the WD symptoms. As far as the mental and/or emotional side effects go when coming off the pills, this can go on for a long time. Today I am 26-27 days sober from percocet after a two year daily use -- and I'm still facing emotional battles that I continue to try and win, no matter how big the offensive team might be, if that makes sense.

Stay here on the forums and let us know how you're doing. If it's one thing that I can suggest to you [other than seeking counseling for anxiety, possibly] is to post post post at all times, or when you're able to get the chance to do so. If it's one thing that I truly attribute to saving my life, it would be this forum alongside each of the members here who took the time out of their days to help me through what seemed like my darkest hours.
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thank you for your comment.  I do seem to feel better each day, and I'm researching vitamins to take.  I saw a comment about "I tyrosine" but I don't know if I have the spelling correct.  I was looking online at Whole Foods to see if they carried it and didn't find it.  If anyone knows what I'm referring to, please let me know.  

Thanks again for your response and support.  I wish you the best too.
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peaceinknowing is referring to L-Tyrosine and can be found in most GNC stores inthe mall or any health or vitamin store. Usual dose is 1000 to 1500 mg once a day on an empty stomach. From the bottle " provides dietary support for normal healthy nervous system activity " I take it at 34 days clean and helps with the fatigue. It is also one of the items rcommended in the Thomas Recipe for withdrawel ease.
impulse it doesn't seem like you really need an opiate but to see a psychiatrist to deal with depression, exhaustion, and anxiety. To many people turn to narcotics because they just give you that good all over feeeling while opiates are the most dangerouse because of the addictive nature. I'm no expert. Just my humble opinion. Like peaceinknowing said we are but beginners but also willing to help another in need any way we can. May God walk with you hand in hand through your ordeal
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L-Tyrosine!  Thank you!  This may help with my disease as well because my muscles and nerves are weak.  And no, I do not have a legitimit reason for the loritab.  I'd had several surgeries close together and became addicted.  I have an appt tomorrow w/a psychiatrist for depression and anxiety, and w/my neuro for exhaustion.  I'm also going to see a chiropractor.  Can you tell me where to find the Thomas Recipe?  You've been most helpful and I wish you the best.
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The Thomas Recipe for detoxing off narcotics can usually be found in the lower right hand corner. Click on the link and it will take you to the whole story and the way and things to make detoxing off your lortabs go easier.
Congradulations on making the decision to see a specialist as they can get on the proper medication your condition warrents.
And remember always take meds as directed as most of us addicts overused to become addicts. A chiropractor helped me and I found my pain wasn't near as bad as I wanted to believe because I wanted the lortabs. Many things can be handled without opiates. You  may need something short term for depression and anxiety but when you are clean off opiates you will find the anxiety, depression, going away and even your energy returning. Good luck sweetie. You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You're awesome.  Thank you!
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