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yes i am on day three of detoxing from hydrocodone and am currently taking tramadol bout 150 mg a day and it seems to be helping im not really as sick and am pretty mobile i have also used prayer but was wondering if im going to be in the same boat when the tramadol runs out
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Welcome...I was only addicted to hydro's, but i am afraid from what i have read that yes you will be., and some say it is harder to come off of trams then hydro's...They also should be tapered off of, unlike hydro's or it could be very dangerous...Hang on, someone who has taken them will be here soon...Best wishes..
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If you're planning on coming off of a pain killer with another pain killer, you're only setting yourself up for allowing yourself to pick up yet another addiction. So many people out there will tell you that since Tramadol isn't a narcotic pain killer, it isn't addictive. There are hundreds of members here on the forums that will tell you differently. I'd advise you not to take the Tramadol while coming off of another pain killer. It isn't helping anything, but in your mind it just might be...
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