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hydrocodone withdrawal

my husband had two knee surgeries 4 weeks ago.  he was on morphine for the 7 days he was in the hospital and has been on 1 oxycodone 10/325 every 4 hours for 3 weeks.  he also was on coumadin for 16 days and had his last dose 6 days ago.  he has cold sweats, back/ankle pain (but no knee pain!).  is this oxycodone withdrawal and how long will it last?
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Just checking this out. I don't really know how it works. I'm on my iPhone so it's prob different than the pc. I wanna start chatting more. I'll tell more of my story when I know what I'm doing. I'm looking for a support group. I don't have anyone to really help me. I live alone I work alone. So I've always been able to do pretty much anything I want to without someone getting on my butt. I quit drinking in 06 , but since then on opiates.
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It does sound like it could be withdraw symptoms. Usually withdraw last about 7 days. The worst days are days 3-4. Just let him know that things will get better. Luckily he was not on the meds for very long so his withdraw will not be as severe as other peoples on here. He should be fine in no time.
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