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hydrocodone withdrawl - sleep


I am a 45 yo male who has taken hydrocodone for 6 months for headaches along with zoloff and ambiem for depression. My useage was up to 7 15/100, formulated pills per day. I began taking as many as 4-5 at a time 3 months ago. After several attempts and help from my wife I was able to taper down and quit 2 weeks ago. Best thing I have ever done, may have saved my marriage and job. Most of the worst withdrawl effects are gone now except for a change in sleep patterns. When I go to bed I toss and turn and feel like electricity is going through my body. Is this normal? How long might this go on for? I stay up for a few hours and manage to fall asleep by 1 AM or later on the sofa each night so as not to keep my wife awake. I am still taking Zoloff and have started to taper off the ambiem from 10mg to 5 mg since it is not doing anything anyway.

Thanks for your help.
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this is "normal" and your sleep pattern will eventually get back to normal, whatever normal is for you without the drugs... i can't tell you how long it will take you, esp. since you are still taking the ambien and if and when you discontinue the ambien you will probably have some rebound insomnia and start going through the restlessness at night all over again.

a question: are you taking the zoloft everyday at the same time and not missing any doses... there is a shitty withdrawl that you may encounter when stopping or being non-compliant with the zoloft. believe me, i know all to well. paxil is the worst but all SSRI's have that nasty little withdrawl problem for more people than the pharma companies will admit to. so take it everyday and take it at the same time and don't miss any doses. when you decide to come off of it if you ever do check out quitpaxil.org...

good luck and congrats on where you have gotten so far, it is so worth it!

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I can relate to where you are at with the sleep thing. I weaned myself, or kind of cold turkied off a high dosage of morhpine. A couple of days ago I was almost delerious due to lack of sleep, and I got a lot of support and suggestions. Maybe you would like to read the thread, it's a couple down the date was May 2. What I finally had to do for myslef to get some sleep, and I DO NOT reccomend this, but I had to have a few beers, and some greenage. It did work pefectly for me. I would prefer to be completley alcohol and drug free, but right now I am going to do what I have to, to get some sleep,just during the post withdrawal period because I have to be able to function during the day. I have a lot of stress and things to take care of, that I let go during my morphine haze.

I hope this post didn't **** anyone off. I'm new here, and not sure if it was appropriate to post what I did for sleep.

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I don't drink anymore, but I wouldn't detox without greenage.  It has been discussed here before many times.
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what is greenage?
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I've tried to start a thread many times without success, so here goes:
I have a son with severe chronic pain (he fell off a fifth story building 3 years ago--when he was 19--he has numerous shattered bones, prosthesis, nerve pain, etc.)

He was on 80 mg. of oxycontin 3 times a day until recently, when he decided to switch to methadone.  He is taking 50 mg. of Methadone 3 times a day.  I know Methadone is supposed to be long acting and some people only take it once or twice a day, but in his case, after 5-6 hours he starts going into withdrawal behaviors (shaking, cold sweats, etc.)  He says it is not enough, what he is taking. He still has pain, etc.  It is difficult for me to know how much is real pain and how much is the need to feel drugged.  He has a very addictive personality.
I keep the drug under lock (I finally had to buy a safe!!!)

Main question is:  What would be the equivalent in Methadone to the 80 mg. 3 times a day of Oxycontin?

He gets quite depressed.  Takes 3x75 mg. of Effexoy daily. Also 3x300 Neurontin

Any ideas?
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" Greenage"  is the vernacular for pot. around the forum. :-)
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Wow do i hear you about the sleep thing my poor husband has been dealing with my tossing and turning for 14 days now.

I guess its his turn since his chronic loud!!!!! snoring has kept me awake for years

i am currently not even willing to leave the house I will have 14 full days in at midnight tonight.  I am still very anxious and nothing i mean nothing is getting done around the house.

If the rest of the crew that lives here does not stop helping soon i am taking the babies to my mothers and letting them here alone for a week or 2.

The pain issue is the one that i am having problems with I have always been a high energy person and I have none.

I take xanax before bed time and tamazepan ever other day.

I hardly ever slept on the pain pills any way so i started out as a zombie.

I hope i can keep off the narcotics but what is this pain patch I have heard about in the column.  

Is that adictive also?

I go to my GP some time in the next week and a half.  I know I am going to need some type of pain medication to return to work with my chronic pain (my doctor has no idea that the pills he supplied me only lasted a couple of days.  

My normal job requires me standing or walking and bending and carrying with out a break for a minimum of an 8 hour shift.

If I dont get back to work soon our finances are shot to ****

Of course it is my fault because I decided that paying for pain  pills on the street was more a priority than paying the bills.

I am sorry that It took a forclosure notice on my home to get the hint but that is the truth.  I did this and now I have to figure out a way to fix it.  

I never intended to become adicted to pills when the Doctor gave me the vicodan after i delivered the baby.  I fell when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant and the doctors delivered the baby 3 weeks early because of the extreme pain I was in.  The Vic took enough of the pain away at 2 or 3 a pop at first so i could get some chores done and care for a new born.  Had surgery on L5-6 and 6-7 when baby was 8 months old.  Been in rehab ever since.

I can only sit for 10 -20 minutes i can stand and walk alot longer now than after the first surgery.  Cannot bend without extreme pain.
One of my main suppliers died of an overdose last may almost a year now you would have thought i would have gotten a clue then.
No Im so thick headed the sky has to fall on me to get 2 weeks clean.  

God Bless and prayers for everyone

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Damn, why is it these post topics always draw me in? Coincidence? I know exactly what you are talking about. I sleep like a rock w/hen taking the pills. w/ out them it's like, Ok deal with BS, stress AND depression... all while getting almost no sleep. lets make things a little harder why don't we ;) Is that part of the addiction factor also? It would help if my body was on my side!.. lol

I would also assume there are other pharmaceuticals out there to help you sleep. Remember Tylenol PM - you sleep but all day you feel like you didn't slept at all.
The best still is the natural way (if you haven't tried), hot baths/showers, a nice boring book, certain erbs, aroma therapy, sound, relaxation excercises... they can help.
But don't worry. When all else fails, exhaustion eventually takes precedence.

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hi cleo, im happy for you that you have 14 days,
but i understand you difficult situation with pain, lack of
sleep and the restless leg and body that go along with the wirhdrawls, not to mention depresion that can be stifeling.
the lack of energy is sometime's due to the depresion.
the back pain is best dealt with a good doctor,
i went through  the tossing and turning  in the 1st few weeks of withdrawls.
thre thomas's receipe helped  a lot with , the lack of energy and depression.
5htp  helps with depresion and sleep for me , i took 4 at night.
the L-tyrosine 500mg 5 in the morning along with 2 100 mg of b-6
worked wonders for energy and depression.
during the 1st 3 weeks of withdrawls valume or xanax at night
helps for sleeping if you  can get some.
imodium is important in the begining of with drawls
because the loss of nutrients and dehydration due to the run;s
makes the withdrawls a lot worse and makes the restless leg and body  much moe paiful. so load up on water or gatoraide
and lots of greens and banna's.
the hot baths are the only thing that works in the middle of the night  for the tossins and turning due to restless leg.
some people have gotten results with benadryl, for sleeping at night.

everyone is different.. for me the receipe during the day
and some valumes at night  got me throught the 1st month
reasonably well. i was never comfortable but i was able to function and sleep 5 hours a night.
previous to me taking the receipe , i could never get past the depression and lack of energy, tho i trie many times.
it was not untill i found this fourm and read about thoms's
receipe, was i able to finally get through the withdrawls.

thomas's receipe
L-tyrosine 500 mg 8 a day week 1 , 4 aday weeks after.(morning)
b-6 100 mg 2  a day(morning)
viamines    A- C- and e
a strong multi vitamine.
copper, zimc, and magnesse
imodium week 1
gatoraide  and lots of water.
valume or xanax for sleep week 1 and 2.
lots of grens and bannas
lots of hot baths at night for restless leg and body.
by week 3  time to get the body moving , walk ride a bike , swim
]any kind of exersize to get the endorphines back upo and runnung.

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im a 40 year old female with type 1 diabetes that is severly outta control as a result i have nerve damage i was taking  up to 26 percs a day then went on duragesic 75s i do fine with them and raely crave the pills i tried to come off the patches 2 times now  i couldnt stand the restless legs and the arms and continous invoulentary moving around so i went back on them  i dont know how i ever got to this  i dont get a buzz off the patches at all and im glad im outta that but  how can i ever get off these patches  its been 6 years since i was completely prescription pain releif free
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Good Morning from the hot and humid Crescent City--15 days out of hydro-hell and standing strong--hubby and I took a quick weekend on the coast--I hope everyone is doing well! I'll try and post from work and check in on everyone--My sleep patterns are still not right but I fthink every day that I am away from those pills it will get right--EVENTUALLY--Peace/Prayers-Mystere/AKA N.O. Lady


Steve81--How did you make out this weekend?
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Thank you all for the great suggestions on sleep and the professional advice from DR. Had a full 5 hours of non fitfull sleep last night and started my 15th day off the hydro happy to be alive. Decided not to go with the greenage or beers as I gave that up about 20 years ago and don't want to go back. The deep breathing, hot soak, and fresh air (went fishing)seemed to help. Will be off the Ambien within a week.

Thanks again and God bless
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I'm sitting here as tired as I can be from post withdrawal, but so jittery at the same time. My mind keeps telling me if I take some morhphine, it will make it all go away. I'm having a really hard time arguing back and forth with myself. I've been going to the gym every day, yet still no sleep at night.

How are you handeling the lack of sleep? How much are you getting at night? Do you feel jittery along with it? I'm 7 days clean today.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Dude, 7 days? Go easy on the workouts at first they can keep you up. I get a bit mental some times and find that makes me a bit wired I am 43 you are a lot younger so it might effect you even more though you seem a little more sedate in life style.
A lot of people obsess about how much sleep they get, don
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I can totally relate to the jittery anxious but exhausted feeling--If I'm not mistaken that hit me around day seven also--The best way to describe it is extreme restlessness as to not really knowing what to do--I like to call it the OK NOW WHAT PERIOD--I think this is totally normal as our poor mistreated bodies try and adjust without chemicals!  All I can say is that it does pass--I'm sleeping maybe 5 hrs per night--My problem is that I wake up at 2:00 A.M. and can't get back to sleep--But I do notice that it is getting better--7 days is great jsut stay the course and try and keep yourself occupied!  You're in my prayers! N.O. Lady/Mystere--

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when i wake up and can't fall back asleep i usually go into a chatroom and goof around. it passes the time and i am not watching the clock as much!

it does get better!!!!!!!! and we all know how we can make it much, much worse! yes, a little morphine would "help" you out right about now but following that thought through... nah... not a good idea!

i am doing well here in atlanta. stayed away from music midtown b/c i figured i would drink and i don't want to drink so i have to keep myself safe...

going forward... i feel so much better today than i did on saturday... i like being clean!!!


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Thanks for the support, Vette? You're a lot older than me??? I'm 41. :)

Thanks again.

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Thanks a lot for your support, I apprecate it so much. I took one tsp. of cough medicine, OC, and it took away all the jitters, and even the exhaustion! Couldn't believe it, it just leveled me out.

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Good for you, Amber! It does feel great, doesn't it?

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I meant to mention that I was born in New Orleans. What a great place!

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Well, yea two years, No just kidding for some reason I thought you said you were 22.
41 damn then you know what its like to be all beat to **** also.
I just broke my damn wrist yesterday crashing my dirtbike into a ditch, I really have to grow up. The WD's will pass trust me. Its how you live the rest of your life that counts.
When I find the secret for pain control without drugs I will pass it along. In the mean time I am finding new ways to obtain more broken bones to add to my collection. Maybe its time for a girlfriend or something.
All my other friends are pain free I think becuase they are married and hen pecked but pain free.
No Guts No Glory

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15 days sober AND a vacation???  Does it GET any better than that???!!  LOL  You are doing  a bang-up job, Missy....I bet your husband is just lovin' you more everyday. And, I bet you're lovin' YOURSELF more......!!
     A lot of people are mulling over the No Sleep Scourge in this thread.....All I can say is, in the scheme of things, it's eventually a pretty harmless price to pay for a life w/out drugs and all the "pestilence" that goes w/ addiction....It does get better, and, unless you fall asleep at the wheel of a car, or operate heavy equipment, you WILL NOT DIE from being sleep deprived.  Sure, it's harder to think and  easier to lose your composure when you're tired. My biggest  drawback is that I get cranky, and I KNOW you can't imagine a sweet-talkin' woman like ME would ever lose her temper!!!  (yeah, right...)  ANYWHOOOO What I'm trying to say here is it's something you just have to SUCK UP and BE PATIENT W/ because it could, potentially, last awhile, so you might as well accept it and go from there.  It DOES improve--that's the upside.  Go away completely?  Not so sure on that one.  I'll get back to you at my two-year mark.
  I'm glad to hear from you and just make sure you keep the frickin' humidity DOWN THERE because I get even MORE cranky when I'm HOT!!!  You DON'T want a perimenopausal woman HOT!!! EVER!!!  MN is GREAT this time of year because the humidity hasn't hit yet. But then, neither have the eighty-degree temps... Nor the SEVENTY degree temps...... ****--We barely made 60 today.....Enough on the weather front. Keep in touch, Lulu, and have a great time!!!!  Love, Peazy
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sleeping patterens, come back in time,
in the mean time  rest hwen ever you caN.

HOT BATHS HELP,  i would dose off when i was in the tub
there is all kinds of severe pain,
celebrax is a med some people get releif from.
MSM is a sulfer based vitamine /mineral that i have had very good results with for severe joint and back pain.
exersize is very important . it get the endorpnines
back up and running.
my own experence is that i have to stay limber, by stretching
my back and hamstrings, if i don't stretch my mucles all get
tight as a drum and then i reaggrevate my back and knee injuries.

keeping the hamstrings loose has been  one of the most important things i have to remember to do. this keeps the strain off my lower back and knees.
i do a number of yoga stretches. i have had a lot of positive results with these. and positive result, speak for them selves.
my father is 79 years old and with out taking celebrax he has
so much pain in his legs and back , he  is crippled and can not even walk.
we all just have to keep plugging away, and keep a poitive outlook. staying positive is so very important.

peace !!!hippy
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