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I have a urine test , trying to wean off .  How long does hydrocodone stay in urine before considered being clean? Is it 72 hours or longer.Trying to get clean and get job!!
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Well, I don't have a specific answer for you, but I can tell you that it is mostly metabolized by the liver and has a half-life of 3.8 hours.  It's onset is 10-30 minutes to put that into perspective, with it peaking at 30-60 minutes, and a duration of 4-6 hours.  Good luck with the job.
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Thanks I hope 72 hours is long enough.  I'm trying so hard and I'm almost weaned off completely but I hate to screw up this job (my new beginning).  I appriciate your feed back.
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No sweat man.  I'd like to think you'd be free and clear of it at that point.  Let us know whether or not you get the job- provided you want it after the interview.
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I had a drug test the day after taking about 50 mgs of hydro and it came back clean.  So I think 72 hours should be ok.  But stick around.  Somebody may know for sure.
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72 hours is a good number for a clean urine screen. I hope things work out for the job!!
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Right on the dot.  I took one had a drug test 4 hours later. ...Clean
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