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i,m just about done.

i was in pain management 7 yrs for degenerative disc problems..its still bad lower lumbar, L4- L5-S1 with root comprestion ways i cant drive cause of my pain.the new doctor demand i go to water therapy cant drive.she let me go.i was only on 15mgs of percs,but have been on as high as 40mgs.i been on 7.5mgs over 6 monthes.i now have to get off the meds..i have about 72 pills i saved back.i was wanting to ride the storm of my pain till no more meds left..then i tried to drop lower than 7.5 to 5 mgs.no way,stared to sweat and stomach pains..so i will be jumping off the train dec 30th..i tried to find a pain doc.they have them but the give you a small amount after say a epiduial..i was on 40mgs i had the doctor ween me to 15mgs..then i taper myself for the remainder till now.i,m stuck..6 yrs ago i was on high doses of methadone,i weened to 5 mgs only.WOW 3 weeks down on 5 mgs..i hope this ride inst like that..i,m on meds that i cant take say with clondine i can take serquil,im on Xanax too as long as i been on opiates,i have to watch out. now my pain will rebound.i dont know what to do.but now i have to worry about WD,S from this med..anyone could help me,or any input.thanks sorry about  my grammer
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