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i suck

I ma so emotianally ****** right now. this is probably the fourht time in my life I have done this, its so ******.
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What did you do?
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Fellow addict ... you DO NOT SUCK.  If you do... we all do and the people here, I can assure you, do NOT SUCK either!!!!   I've "done it," too,  more times than I can count. 4 would be really low balling it for me.  I LITERALLY can't count.  The fact is you got up and are trying again.  It's not falling that makes one a failure.  It's the laying there in it and doing nothing. You had the courage to post. You are doing SOMETHING. You are FAR FAR from alone.  Believe me.  We've ALL felt that!  And trust me, I promise you, you do not suck. It's the self loathing that comes from doing things that go against our true nature.  If your true nature was that dark, it wouldn't even say you suck.  That's proof in itself!  God bless and the best of luck to you!
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First of all, what have you done for the fourth time?  Your comment is very very vague.
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