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Hi everyone,
Does anyone have any experience with a detox method using this drug ibogaine? The only thing i have heard is that it is not used in the united states and that seems like a good enough reason to try to find out a little more...
Oh, by the way, I am needing to detox and get off narcotic pain meds, and am sooooooo super scared of the wd. I have no prior experience detoxing. I am miserable if i take my pills a little later than i want and when i start to feel even a little discomfort that I can not imagine the hell I am facing when I really have to detox. I feel an anxiety attack coming on just thinking about it.. need advice
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I was on painkillers for 6+ years, everyday. I had the wds built up in my head so big that I wouldn't even consider it. It was like a MONSTER. Well I decieded to face it and after the first 3 days I was so amazed at how lame the monster is. I kicked its a**. there are so many people on this forum kicking it everyday. You will be amazed at how much easier it is than you think. I swear, its true. You can do it. Please don't look for another drug to make it easier. So many people do that and end up with harder wds from the drug that was supposed to "help" .  what is you dose now?
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thanks for the encouragement, this is the best group of people... I was here on this forum a little over a year ago and at that point i was starting to taper I never really made much progress with that method, and i would have huge issues with handing over my drug to my husband or anyone and let the control go. Still don't think that would work for me. At this point, I have not really counted my mgs. I plan to start a journal to document  that so i know better where i am at. i can say that i was, in retrospect, unfortunate to get introduced to phentaynl sp? patches over the late summer, early fall. I can get 100mg non gel patches every month and couldn't use up the few i am getting. they are kinda like rollover minutes. I was doing about 33 mg every 4 days, but that was too strong, and if i didn't take of a few days in between i would get the nod thing. first time i ever had that happen. I am like super energy adhd not needing much sleep person and on that dose i could sleep standing up..didn't care for that. Anyways to make a long story shorter, I needed to cut that back to about 12-18mgs for three days and keep few days off still. In between all that, i have a barrage of pills.. vicoprophen those are my actual script, norcos, 512 percs. 10 mg percs. and 5mg oxycodone (little orange eth things) these become rollover minutes as well. I always restock when they are available, "just in case" and so i don't get knocked out of the loop if i am not dependable to pay peoples rent if you know what i mean.  I know this is way more info than u asked for, but it is all a blur. overall, i take 4-10 variety pills a day with a patch on. and that patch just protects me from feeling like **** if i can't stop what i am doing to take a pill...i can go hours longer with no achy legs or sweats in between. if no patch i would say i double or sometimes triple the amount to keep patch wd away. I hate reading this, i seem totally messed up, and yet i work 2 jobs, have a family and so on.. how can our bodies take so much, i only weigh 105 lbs.  Not from drugs, its just me, weight not really changed. Started pills in fall of 2003 i think could be fall 2004
well, there it is, let me know what your experience tells ya!

That goes for anyone who wants to chime in on this one. It is good to be back here, should have stayed the first time.
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hello...i am sorry but i dont know what ibogaine is...maybe do a google search...i have never even heard of it, but your right, if its illegal here...its worth looking into...LOL! it probably is a wonder drug that the drug companies dont want us to know about...LOL!
are you taking pain meds for legit pain? it seems like you are on an awful lot of meds hun. have you ever considered suboxone to help with withdrawals, there are plenty of people who have used it for short term detox and have done really well with it, it will stop any withdrawal symptoms you would have from going cold turkey...its worth looking into if your serious about getting off the meds and avoid the unnecessary suffering, i am on suboxone, and have been since may and will continue on it for as long as i need or wish, until i have figured the root, core issues of my addiction, it is used for short term detox quite successfully and also long term is supposed to be even more successful, but this would be a choice YOU have to make...this would be up to you...i can totally understand your fear of withdrawals considering the amount and type of strong meds you are on, so i thought i would mention it to you as an option. some people, depending on the length and severity of their addiction have the choice to stay on a low dose of it for life or also use it for pain managemant...there are options out there now and no need to suffer needlessly, we all know how withdrawals feel...why should we have to feel it every time, over and over again because of relapse?  i have been off my drug of choice a year in september, started methadone, which is horrendous, stay away from it, its the worst thing to ever take, i have heard people say they would rather CT off heroin 6 times before trying CT off methadone once... and i have been off the methadone since may..took me about 5 weeks to get the full benefits of the suboxone because i was still somewhat having WD symptoms for that long because of the methadone...it would not be like this for a short acting opiod. if you are interested in any information on suboxone, there is a lot of info in my journal, if not i wish you the best and good luck hun!!! or if you have any questions...shoot me a private message anytime...GL!!
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i'm not trying to fight here, but clamity2, i totally understand you trying to be optimistic for cakegirl and that your are telling of your OWN personal experience, but it did somewhat offend me to hear you call the withdrawal monstor lame. a monster--yes! lame--unfortunately not for many!  it's just that i suffer from an excruciating case of lupus and fibromyalgia with other complications and have never used my oxys or ANY drug recreationally NOR did i get psychologically addicted. BUT i began having WD simply by taking my meds AS prescribed just b/c i DIDN'T increase in 2 years. WD without withdrawing. and no doctor knew what i was talking about. and then i went off by tapering. and not to diminish other WD symptoms but i would have welcomed diarrhea, and the chills and anxiety were nothing compared to this straight from satan leg pain that didn't come close to ANYTHING i have ever experienced with a serious disease that attacks all my muscles and joints and neuropathy. this leg pain became the bane of my existence. i suffered so much for 2 yrs with these "attacks" that i thought were due to some  mystery illness and only my "wonderful"oxys could take it away. until i figured out that the mystery illness was my oxys causing me these episodes of WD that consisted of the intractable leg pain. i do not exaggerate. one could not exaggerate b/c there are no strong enough words in any language to describe it. i wanted to die. and i know of others who have actually killed themselves b/c of the withdrawal pain. not an accidental overdose and not even always overdosing. one hung herself. everyone is different and this is rare i guess although i am constantly seeking others to tell me if they have ever experienced the leg pain i'm talking of and i have found many who described restless legs and severe cramping. but going off my oxys scared me more than waiting to hear if i had cancer or not. i mean i never thought i could get through it and i'm still not done. i'm really not mad i just want to explain that it really is that bad for some and this may be unique to oxycontin and not all other narcs, but the WD process deserves it's bad rap and deserves to be feared and dreaded and held to that evil standard and those who make it through ANY which way deserve the utmost kudos and praise so i offer that up to you!

wait2long, i desperately need 1st hand advice on suboxone please!
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hi hun...i know exactly what you are talking about with the leg pain...i too have fibromyalgia...and going off the methadone and transitiong to suboxone was KILLER...it felt like my legs were literally on fire from the inside out, like my bones were burning (NOT RLS)...from my hips to my toes..i am no whimp when it comes to pain... i am usually able to ignore it, 3 children natural childbirth...bring it on...BUT NOTHING compared to this leg pain i was having...and it does get exaggerated and 100 times worse when stopping the pain meds, but also know it does eventually subside or kind of level off once you have gotten all the opiates out of your system and are on a stable dose of sub...because of the long half life of methadone, it took me about 5 weeks to feel the full effects of the sub and the leg pain just started getting better about 4 weeks ago, and i have been on sub since may...i have only had a couple of episodes so far.
also i suggest you go to my profile, there is a lot of information there on sub...i highly recommend doing your reading and research on it first, if you start with the TIP40 SHEET, (pdf file) that is the most informative...also links to sites where you can find doctors in your area that prescribe it...shoot me a private message if you want ...i can help with information...
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i am so sorry...i got your name wrong....
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I got started on pain meds when i had surgery to fix a hole in my septum that i created using coke. Coke was my drug of choice until i tried pain meds. now i could care less about coke. I was really only playing around with pills for about a year, and took what came my way but could totally go without no big deal.  Then about 18 months after my nose surgery, i developed arthritis in both hands, had torn ligaments that can't be fixed, carpel tunell starting and had another surgery on my right hand. i did nails for 11years, and worked like a dog. had to quit that and till this day i cant do much with my hands for extended periods. when i make cakes i need to space my jobs out and have other people do my kneading and harder hand work. I get legitimate vicoprophen scripts from my doc. but all the other stuff is my supplements to the 120 vico a month from my doc. I only use 10-18mg of phentynal patch every 6days or so, to clarify, i put on  one tenth of a 100mg patch and then in a day or so maybe another small piece of patch, after the first one is out, i remove it, and the second one stays on for another day till it is done. then i go about 2-3 days with no patch until i feel i need to start that cycle over.  i need help to end this, and have been sending for information from different rehabs across the country. my husband will pretty much send me where ever i need to go, and i hope it is warm there. I get so much conflicting info about whether to go on another med to get off the first meds, and i don't know what the right thing is for me yet. why is there some negative feedback about subox or other detox drugs?  is there any "buzz" from those drugs? if you can't use them to get "high" then why are they getting a bad wrap?  if pain meds didn't get me high then i bet nobody in my life would ever have a problem with me taking them right?
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I was addicted to painkillers and heroin for about 8 years tried quiting a few times but always ended up going back due to withdrawals and cravings. Got on suboxone and although it kept me away from the hard stuff I still became addicted to the suboxone and the withdrawals are not as intense but still very uncomfortable to the point where u can not sleep work or enjoy things. So I started doing research on this ibogaine and wanted and needed to try this cause nothing else seemed to work thus far with me. So it's something you can not explain you just need to experience it. I went into a dream like state for about two days where I would see intense visions that I needed to see. When I came out I completely was free of all withdrawals and cravings and had a new prespective on life and everything in it. When I ate it felt like I was eating for the first time again and the food was wonderful it was like I had a new set of taste buds. It was an incredible experience not only did I kick my opiate habit but I also stopped smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol too. This plant is a miracle drug and it's not just for addicts. My wife ended up doing the treatment after she seen what I went threw and when she came back her life long depression was gone!! Unbelievable!! When your on your so called "trip" your ego is totally gone and this is by no far an easy thing to do. Your overcome with intense emotions and your ego is fighting to stay there it seems so it's not a pleasant feeling but worth every thing that I went threw. I wake up in the mourning now full of life,love and energy and just ready for the day. I can't say enough how much this "drug" changed my life
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I am interested in this topic, though I am clean and do not feel a need for it now. I am curious as to what kind of ways your life has changed. Do you attend follow up therapy, have new friends, or participate in any kind of aftercare? Also, how long have you been clean from all mood altering chemicals? I have studied and practiced many forms of shamanistic things throughout my life, so I have no judgment. I am genuinely curious about how your life changed in practical ways. I have seen psilocybin, Iowaska, and mescaline have similar effects on people. I hope you are wiling to share.
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