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identify what is going on?

My son came over here a few times this week. After he leaves there is something splattered on my bathroom ceiling. Looks like blood or betadine. Have any answers for me?
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Hello Somer. Welcome to the forum. If I were to take a guess I would say he was shooting up something. You are here so I take it you have your suspicions ? If you can give a lil info on what is going on maybe we can be of help to you.. lesa
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Dear Somer,

I think is not a matter of "guessing", If you want clear results you need to act directly,if he is shooting something himself then this is not good whatever the substance is.Buy a home drug test and make him try it... you have the authority to do that cause you're his mother and more If you love him at the degree to stop this nomatter how. Try to be 2 steps forward from him always.


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blood. IV drug use
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That's pretty high up for a vein to shoot blood from but I guess anything is possible. Why don't you ask your son what it is?
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its not from a vein. its from the syringe..its hard to explain. remeber mkenzie phillips? her bathroom ceiling was dotted with blood. When a syringe is re-used the blood is rinsed from it. its a habit users do, squirt blood/water to clean out needles.

In Permanent Midnight, Jerry Stahl's I-was-a-yuppie-junkie memoir, Stiller plays an aspiring fiction writer who arrives in L.A., lands a job penning crappy but lucrative TV scripts, and descends into quasi-functional heroin addiction. He shoots up to go into the office, at parties, before interviews, before sex. He squirts blood from used needles onto the bathroom ceiling and wanders about in a sweaty, .......
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