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im done

After all this tapering I took my last one yesterday of Oxycontin ER.  Not sure whats going to happen to my body now.  I'm already on Wellbutrin300xl and ritalin and seroquel for sleep.  Hopefully this will be a good combo so I can break the habit.  Has anyone been on these meds and does it work.  I'm thinking that the withdrawls won't be bad since I was on 10mg.  We will see.  Just wanted to let everyone know I'm finally free of the monster.  
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Good going! Don't make the worry worse than the W/d.             kc
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Great!  I'm glad you are done.  It will be worth every second of what you've been thru to be clean.

I haven't been on those meds, but if your doc knows and gave them to you, I'm betting that they will help.  And don't worry about the WDs.  You may have some, but it will be somewhat easier since you tapered.

You can do this!  
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Hey dude congrads on jumping off...you shouldn't be to bad off coming off of only 10mg
the fight was during the taper...just keep a positive attitude this is a win win for you once your thew the withdrawals you will no longer be chained to a pill bottle a good hot soak goes a long way in relieving the symptoms I dont think you will need anything more
good luck and God bless.....Gnarly  
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Good for you GREAT GOING
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