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im tired of feeling like ****

i feel sick still day 4x just winging but i feel like ****
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what are you withdrawling from? most DOC , day 4 and 5 are the worst and then it starts to get better.
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Hang in there genix.  You've come so far already.

You can do this!
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Hey do not get discouraged. This will pass and you will feel better. Not much we can do about the physical stuff but i know it does really make you feel down in the dumps. get some stimulation like a funny movie or try to get outdoors in some cool kind of surroundings like on the water, walk in the woods. i would call different people i know and talk on the phone. one of them could usually get a laugh outta me.
I think the hiking was the best. you get physically exhausted and it is cool stuff around you to look at too. the cardio you get actually gives you some energy.
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Please atleast keep talking to us. Just idle chatter can sometimes pass those moments that seem to go on forever.  Just remember we are here for you and just keep on going.

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You can do this. Hang in there and keep talking to us! We are here for you and know what you're going through. Don't look at the clock, it only makes time go slower. Crank up some music and yell if you think it will help. Do whatever it takes to pass the time!
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come back and talk with us...the forum is full of support
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yeah...talk to people...or just sleep a lot. lots and lots of sleep. sometimes the only thing to do is just lay in bed and take it for a while.
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WTG  .... days 4-6 were the worst for me BUT it did get better.. Yesterday I actually felt good!!  I am only day 8 so Im with ya...... Keep your chin up-- OR on a soft pillow but come back and let us know how you are doing!!
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