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HI EVERYONE I try to get to all of these but miss one once in a wile but our GIRL has a yr clean today as of midnight
most of you know her she has been a regulars here since getting clean she has a heart of gold and gives out good sound advise and is an asset to our forum I just want to be the first to congratulate her on making it a yr it quite an accomplishment
a big thanks for all you do here your help is well needed and welcome you always have a word of encouragement and you never miss the newbees so go out and celebrate your chances for long term recovery are greatly increased
my God bless you and your family abundantly your friend and fellow addict Mark  
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agree 100 % with your words.... we are lucky of having you here !! CONGRATS ON YOUR YEAR CLEAN !!!!!!!!!!! :) :)
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This is a wonderful milestone to reach and I'm sure 10 years wouldn't be any sweeter than that first year...
I'm proud of you,I'm fond of you,and enjoy sharing your perspective on matters not only of addiction but everything and anything else!

So,Your Hotness,do something for yourself that's extravagant! I know you know how to do that!!  Today is huge!!

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One year is a great accomplishment. I wish you a lifetime of clean.
Have a good day! ...
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  WOW!!!!  So very proud of you!!!!  You have helped me more than you will ever know and countless others on here . You are an inspiration to me and I thank you. Have a wonderful day and remember all those you have helped, THANK YOU!!!!   CELEBRATE!!! ONE YEAR!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!
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WHAT????????  Already?  Girl, that went by FAST!  I'm so proud of this accomplishment for you and want to thank you for all the support you give others on the forum!  I know you are proud of yourself too!  Keep doing what works, and you'll be able to stay clean for a lifetime....one day at a time!  You got this!

Love you!!

Lea Ann
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I cannot wait until I have a year.  Thanks for the inspiration and the help you gave me in the beginning and you give to everyone else.  It is truly inspiring to see this.
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Congrats on 1 yr my friend!!!  That is so great!!!

Thank you for all you do on the forum.  You have helped so many.  I am also glad i have gotten to know you~~

Now i am off to do the happy dance, Minnesota style!!               sara
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All of you are WONDERFUL!!!!  Gnarly - thank you SO much for remembering!!  Really, that means a lot.

And maybe it does seem quick that a year has passed but let me tell you it has been one LONG year!!  LOL  But a good one so no complaints!!!

Thanks everyone - vicki, sara, mag, trama, gnarly, bubulous, addict3 and laurel - you guys are SO great for remembering me.  I can not thank you enough for being here - this place is the BEST for support.  Okay, I'll stop capitalizing now!  haha - seriously, I feel like I just won an academy award!!  So I guess I should also thank my producers, the director, and all you little people out there!!  haha!

Love you all, :)
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...little people...I guess that would be me...HAHA!

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yep, you're the little people....munchkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You can see over your steering wheel, right????? LMAO
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Well there's probably a phone book on the seat!!!  LMAO!!!  (love you vicki- but you already know that girl!!!)
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Okay I probably just "dated" myself there - I mean do people even USE phone books anymore?  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Steering wheel??   I can't even reach the pedals!!  Otherwise I would have driven over to ImDone's house and taken her out to the casino!!  That's what I did at one year!!    LOL
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I was just GOING TO SAY say:  "PHONEBOOK"?????   How about the NYC phonebook and Sears catalogue??  That takes me back...
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DEFINITELY - the Sears catalog....ah that brings me back......okay I need to WAKE UP - it's 2011 for crying out loud.

And hmmm....the casino... please tell me you WON that day?
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I'm not telling you anything!!!!   I did just fine thank you...
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Oh boy that sounds familiar..... my father spent a LOT of time at the casinos and always said the same thing.....and the bigger the smile he wore the finer he was!!!  hahaha!
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Wow that is such an accomplishment keep chugging and dont let your guard down. Hope you are well
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Thank you!!!  That's really sweet - thank you!  :)
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congrats, one year, I can't wait until I can post that!!  great and thank you for posting back to people I always read what you have to say, Again congrats.  Bethany
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WOW that's so nice Bethany!  Thank you.  Funny, I read all of your posts too.  :)

Now more importantly though - CONGRATS ON THE 90 DAYS!!!!

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good to hear, I should get on the forum more than I do, but we split are time between home and cabin in the summer time, in the woods up there and no internet, lucky to get out on the cell phone. I get so much out of hearing about people staying clean no matter the months or years, Bethany
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Congrats on ur 1 year! Thts awesome! Bug hugs 2 ya...ang
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Congratulations my friend!!!!!!!  You need to celebrate you and for being such an inspiration to all of medhelp!!!  You have heart of gold and you truly are an amazing women.  I personally want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for ALL the help and support you have givin me throughout my journey.  You and vicki have been my life saver and i am forever grateful to you too:)))) .  Im sending hugs and best wishes your way my friend....XOXODane
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