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is anyone out there

why are these questions and postings so old... is anyone replying to them anymore
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I am here.  I dont know the answer to your question but just wanted you to know you arent alone in here.
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Often members come in through the "back door" so to speak, usually from a google search. They do not realize the date on the post. Someone will catch it and guide them on how to create their own post.

Funny, that is how I landed here and a member helped me. I pay it forward when I see one.
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I am new here, came in thru the backdoor........searching for help with Lorazepam withdrawal.  
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sorry...was wondering that my self i just come back to try this once again...
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Doesnt matter what door you came in thru, all that matters is you are here now~~~sara
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Thank you for your welcome.........hope that I can find some help and support.
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Here's to all of you, I'm new and just learning to use this... I'm usually never on chat sites but I need help w/ this.... here's the posting I did, I don't know where...lol
I just started Fentanyl 100MCG/HR (the patch) this week. I have chronic pain (neuropathic pain); I had a herniated disc and had surgery which apparently didn't do very much, the pain still radiates from my back all the way down to my toes. The tingling and burning sensation is unbearable, on top of all this, I also have Fibromyalgia, arthritis on my legs, and carpotunel. I have a 17 and 3 yr old to support, but only able to work part time because of the pain. I've been on oxycontin, Percocet 10mg 325, MS Contin, Roxicontin, and nothing seem to work. So now I'm on this patch which did get rid of the tingling and numbing that goes down my left leg to my toes, but I'm still not able to walk too well. I feel like they're ripping my legs apart from my torso. I obviously don't want to be on medication anymore, since I've been taking it for three years now. I've tried weaning and that didn't seem to work, I tried cold turkey and I almost called 911, nothing would help the withdrawal and the pain. I am torn because I want to stop the meds but at the same time it's too painful and I wouldn't be able to function. I use to have to take one oxicontin and two Percocet to be able to get up at 8 am to get my day started. I just want to know if there's anyone out there that goes through the same thing and is there something like natural herbs that we can take and replace all this. I do go to a pain management doctor and he is great, but I know he gets upset and bothered when I take more than I should, but sometimes my pain is so bad that I will double the percocets to get rid of the pain. I also take anti inflammatory and Cymbalta because I have Fibromyalgia, which I do think that helps for this but not for the pain on back... Can anyone please give me advice on this.... PLEASE, I would like to know if there's any hope for me. On top of all this, it really doesn't help having a three yr old when they want to run around and I feel guilty if I can't take her out because I'm in too much pain. My family is paranoid and want me off the meds because of everything they hear on the news, but they also don't understand what I go through every day. Someone please give me some words of encouragement and let me know I'm not the only one out there going through this. I am unable to work at times because of the pain… Somebody PLEASE…
Thanks, Lett
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was my posting overwhelming... :)
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Not at all, I was in the same position you are now and am in Day 8 of the process. Keep on posting the people her are fantastic and will guide you through all of this mess.
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I often wonder the same...but thats addiction ,people disappear back into it, many never make it back. I've lost too many friends because of it but I'm here in any case pet...keep it going its tough, its mental torment but worth it in the end...

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