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is immodium an opiate?

weird, I read somewhere that immodium is an opiate?!?! does anyone know anything about this? Maybe I'll google it. weird weird and weird....
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Actually it is but it doesn't cross the blood/brain barrier. Opiates tend to constipate you and that is what immodium does. It was actually a controlled substance at one time. So its acts like an opiate in some ways but does not give you the euphoria feelings.
First of all I am NOT a doc or medical professional... I'm only telling you what I know worked for me.
I realize that this is an ancient thread, but I'll post for those who may be doing a search now. This topic isn't ever going to go away, so....
Technically, Imodium (Loperamide) is an opiate, but it only binds to the mu receptors in the GI tract; and doesn't cross the BBB (Blood Brain Barrier) into the CNS (Central Nervous System) like other opiates do. It acts by binding to the mu receptors in your digestive system; slowing down the muscles in the GI, and allowing the food you eat to stay in your system a little longer which allows your body to absorb more of the fluids of the digested matter, so it can firm up your stools. It can constipate you if you take too much, ( but really no more than any opiate would) but it's not going to give you the typical "opiate high" that hydro or oxy would, because it doesn't cross over the BBB like those two do. Some people have claimed success in achieving the opiate high by taking it with a proton pump inhibitor ( ranitidine, famitidine) along with a mixture of white grapefruit juice and black pepper, which apparently does allow some of the opiate in the Imodium to breach the BBB in SOME people; but it's still not going to give you as much of a buzz as a typical prescription opiate will. That all being said, many people, including myself, have managed to feel a great amount of relief during WD's by taking Imodium... during WD's, you don't necessarily want to feel high, you just want to feel "normal", and Imodium can help you to do that to an extent.
But - everyone's body chemistry is different, and we all react to drugs in different ways. Example - My GF can take a dose of NyQuil and go into a coma for 10 hours, LOL - where as I end up speeding so bad on that stuff that it keeps me up all night...  just sayin', you can't always base your own experiences to other people's experiences. But if you are uncomfortable, then try the Imodium. It may give you a lot of relief, or just a little. To what degree will depend on how much you take, and on your body's chemistry..
Side Note: Always start with a small dose first, to see how you feel on it.  In case you may be sensitive or even allergic to it, you don't want to throw back 6 of the tabs at once. Start slow at first, perhaps even the recommended dose, and see how you feel, and if you feel okay after 40 min or so, then GRADUALLY add to the first dose from there.  You don't need an allergic reaction on TOP of your WD's... you already feel bad enough, right? You don't need another bad feeling in addition to the WD's... you don't want to feel worse. Just be smart and be safe, is what I'm saying ;)
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I think they were trying to make an opiate when they made imodium but the messed up!  LOL....they say it could be habit forming but i think it would be kinda hard to want to take enuf of that to get addicted as u would never go to the batroom and end up in the hospital for constipation....no high...never heard of anyone being addicted to it...now laxatives i have heard of abusing..but not imodium...just the thoughtt of taking it everyday and never going to the batroom makes my tummy hurt.....during detox tho it is great and the liquid works fasted...can take the edge off of wds they say...not sure about that as i didnt really notice that but who knows as i didnt know what i would have felt like without it...i used it liberally during detox as the runs were a big problem for me...getting dehydrated would be more of a concern than getting addicted to imodium i would think
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thanks guys :) Geez, scared me for a minute. I was thinking..oh great, maybe I'm going to have withdrawals from this now too?! But, I've taken..maybe 4 or 5 over the last three days and hopefully won't need it anymore sometime soon. I definitely would like to go to the bathroom normally again soon :) how long does it usually take before that part goes back to normal? I can't remember from last time..maybe 5 days or so? ttys!!
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Immodium binds to the same receptors in your intestinal tract as opiates, but like mimi said, it doesn't cross the blood brain barrier, so you won't get high off it. It works for w/d because it binds in your intestines and thus stops the liquidy poo.
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whew...sigh of relief!!!!
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As others have said here, Loperamide Hcl is an opiate but does not cross the blood/brain barrier.

It binds to some of the same opiate receptors in the Kappa range, not thos shifty Mu receptors that allow us to get high.

Despite not being high and having no euphoria, you can experience wd's from abruptly stopping long term use of Loperamide.

There have been reports of people using Loperamide to taper off their DOC as in higher doses its been shown to alleviate other wd symptoms that diarrhea.

Hope this helps

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I used em today and they really help...
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they definitely help. also good to know that when I stop using them soon I'll still be ok!
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Hey Manda, after I detoxed I was concerned about every pill I had to put in my mouth there after........like even vitamins.  It surely never bothered me to take 20 lortabs in a day, but now everything else does.  Go figure.
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I can relate to being weary of putting a pill in my system.  I have tried Unisom for my sleeping problem and felt terribly guilty about it, I just don't want any meds in my system, but when it came to pills, 30 norcos was like nothing!
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funny how that happens...obviously I'm already panicking about imodium. :) LOL, glad I'm not the only one!!!!
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Andie - WTF!  Go figure!

Manda - I did enjoy a good laugh at your post, but was super surprised on the education I got!

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I evidently had no problem taking 20 norcos somedays either... WTF, was I trying to kill myself? no I wasn't and I'm glad that parts over... I was surprised at the education on this subject too...LOL :)
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my runs started as soon as i tapered down...and lasted a week or so into detox...not everyone has the runs as bad as i did...no biggie..imodium would stop it for the entire dayl
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I had the runs for 3 months after detox last time, my dr said it was bc I had my gullbladder out and people without gallbladder are more prone to having the runs, I'm sure you will be fine in a few days. If there's a possible time frame on anything bad inevidable I exceed the longest possibility. LOL I've always been that way. I was 21 and in good physical shape when I had my surgery, I was sick for a year cuz thats not something they check for in such a young thin girl.
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I learn something new everyday!  thanks guys!  ..and it's nice to wake up to people in a good mood.
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Unfortunately I have to disagree with you, I have been addicted to Imodiums for the past 7 years as they were able to control my diahorrea when I was ill and since then I have been dependent on them to control my bowel movements. I could take up to 10 a day and still have movements the following day. I am currently attempting to completely rid myself of them, however it is incredibly hard as the diahorrea is constant and has barely slowed up in the past 10 days.
Just be warned don't become reliant on them, they are still a drug and its possible to become dependent on even these!

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I'm so addicted to Imodium right now, it's embarrassing.  A few years back I began taking it in small amounts to help taper off opiates. Within a week i was totally free from the opiates!  Unfortunately there was a little catch…It's 2 years later and I'm super hooked on the Imodium.  It wasn't long until i started needed more pills to put me where i needed to be. I must take 72 pills (1 bottle) every other day combined with quinine (tonic water) and OTC acid reflux pills (helps strengthen/lengthen the high).  If I miss a dose, withdrawal kicks in unlike any withdrawal I've ever experienced.  Apparently this the nature of the chemical.  Please research and be cautious.  i suggest web-searching "loperamide finally works" and "loperamide addiction" Be well!
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I was on Imodium off n on from 12-22. Long time to take it. I never went to the doctor for my problems I just used Imodium. Eventually when I quit in 2010 I had the worst time. I couldn't go more then 3 days without stomach crunching pain that went away with taking it. It was such a bad withdrawals. I weaned myself off it! Been off it for 2 years. Second time. Last time I went 4 years off. I learned to face my anxiety and deal. It does become dependent. I only took one a day. As a teen I took 4 a day.  But it was more to control going #2 not diarrhea. It was to stop my fear of having it. I eventually also taught myself to have reactions like Imodium without actually taking it. Anyone else have this issue?
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ask your dr about cholestyramine powder, you mix it with a bit of water and drink it. it changed my life. i had my gallbladder out and had chronic diarrhea after that, never could be far from a bathroom, especially after eating. so really could not plan outings without worrying where or when the diarrhea was going to hit.  Cholestryramine is for lowering your cholesterol, and it's side effects are constipation (for normal people), but for someone with chronic diarrhea it was a miracle. I take it every nite before bed. Have not had a problem since.
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If imodium is an opiod, and I am allergic to codeine or other opiate based medication, is it safe for me to use imodium.  I suffer from IBS probably caused from other medications I have had to use? I noticed that if I take 2 tablets or more I end up having very nasty cramps either in my face, back and ususally starting in my stomach.  I have read that imodium can cause dystonia and I do get dystonia when I have taken Stemital or Maxalon.
you can be allergic to codeine and not be allergic to other opiates. I'm allergic to codeine ( throat rash, tightening of throat) but could take other opiates ( hydro, oxy, ) for pain with no problems at all. I don't believe that immodium would give you any problems, as it's a completely different type of opioid than codeine is -  BUT... I'm NOT a doc or a medical professional... so if you're worried about it, talk to a professional
If you are having more pain after taking normal doses of loperamide, than that's not normal. You shouldn't take it.
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be safe and don't take it anymore unless you have asked a doctor before, trillian
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Alright people, I know this post is old, BUT! Immodium does cross the blood brain barrier. I was addicted to immodium for a while, take upwards between 96 and 100 pills a day at once. Anyone that says it doesnt cross the blood brain barrier is lying to you and only going off something they read and not from personal experience. Start with 25mg-30mg when getting off opiates. You may feel may feel some euphoria. Decrease dosage everyday for 4-5 days along with plenty of water, milk, and a multi-vitamin. If anyone has any questions, please email me at ***@**** and I can guide you how to safely use it and taper off of it from my personal experience.
Guess it wont show my email so ill spell it out. If you're smart enough you will know how to contact me at colona24 at gmail *******
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