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is it safe

is it ok to take sobxin and darvocet?
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what would be the point?
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The Suboxone will block the effects of Darvocet....so it would be a waste.
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What nursegirl told you is true. The sub is a beta blocker for the hight from the darvocet so you'd be serving no purpose other than messing yourself up more. You won't get a high as long as your on suboxon . Plus you don't need that high hon...get yourself clean then you'll win in the long run.
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Sub is a beta blocker?  Thats a high blood pressure attribute...........
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i dont think sub is a beta blocker at all .NO if you are on sub you cant take darvocet.
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a beta blocker is a form of high blood pressure control..might serve other purposes but not that of blocking narcotics as suboxone does..so it would be a waste like mentioned to take darvacet while on sub cept for the tylenol effect perhaps...better just to take plain old tylenol tho
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