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is sub what its cracked up to be?

I just read the link about sub. and how it builds in the system and how long the w.ds would last. It kinda doesnt make sense to me to trade one drug for another. Should i stay on the c.t. kick or taper off of loritabs or take sub.? So confusing.
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donno, but i will, i have an appt fri with a sub dr.i'll let you know. i have read alot of success  stories here in the forum though
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it is trading one drug for another but the feeling is that it's better than a strong narcotic. Just remember while sub may help some people who are addicted to stronger narcotics like methadone, there is no free or easy ride off of narcotics. What goes up must come down.
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very true Lucky. since im 2 days in with nothing should i not consider a taper to relieve the anxiety im feeling since i still have to go to work day to day or will that just mess it up?
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Let me set it straight for ya..since im been on it, many friends have and i have studied it for years. Its w/d makes perc/hydro/oc look like a joke. I came off sub and back onto perc just to get of sub and quit ct from there after a while. Subs half life is the problem, its in your system a long time. a 32mg dose is active for 22 days. Theres alot of info for you to look up. The probelm is everyone got put on it for maintenace and high dose for too long. The trick to sub is a fast taper 10-15-21 days max and getting the dose down low as possible immediately. Lets put it this way i quit a 120mg oc habit c/t basically..i used one 2mg sub on day one and then none since. Im on day 10. You are training one opiate for another, yes its an opiate and yes alot of people get high on them to. Like me. Theres a reason people feel so good on it, it gets the high or well being. Not like euphoria for true addicts but some get a good buzz.

If I were you i would just quit period. Loratabs are vicoden if i remember and vic is the easiest to get of off. Also subs can be toxic to the liver over long use. Sub Drs have changed there way in the last year because people cant get of it when used in maintenance which isnt its purpose. Your living on another drug with w/d that last months sometimes not days. Please research for your own good. Im speaking from expierence.
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No matter what the dose is, it takes a little over 5 half lifes to get out of your body. Not 22 days. If the half life is 37 hours that is over 100 hours to rid your body of any dose of Sub. Whether its 8mgs or 32mgs takes the same half life.
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Im not talking effective half life...im taking in your blood/system. Believe me i didnt know it either until a Dr who helped invent it was on TV explaining it. Suboxone over 8mg was still found in the urine and feces upto 11-22 days. Either way the drug sucks and should only be for people who cannot ever be free much like methadone. It costs just as much as street drugs pratically as well. I swear the Gov dont want people clean anyway
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I agree that you should stick to the c/t..There are alot of variables to why people choose other options. I chose c/t from hydros (6yr addiction) and also went c/t of methadone..(that is pure hell in the worse way) If you have relapsed time and time again then sub may be for you..But i say go for it! How long has it been since you've taken anything? You will feel better and better..days 3-4 seem to be the average "worse" days.Then it gets better..
Sure there are worse w/ds from other drugs but nothing is easy..you have to address the reasons you became addicted in the first place..the mental part in my opinion out weighs alot of the physical w/ds from hydros..Methadone...different story. good luck..keep us posted.
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So,,like a few on the forum your able to quit without substituting you just cant stay quit,,right. Your 2 days clean a little more then half way till the pills are out of your system so using now,,even to taper would just set you back. Now you need a plan to stay clean. Theres a reason you want to change the way you feel beyond just getting high,,you need to find the reason/reasons you arent satisfied with just being you.Na,private counsling,support groups,etc. can make staying clean possible.You probably used every day so spending a little time each day to not use shouldnt be a problem,,it was a long road to get where your at so it will be a long road back but theres a pot of gold at the end of one road,,a bottle of pills at the other,,,gl to ya,,keep posting if it helps
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What is your dose and have you had problems with relapses?  if you were not on an extraordinary dose like 30-4- pills a day and you dont have a history of relapses, then i would steer clear and continue your CT..I have studied it and read posts...done my own research just in case i ever relapsed or something/hope not/and i would not trade addictions unless it was the only way i could do it...i would not want to have to withdraw from the sub..maybe if I could stay on it forever but i dont want to do that either...in the end i would still have to go thru withdrawals and the mental aftermath ..for me as i was at a fairly low dose compared to many..80 mg hydro..i dont think it would have been the route to go..I would have been postponing the inevitable
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Many are saying that you should consider sub if you keep relapsing and cant stay clean. I think before using the sub theres another very important question,,,,what did you do to NOT use,,in other words aftercare. If you just quit using and do nothing else then odds are you"ll use again. If you just take a sub and no aftercare then odds are you"ll use again. Getting off drugs rather ct,tapering or sub is really just the beginning. Like any desease aftercare is vital to recovery.
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If someone really want to get clean they shoudn't go the sub or methadone route except in rare cases. It is trading one drug for another and it may be just better to taper on the SAME DRUG YOU ARE ADDICTED TO, instead of strating something worse and synthedic. Heroin was touted to be a cure for morphine. Methadone was a cure for heroin and now we have sub.  for methadone and whatever else. all the best
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