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joe is ... CLEAN!

Had to share!
I am so happy!!
joe's drug test is clean
The lines could not be brighter

no line  = dirty
pink line  = clean

The line could not have been any brighter guys
Thanks so much for helping us through this!

We are just beginnning a long journey......
but I could not be prouder of him right now...
I will keep posting!

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what a wonderful easter gift to momma.  i am so happy for you.  what a great mom you are.
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that is such good news!!!  i am so happy for you and your son!!
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Success came by way of the Easter Bunnie. Well Momma God works in different ways,and at this time of year its through the Easter Bunnie.Congratulations as you had a vested interest in a successful outcome. I congradulate you.I hope young Joe stays in recovery via the meetings,as research has shown they are the best for long tern success. Happy Easter from john in Toronto  
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Great news...so glad to hear....

Does Joe have any aftercare plans in place?..Is he going to NA meetings or anything??

Hope you have a HAppy Easter!!
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I was just thinking about you and Joe. I'm so glad you posted.  This is such great news ! Keep up the good work both of you. Have a very Happy Easter and keep us updated.   Hugs,   Mary
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like toxic said,it is easy to fall back without proper after care. have him check out some NA meetings, they are all over!! i had to NA hop, reminded me of bar hopin in my past years. but once i found the meeting i liked , it is a huge asset to me now, and i love the group im in... congrads on the lines, nice to see emhelpin
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joe is starting up his therapy again in about a week and a half....
he will not go to AA  :(    
just his 'one on one' therapist... he has seen him 4 times already
I hope it is enough, but maybe not.
NA is one hour from here.

Thanks for all your well wishes!!
Happy Easter , happy holidays!!
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So happy to hear this. You both have been working so hard and have come so far. Maybe you can get alittle rest now.  I wish him continued success.
He is still on the Sub or has he weaned off?
Please keep in touch and posted on his progress.
Really happy for both of you.
Hugs, Magi
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ohhh that is wonderful,I am very happy to hear this.I hope things continue to go well.
happy easter
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