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joint pain

is joint pain common and if so is there anything that can be done to help it?
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Joint pain in relation to withdrawal?  Id say yes.  It was for me.  My joints ACHED - ankle joints, knee joints, hip joints - all the "connecting" parts.  I think the best remedy is hot baths, hot showers, jaccuzzi, hot towels. Also, believe it or not, exercise helps.  For me when I was in acute withdrawal and had the most pain, I did get relief from brisk walks.. the relief didnt last, but helped for a bit.  It was basically - 30 minute walk; 30 minute hot shower.  Hot towels on the legs.  I would wet a towl and microwave it for a minute to make it hot and steamy.  I also tried using ben gay all over my legs and actually vicks too and wrapped my legs in a hot towel. (what a sight I was!).. the only true thing that makes it better is time.  Hope this helps.
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yeah I am not sure if you mean in general or in wds either refusing has given you some great tips .
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