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just got done QQ Celeb Rehab

i just finished watching the 2nd episode of Celeb Rehab and i wish the show would keep going i dont think they are showing enough maybe take the commercials out..... but watching the 56 yr man detox is scary i w/d but it was not that bad and just watching it makes me never want to pick up another pill again. To bad they didn't have a show like that for us less fortunate shoot i would go in a minute reguardless of who saw me .....they are giving them counseling and really trying to get to the root of their problems....ANY ONE ELSE WATCH
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Yes, I watched it as well. Pretty scary seeing how bad it can get. I thank god for not having withdrawal symptoms like that. It is really an eye opener. Makes normal people like us see that being rich and famous is not all that it is cracked out to be and does not solve your problems. These celebrities have all the money in the world to get the best healthcare and necessities for a better, healthier life, but they took it for granted.
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The difference between the celeb's on that show and us? Not a damned thing.

Every single one of us looks like them when we go cold turkey. I know I do. My detox would have to be done in a clinic if I were to go CT. That's why I have to moderately come down.

Shows like this need to be made more often. And I am not talking about Intervention. All that show does is record getting a junkie to treatment, but not the detox.

I think someone should start a show entitled "Detox", and show every ugly aspect to it. The pain, the suffering, vomiting out of every orifice of your body, the hallucinations, the suicidal tendencies you get while coming down, the intense craving for ANYTHING that will get you high, skin crawling, brain screaming, every muscle tense, unrivaled misery, the hatred you feel towards every single human you come in contact with, the self loathing, the vileness of it all.

Maybe then people wouldn't take that Vicodin in their medicine chest they take to fell good for granted. Or that bottle of wine they drink every night with their Valium. Or the 6 beers they have at the bar and drive home drunk.

There are treatment centers in every city that have financial aide, and some even for free. You don't have to have money to go to a posh rehab, hell, it doesn't have to be posh, but you know how celebrity BS is. *yawn*
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I had to record it due my kids not letting me watching something in peace.  Let me say wow.  I'm day 3 no pills and feel a lot better after watching that.  I feel like **** but compared to that, I feel great.  I agree with what you said junkie, well said.  I can't type like that.  I saw a wine cooler in the fridge not to long ago and thought "hey, that will make me feel better".  But I know it's only a temp fix.  I"ve never really been into drinking, but I know I will trade one for the other.  I quit smoking cigs 5 months ago, quit smoking weed 3 weeks ago and taperd off the trams and have been sober for 3 days.  I'm not sure if I'm making any since.  I guess I just needed to get it said "typed" out loud. This is the longest I've been without a pill in over 3 yrs and I'm proud of myself.  I"m just taking it one day at a time.  AA has been helping me and so has this site, so once again thanks for all your support.  WE can beat this.  GN all.  I'm going try and sleep.
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God for you! It looks like you are doing good with the temptations. 3 years is a long stretch when doing drugs.

Type out loud whenever you want.

You rock.

Peace  : )
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You culd have a million shows called DETOX or USING or INTERVENTION or CELEB REHAB and it wouldn't make a damn difference.  If sometone wants to use ot is using, nothing and I mean NOTHING will deter them.  ALL addicts justify their using and ALL addicts think they're special and unique.  
I am a daughter of an alcoholic and I saw what it did to my family and my father.  Did I not drink, NO... in fact I was so sure that "it wasn't going to happen to me" I too became a daily drinker and after being sober for 5 years, yes 5 years, when I had a car accident and a few surgeries, did I turn down known narcotic ADDCITIVE drugs because of my history??  No, I didn't.  And why didn't I???  Because I convinced myself that again "it wasn't going to happen to me".
Addicts could sell ice to an eskimo that's how this disease works.  
Those shows might make the public more aware and empathetic towards addicts but it ain't gonna stop an addict from using once they're there.
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OMG I've been watching this show online this am. WOW.  What an eyeopener.  I'm going to let my 15yr old daughter look at this as well.  I don't want her growing up to be like her mom.
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Where do you go to watch it online?  I saw the first one but missed the second.
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I just typed in Celebrity Rehab and it came up.  Click on the site and it will direct you to the episodes.  I think I might watch it again. It's Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab if that helps too.
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I just saw that on VH1, it's rerunning both shows.  Starting here in TX at noon.
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Those shows wont do sh*t for a Junkie, everyone already knows this. I am talking about national awareness. Waking up the family in their pre-fab homes filled with IKEA garbage.

I know I will be showing my son shows exactly like that and hope it would scare him enough not to try drugs. And it sure as hell will work on The Joneses when they turn on the TV and see someone puking their guts out and saying fu*k you to the world. Thats when parents need to wake up and pay more attention to what their kids are doing.

Do you think, after I watched that celebrity show, that it made any difference to my addictions? Hell no it didn't, in fact, I took 3 Vic's before watching and laughed the whole way through. Why? Because I am a junkie, thats why. But, I see what it can do for those who think drugs are a dirty little secret.

People need to wake the f*ck up.

Kind of like taking your spoiled rotten offspring to Mexico and letting them see the 4-10 year olds running around with no shoes trying to sell gum to tourists so they can eat.

It's called a wake up call.
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i like your honesty when my kids get a little older i want them to watch a show like this they are only 5 and 7 they might say something like "hey mommy they get sick like you do" holy shyt is that scary ....29 days clean i hope i remain strong everyday i keep learning more and more ....i am greatful
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