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kicked off of 78mg MEHADONE...HELP

my husband and i were unjustly kicked out of aegis medical systems methadone clinic..weve been clean from herion and street opiates for 5 years.....in the methadone clinic for the 5 years and were both on 78ml and theyve kicked us out no detox nothing just cold turkey...todays the 1st day without taking it what can we do to make things easier??
we have two 8 and 7 yr old boys and i work a part time job. if i go to a doc u think thyll give me methadone pills to detox me off? my health is bad as it is i hve circulations issues in my right leg where it turns purple blue at times and im scared nervous dont know what to do or how to make this and easy transition.
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Hi...well the liquid intake is critical to detoxing it flushes out your system  without it your symptoms will only get worst....I recamend a case of gatoraid to start with if your not big on drinking get a shot glass and drink a shot every 10min this will keep you hydrated  I cannot over emphasize this enough the kidneys play a huge role in detoxing your blood  gatoraid is good it taste well and has the electolights in it to keep you replenished  if your tight on money walmart has a generic that is just as good a lot cheeper the key to sucsessful detoxing is not only flushing your system it is also eating corectly  NO red meat for a wile chicken is good as is fish  lean protien grilled or baked  you want to keep inflammation down that is what give you the bone aches  there is a lot more to this then meets the eye  blueberrys are great but pricy at least around here no alachol and limit even over the counter meds your trying to purge your system of everything this is the goal...now im not a marter for pain  ibuprofen is preferable to acetaminophen it is ezer on the liver  you must understand the body is under a huge stress load wile doing this even the small things you can do help  this is not one in leaps and bounds but in baby steps....walmart also has a cheep whey protein shake mix it is 16 bucks for a 2lb can just a scoop full to a glass of milk  the chocolate flavor is good and it will give you the raw protein for energy and a dose of the amino acids to heal the brain 2 a day is what I recamend keep posting  get the gatoraid first if money is tight a case for you and your hubby and a cheep timer for the 10min intervals keep posting for support.......Gnarly
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Hi   GOD I HATE THE CLINICS!!!  well this happens  detoxing off 78mg is going to be tuff but it is doable we have had people kicked off at 120 and make it  first off get up to walmart and pick up a 3 in 1 vitamin calcium magnesum zinc  take 4 with breakfast and 4 with dinner in a few days this will cut back on the withdrawals  methadone has a 36hr 1/2 life so you wont feel the brunt of it for around 3 days the intial detox last about 10 days to 2 weeks then the energy crash sets in  you got to be in this for the long haul just know it is doable you will get great support here on the forum we have a lot of people that have kicked it  pick up a case of gator aid force the fluids a hot soak will help most of the symptoms ebsom salts help you with the restless legs  keep posting for support I willl be back on to check back with you my grand kids just came over ask any question you may have  may God be with you....Gnarly
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Hello my situation is some what similar. My husband and I have been on methadone (mmt) for 8 years. we got sick and tired of being treated like trash and over all the BS that comes with the clinic. D.A.C.C.O In Tampa. However we have dropped our doses and we are down to 1ML.Tomorrow is our last dose. I am not going to lie we were feeling like crap. We went to a Dr. and got on clonidine to help with our blood pressure and WD. How can they throw you out without first tapering your dose? I would suggest you go to a Dr. and tell them the situation. If it helps we have been taking Epson salt baths, Calcium, magnesium, zinc, b12/b6, multivitamins,c0q10, benfotiamine, and clonidine. best of wishes to you and your husband.
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thank you for your support i really needed to hear this as its 6:13pm and ive gone all day without a dose. im feeling okay but sudden rushes of anger and depression kicked in about 3 hrs ago:( i have a headache as well and am a little restless but not bad could be due to my mental **** sorry for the lanugage...
but after reading your reaponse i am deffently in higher spirits i am having dinner now and will be heading on over to walmart to get what you said to afterwards and ill start that tomorrow morning. thank you so much
now my husband is perscribed to medical marijuana do you think a toke or two of that may help? or a bite or two of an edible brownie??
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I would recommend staying away from other substances. This is doable c/t. Will deff be tough,but you can do it. I'm just curious as to why the heck they'd to this to you. Tapering down would have been a lot easier for y'all. Hot tubbies with Epsom salts helped me a lot. Funnymovies when I couldn't sleep. I downloaded and watched the whole 5 seasons of the walking dead my first week. Don't stress though,the sleep will come back. Take deep breaths when the anger comes and try to go in a room or outside and be alone to clear your head.
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If you're going to walmart pick up immodium. You'll need it. You can get the no named brand too. Where I live it's a bit expensive. But store brand works just as good. Drink lots and lots of water too. :))
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Hi  was just checking in on you to see how your doing??
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Wow 78 mg straight c/t, I have no advice just wanted to say good luck hope you find a way through it
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thats horrible, large dose to be kicked off like that. I seen a buddy of mine be kicked of 120mg he was sick for a month and it wasnt half sick it was full on couldnt eat for a month sick where he lost close to 30lbs and couldnt keep any food down. ITs been afew days you havent posted, how are things going? Did you go to the doc? If it was me i would find another clinic and do a proper gradual taper detox or go to an inpatient clinic for a month. Stay strong!
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sorry for not responding in forever i just have not had the energy for a darn thing, pathetic really its day 8 since iv taken a dose of methadone and havent used an opiate....my symptoms are backs achy hot cold sweats chills confusion blurred vision ANGER&DEPRESSION to the max today is the worst ive felt since starting i dont understand why in the hell on day 8 am i feeling like its getting worse. my husband is feeling worse then i am physically but mentally has a better head. i feel like thrasing my house and feel like if i didnt have kids id blast my brains out at points.HONESTLY if i could have every physical symtom and not feel like i have no life in me emotionally and the no evergy id take it i mean its day 3 for me witihout even being able to get up enuff energy to shower im struggeliong HARD today ecspecially with the depression i already struggel with it enough as it is i hate to feel sad no happiness whats life for without happiness and joy with that being said i went to the emergency room late last night my husband and i both and they perscribes us
Ativan 1mg (keep in mind i HATE benzos but i have to admit after taking i passed the hell out
Clonidine 0.1mg (and im not sure how that that works only because yesterday i had taken potassium zinc magnesium and a b6 vitamin and also 4 40mg vyvanse in the morning(to get me to an appointment) and then again 3 40mg vyvanse at 3pm because i NEEDED sonething to make me feel happy and give me some energy. and aldo smoked some CBD bassed  marijuana for the first time in 3 years SO with all these things that id taken yesterday i dont know if it was the cholodine that took the back restless away or what it was BUT i just took my dose today 30 mins ago and am still experiencing acheyness, so I dont know.
a concern of mine though if anyone can give me some advice is my husband his balls are killing him he said hes never felt a pain like it  before. when he first felt it we had sex and he said it went away or subsided afterwards but its back now and worse i told him to go wax one off cuz sex to me right now is thee LAST of what i want and normally im more sexual then he is but i dont wanna cuddle dont wanna kiss not a damn thing. BUT  i do want to be taken care of anf fed and all that its fuckn weird and i HATE HATE HATE feeling like this. also my husband when he pees he feels as if hes done and then a significant amount of dribbles come out after hes pulled his damn pants up i cant find anything like this on any other forums whats up with that and numbness of the tip of his penis and toes and fingers.

so im still here and havent relapsed on opiates.even tho i know tht im using vyvanse and adderall and weed to help with the withdrawal which is replacing another drug for another. i have to start some damn where and anything to subside these damn symtoms thts non opiate ill take..also i can not get up enoug energy to eat nor do i want to eat but i get hungry so i been eatn oranges bannas ramen noodles and oatmeal and as far as liquids i have NEVER been one to drink much water in fact if it aint flavored id perfer not to waters the essence of life yes i know but ecspecially when my mouth taste like dog **** water does not a damn thing for it...so ive been mown down popsicles and id like to believe there saving my life from dehydration but could be wrong.  
somedays i feel like maybe i should just go to a suboxene clinic like today but then the other half says no **** that i feel like i wanna blow up every methadone clinic in the world and slowling torture the man who invented it. sorry for my psychoticness but this **** is torture and inhuman,,,,,God'll take care of them thoe. also i took 2 5-htp pills today and im also guilty of not taking my vitamins everyday i mean how is one even able to take
- 1 Potassium
-1 zinc
-1 magnesium
-1 vitmen B6
-2 5htp
-1 clonadeen (evry 8 hrs)
-1 Ativan(every 8 hrs as needed)
-3-5 vyvanse or adderall a day
When i can even eat solids barly this **** upsets the **** outta my stonach
any suggestions for that? okay well im signing off now i will try to respond at least once a day from here on out or at least my huband will...for today thoe i feel the worst and dont understnad how when im on day 8

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You were on a almost 80ml of methadone weren't you? And quit c/t? So yes,it's probably normal you'll feel like this for a couple weeks to even a month. Getting a bit better everyday probably around two weeks. I'm sure gnarly will see this and answer,he seems to know a lot about methadone. Good for you for hanging in there!!
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Hi good to see you post  as for your symptoms it is fairly common jumping at a dose as high as you did the detox last about 10 days to 2 weeks  but the ''energy crash'' is worst then any other opiets I have detoxed off of and the list is long  congrats on day 8 as for your hubby the thing with his junk can happen  I was on the stuff almost 7yrs  somewhere in there I lost all desire to have sex but once I stoped the crap it came back with a vengence  his glands are all stoped up and it can be painful I hate to say this but the only thing that seams to help will be sex  and if he is really backed up that can even make it worst he may need to see a doctor if it dont go away as for feeling worst on day 8  methadone is a real mo fo to get off of you just got to go threw it  I was dope sick almost 90 days with the ''energy crash'' and no friggin sleep I have never detoxed and had the symptoms last so long some people come around in a month but it is a 60 to 90 day grind for most as for the body aches take a hot soak with ebsom salt it will help  you may need several a day im proud of both of you making it this far you just have to lean on each other for strength there are several members here that have kicked the done and im sure they will respond when they see you posted again just know it is so so worth it to be off of the liquid handcuffs when it is all said and done it will be one of your greatest accomplishments hang tuff and keep posting for support   Gnarly
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other symptoms im experiencing are
neck achy
restlessness all over
stinky armpits(totally from not showing and a joke)-hey mabey 5htp has lifted my mood
and i feel like ever limb on my body feels 500 pounds each when i have to get up from the couch.

i have been listening and searching music on YouTube everyday and at the beginning of withdrawl played world of warcraft but seem to just be bored with it now. and watch my 2 boy 8&7 year olds and husband play all these games on there ps4 which i find boring more then not ocasslionally im intrested also NIGHT TIME IS WORSE im sorry im all over the ****** place as far as explaining what im going threw but my brain is not functioning correctly oh and im supposed to go back to work on monday (i work for family so they know what i am going threw but im the secertary for  our buiness and handle all paperwork and there really needing me not to mention my husband lost his job last month so i am needing the money but just the thought of me going back to work makes me even more achy and anxious and my brain is confused and weird and with all the papers i deal with daily id prolly just **** em all up anyway.
being a mother going threw withdralws is thee worst to cuz my boys are living off of ramen noodles and pbjs after school they dnt mke a fuzz at all and not only do they make it themselves which is okay theyre taking care of us also and i mean every beck n call every 15 minutes are you okay do you need anything mainly from my youngest my older one will help also but will get an attitude if he has to pick up which im breaking my youngest likes to be needed and loves attention but as a mother i cant help but to feel like a low down dirt bag of a mother i mean i cant even get up enough will to wash my mounds n mounds of cloths
oh and BTW i live in a low income based apartment they do yearly housing inspections of every apartment and GUESS what mines may 22 and ive got alot of deep cleaning and organizing that needs to be done before then wiping down walls and all that **** will i even be able to find the energy before this appointment to get what i need to have done done??
my husbands being an ******* he struggles with anger as it is...and when he cant sleep at night its the worst or if i ask him to stop by the store for food after picking the kids up from school i have no license and cnt drive i cryed for an hr straight this morning because he was just being uncaring and an ******* about making oatmeal and while i was crying on the couch with my head and whole body covered with a blanket he tells me to get up sit up to quit crying its guna do no good that theres no reason to cry bcuz were the clearest minded weve ever been which is ******** i sure n the hell dnt feel vlear minded and how dare he say that to me unsensitive ******* and thats exactly what i called him i mean i know hes experiencing DT also but id never say tht to him if he was crying....im angry at him still and feel like id like to **** him up...im not a baby and if and rarly ever i cry ud never know bcuz ill never give a human the ability to attack me whilw im weak so crying for me is a big deal and to have my husband tell me to preety much get ****** and to get over it is ****** up and of all people ATTACK ME WHILE IM WEAK AND VULNERABLE
so thats an example of my crazy emotions im going threw and i mean we have has sex once cuz his balls hurt and thankfully it was a quickie cuz i didnt wanna be touched and i still dont i dont wanna kiss i dont wanna cuddle say i love you nothing bcuz right now i feel like i love noone nor nothing in this world other then my boys i feel so numb is this normal????? my husband is worried that i am detaching from him and that im going to become accustomed to the no emotional connection and not be able to get it back...ive been abused in my life lived on streets compton la south central hollywood detroit flint just some of thee roughest hoods at the age of 12 with no parent due to being abdoned and death of father and the things ive endured and have experiences and have gone threw are trumatizingi to say the least so i cant help but to be rough around the edges and i detach without realizing its happening and then thats the end of that relationship and he knows this and now you all do to will i beable to get those emotions back or are they gone????
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what miligram methadone were you on did you have to cold turkey stop it also or slowly taper?
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sorry forgot to add my second question
now is the 60-90 days with feeling the full symtoms? or will the worst of it be over before then?
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Hi  I started at 30 but quickly went up to 150 by 10mg every week I tapered  off but still went threw the ringer geting off the crap as for the symptoms the worst of it will be over in around 2 weeks the things that hang around for me was the ''energy crash'' witch is diblatating and the lack of sleep  it took a good 90 days for me to get threw it  im bipolar so the lack of sleep threw me in and out of manias  in a word it s ucked  I have devoted most my time on this forum helping others off this stuff  and have helped a lot of people detox from all sorts of doses the higest was 120 mg  ct so what your doing is very doable it is just harsh for the first 2 weeks  I do recamend you join N/A it will give you a place to shair what your going threw with people that understand the support is ausum I still hit 3 or 4 meeting a week it is part of recovery  trust me your going to need all the help you can get where all here for you just hang in there you will get threw this........Gnarly
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man 150mg that is a narly high dose. i am also bi polar and depression but not to bad i live life without medication for it but would prolly be in a better state emotionally during this dt if i was on correct meds for that issue. so far the worst for me is this emotional rollercoaster i just want to be normal again. i wish i could afford that peocedure where they run clean blood threw your system and take all of the toxins out. thatd b nice.
i think the clonadeen has kicked in as my back is not acheing as much. its bearable and my blood pressure has droped from 96 to 76 ill probably try to get enuff strength to get in the shower within an hr. showers do help me feel better but ive always enjoyed my showers and the fresh feeling afterwards.
also what i said about how ive never been big on drinking water unless its flavored do you think im okay with my popsicles and 1 vitamen water a day for hydration?
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hi and ty for the support! so we got the clonidine and they gave us ativan as well.....they help but still feel like crap!!!! its been about 11 days and the thought of 80 more scars the **** outta me but i know it will be over soon in comparison to the big picture lol.....we will continue to stay positive but its not easy lol this site sure does help thoe that is when i motivate my self to even get on.

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ahahaha ya thats what i thought but we are managing .

went to er and despite the judgmental nurse  who I QUICKLY shut up trying to treet us like junkies....**** i dont care if we are or once where i wasent there for opiods!!!!  ok  anyway we got colidine and ativan which is helping alot.....i was reluctant but i have been also using CBD only marijuana and it helps me sleep and with my mood..so i think this is gonna be procedure for the rest of the time its been 11days  hope it goes by fast.
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Hi There! :)

Huge Props to you & your man on Day 11! I know it's a nightmare right now but I promise you it will start to ease up soon.

Man, Clinics..you gotta' love 'em! ;( 'Nuff said..best not to focus on that & go off on a rant. That's the past & no matter how brutally they did this to you -- it happened & you can turn it around. Frankly, it's a blessing in disguise. (Seriously).

I detoxed from 140mgs. down to 28 (when I jumped) a little over 2 yrs. & 4 mos. ago. I was on my last clinic for 20 yrs. I have little recollection of the first month. I tried to mitigate my symptoms by self-medicating with just about everything but opiates so I totally understand where your @. Please though, I'd like to caution you that Vyvanse & Adderall are both schedule ll stimulants (well, let's call a spade a spade -- speed). They're exactly what you guys don't need right now. Acute withdrawal lasts a lot longer with Methadone because of it's long half life. It stores in your bones & fat & needs time to leach from your tissues. If you do speed, you're going to make your detox a lot harder. It exhausts your adrenals & floods your body with stress hormones. That's exactly what you're trying to counteract right now.  Sleep is so important for you right now & we all know how those drugs affect that! Just the detox alone puts us in a 'fight or flight' mode. Basically, you're trying to get all the crap out of your body & to let your brain start to heal so that you can feel better. (Also, as you already mentioned -- you might very well be trading one addiction for another). Oh, yeah, and it's contra-indicated for folks with depression or anxiety!

I too Hate Benzos! (the clinic & an ex of mine who had an issue with them really turned me off to them). I know that sleep is a precious, elusive commodity right now but please, know that if you continue with benzos (even sporadically) while you're detoxing & then discontinue them, there's a special sleepless hell awaiting. I know, I used them off & on for a couple of months in the beginning. I noticed my tolerance starting to build & kicked them to the curb. I literally didn't sleep more than 1.75 hrs. per night for a month & a half after that (in my 3rd & 4th month off 'done). Just hoping that my experience might be of benefit to you guys.

In terms of your guy, your drive can come back with a vengeance shortly after detox (especially for men). I think it takes a little while longer for women but when it returns -- lookout! :) In terms of the pain & tingling he's experiencing peripherally, I'm no doctor but I'd like to point out that those two stimulants are Strong vasoconstrictors -- meaning they cause your blood vessels to narrow increasing pressure & causing less Oxygen to reach your extremities. Also, remember, you were numbed on M'done to a great deal of what was going on in your bodies (& also your hearts & minds). When we come off -- sensation -- including pain tends to be 'hyper'. This will ease. If he feels that something is truly wrong, he should go in to an urgent care or ER.

I'm glad you're @ least trying to get some popsicles down you -- as Gnarly said, Hydration is sooo important in all this. Truly, your body needs all the help it can get right now. If you want some additional nutritional advice, I'd be happy to give it to you. (Okay, I'll stop myself right there & shut up about that :)

Please, keep the faith -- you guys are warriors -- Truly -- My hat is so off to you! Sometimes things that seem bad actually turn out to be total blessings. If you stay the course, I promise you that this is one of them!! (Besides, who the hell wants to go back to the clinic, eh?) You never know how strong you can be until you have to. It's in you. You talked about being on the streets. I hear you...If you survived that you ARE strong enough to do this. It just takes time & patience & some game-changing & new thinking in order not to go back. Let's just get you through this first, though, eh? Congrats again on 11 Days of this soul-crushing drug. Keep your eye on the prize!

We're here & we're pulling for you :)

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Hey  just checking how you and the hubby are holding up???? any way post when you can..........Gnarly
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I too am a X-Doner. I came off of 2 other meds along with it..C/T is the only way I could do it. It was way different then the hydo & oxys. I was way up in mg and mine where prescribed for pain. I had gotten down between 30mg, but was going up again to 80 plus before I knew it was time. This was all back in 2012 and I have used off & on for over 40yrs, so it was no walk in the park. The methadone likes to hang on and this will take time to detox out. Try putting some sea-salt in Lemon water it helps to keep you hydrated. I used certain vit/min for sleep & anxiety and some for the day. Try eating very healthy as mentioned above and drink those shakes with berries. Berries are a great antioxidant.
Do not forget about the Epsom salt bath, as this too pulls out toxins and relaxes you.
The BIG thing about drugs and booze and so on is what it does to the Brain Chemistry. This is why you have some emotional ups and downs. It takes time for all those happy chems to balance back. Meanwhile as you heal it sends all kinds of crazy singles to the body. My DR told me it was SOMATIC SYNDROME. In our Addiction the Dopamine rush over to the pleasure part of the brain, the mid-brain. (survival part). So if we feed it again it remember the pleasure and off we go. It does take time for the Endorphins, Serotonin, Nor-epinephrine, Gabba and so much more to fire up the right way. It took me a few yrs to flip my brain back, but I am 59 and got clean at 56 as I used for over 40yrs off & on. Just know it WILL all balance out in time.
I wish you the best and just try to hang in and ride the storm. It will be over soon and then the hard part comes in and that is working on staying clean.
Best of Luck to you both!!

PS..Keep us updated.
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Hi everyone todays day 16 so 2 days over 2 wks...im still barly sleeping and hvn back aches diariaha high blood pressure today getting to 102 this ***** ridiculous and im still lethargic!!! Doesn't seem to b letting up :( and im mabey getting 2-3 hrs sleep at night 4 if im lucky!! Still hvn headaches still emotional and on to top it off my lifes falling to pieces with 1bad thing after another id like to beleve my god is breaking me to build me back up but having gone through so much N my life already when will i catch a break???? if it werent for my kids id give up!! Anywho im needing some advice about an issue thats just arose today n my husband n I both are experiencing our muscles locking up n cramping when we stretch at all i mean even down to my cervix muscles. We lookd it up and it says that our back muscles could possibly spasm on and convulse possibly breaking the back to im preety darn worried about this. And curious if anyone else has felt this along w shortness of breath not being able to tke a deep breath at night time its almost causing panic for me like jumping up to run outside cause i feel claustrophobic almost. I mean this is weird!!! Has anyone got any advice on these matters n wht go do.
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Hi good on you guys keep on keeping. Are you still taking clondine?
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