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kidney stones Oh my god pain. I'm gonna get through this without medication

hey guys I was rushed to my doctors today I have been in severe pain sense saturday my side was killing me and it hurt so bad to go pee. there was blood and it was very scary stuff so I went to the dr I have a very bad urinary track inffection plus kidney stones on top of it. so needless to say i'm in some major pain right now. the dr said he could write me a script to help with the pain I said dr really you know I'm a recovering addict that is not a good idea I have come so far I dont wanna go down that road so I refused them. so here I'm laying on the couch thinking I'm gonna die but I know I wont it will pass tell me guys cause I need to know can you get through this kinda pain witth out taking pain medication we are about to find out cause I'm doing right now. shew pray for me cause I'm gonna get through this without having to take anything love and light guys I gotta go I do not feel good at all.
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Oh Solo, So sorry for your pain. Read justneedtotalks post, he has gone thru the same and making it. Go back to the basics...ice, ibuprofen, antiinflammitories, and distraction. If you can't tolerate, get something from the dr. that is non-narcotic or last resort, a med that isn't your DOC. You shouldn't have to suffer for your condition, weigh the options...you'll do what is right and necessary. Support and love to you.
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Why are you putting yourself through this? We are not martyrs and there may come a time--like now for you--that pain medication is necessary. Have someone hold them for you and give them to you as prescribed. That is NOT abuse. Please don't do this to yourself because the pain could lead you to abuse the meds. Be responsible and take care of you at the same time.

Let us know how you are.
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I agree, don't put yourself through this. For myself, I find that ibuprofen works wonders for me, actually helps pain for than my DOC ever did! Go figure. But if it gets to the point where it's unbearable, you may need to take something and have someone give you a hand in distributing your medication, just to avoid over medicating. I wish you luck. I have been facing the same issues with gallbladder attacks. Heating pad helps TREMENDOUSLY! I don't know but maybe that can help for kidney stones? Hope you feel better!
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IBKleen speaks the truth - it is OK to use meds IF AND WHEN you really need them. The medication is not the devil; when used correctly, it can be of great help to those suffering from legit pain. It's when we start using after the pain is gone, taking more than we should, and getting the high that the problems start.
If this gets really bad, get the meds, have someone you can trust hold and administer them per the doctor's orders, make sure no refills are given, and then stop as soon as OTC stuff will work.
I will probably have to have rotator cuff surgery soon. It is one of the most painful things anyone can experience; no way am I going to recover without meds, however, my wife will pick them up, give me them as needed, count the pills at the end of the day, and then dump them when OTCs will work. My doc also knows that I'm an addict, as does the pharmacy, so ain't no way I'm going back to using, even if I wanted to.
Hang in there, and get the meds if you absolutely need them.  And yes, this really is Kyle.
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I agree with all the above posts. There is no need to put yourself through such agonizing pain. If the meds are taken responsibly, then there is no problem, good Lord, don't do this to yourself. I wish you all the best!
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I am sorry you are hurting. Like others have said it is okay. Kidney stones are no joke and are usually treated with morphine. You could do more harm than good letting the pain go like that. Hugs:-)
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I agree with the above posts but it's nice you are giving it a try...you know yourself and what you can handle....just do whatever is best for your body and overall recovery...a lot of great points made in here..there are many different non-narcotic pain meds out there too...I hope you find what's best for you whatever that may be :)
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Kidney stones are so painful.   I had them, and so did my husband.  I was given a shot of demerol, which didn't do anything.   I don't think my husband was prescribed a narcotic.  I put them right up there with bad labor pains.   And like others said, do what is best for you.
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thanks guys I appreciate all the great advice I broke and had my boyfriend pick up the medicine I only took a half of one and hated it but the pain is doable now I hope this does not mess my clean time up. I will not take all of em and I will only take enough to ease the pain I would have to agree with everyone labor was easier than kidney stones, oh my god the pain last night was unbearable I couldnt handle it but i'm not in charge of the medication I cant even get to it. its locked up in the gun safe and I do not have the combination. so far I have only took a half of a pill and the pain is doable right now. and as soon as this passes I will not take anything else. I feel awful that I had to break but your advice and encouragement made me realize that as long as I dont abuse it and get right back on otc I will be ok. And kyle I had to read yours three times just to make sure it really was you. thank you all for helping me I was so scared and felt so defeated but I have gave others the same advice that you gave me so if I can dish it out I can take my own advice. and I trust you all I just diddnt wanna screw up I hold my clean time so dear to my heart I worked so hard for it. my own doctor even said how proud he was of me and even thou I had kidney stones and was sick he said you look so much better now I thought wow when I was using I must of really looked like crap. well guys this has took quite a bit of energy I think I'm gonna go lay back down for awhile thanks for being my rock. one more thing this doesnt mess my clean time up does it. I really love having almost seventy days clean. love and light
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I was going to say the same thing as a few others have stated. Have some one hold them for you and just take as prescribed just because we are recovering addicts doesn't mean we have to live a life in total agony! I mean I wouldn't go to a bar or anything since I am an alcoholic! And booze isn't a cure for pain. But since your in dire pain just have them give you the lowest dose possible and have someone else hold them for you and only give as prescribed when you really need them, because I feel like others have stated you might go for something more drastic if you continue to just try and deal with the pain. Please keep us posted! Thanks for turning to us with your questions!
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I've been wondering how you are. So happy your pain in under control. You are being so very responsible and so proud.Of course this doesn't mess up your clean time. You have earned every single hour of it!!!
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