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kidney stones!!! Very long post

Hey all,
sorry I haven't posted much yesterday or today...Just found out that I have kidney stones again!!! And this time, I am going to need your support, because I am DETERMINED to get through this without narcotic pain meds.
I am only 26, but have had kidney stones three time, including this time. It's excruciating. Yesterday, I started feeling pain in my lower back, and pain when peeing, and it got so severe that my husband had to bring me to the hospital. I told them I thought it was prob kidney stones, and sure enough, it is.
GREAT. JUST WONDERFUL. How the hell am I supposed to do this without pain meds? The pain comes and goes, and varies in intensity, so 800 motrin works a little. I am allergic to Torodol, a stronger pain med similar to motrin, and I'm just scared!!! Especially because the closer I get to passing the stone, the more it hurts. It hurts almost as bad as labor at some points, and I'm not exaggerating. What do I do???
When they figured out it was stones, they offered me morphine, which I declined. They looked at me like I was nuts. Then the doc came in with a script for 90 Norco's. Guys, I was so embarrassed, but I finally blurted out that I am a recovering addict from pain meds, and that I knew if I accepted the script, I'd be back in the throes of addiction in no time. It was so embarrasing.
The doc was very calm and nice about it, though, saying that if I needed to take it for pain, to have my husband give them as needed. I told him no thank you, because all it will take is ONE PILL, and I'll never stop. I'll find where he hides them, guys! I've done it before.
So basically, I left the hospital with a script for 800 motrin. So when I am in major pain, and ready to cave in and call the doc, will you guys talk me through it and discourage me??
I haven't had a SINGLE pain pill since december, and I just can't start now, even if its legitimate! I am only 26 years old, with a wonderful husband and beautiful 2.5 year old son, and I HAVE to stay clean. I just have to. I am so stressed out!!
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My husband recently had a bunch of kidney stones one of them was the biggest the docter had ever seen. Well he himself couldnt refill his hydrocodone because it was way to early and thy moniter him with pain pills. He was in so much pain and had nothing to releve it. He was put in the hospital and given IV demerol . Now i know where you are coming from because you know me i am an addict myself and it only takes one pills to destroy your recovery. That being said is there anyway you could ask your docter if you could have a shot of demerol or something to ease the pain??? That way you wouldnt have pills at home to take but yet you would get some relief. You shouldnt have to go throught this with out something. But i respect what ever you decide and if you decide to go with out any pain meds i am here whenever you need me . I will support you and try and help you through. I just know how much pain my husband was in and i feel bad for you if you are still online get back to me please. Love you Chrosty
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I have to say you are surley caught between a STONE AND A HARD PLACE!
HAHA, a little humor to take your mind off the situation. (ok bad humor)......
I am 31 and I also have a 3 year old. My husband is wonderful but he isn't very swift when it comes to hiding things either.

I am recovering 8 days with SUB. I have asked myself the same thing, I also have had stones along with other health issues. My suggestion is STAY strong. If you need medication, let yourself have it, just wait until you can ABSOLUTLEY not stand it anymore. Hopfully, when you finally get to that point the worst will be over and you will have made it without any meds. Your an ADDICT, just an addict, there is NO reason to punnish yourself, actual pain is what opiates are for.

I agree with my fellow poster, what is the harm with getting a shot at the hospital, you won't take anything home with you and your pain will be lessened.

BEST OF LUCK, the only good thing about stones are once they are passed the pain is gone.....

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Thank you so much for replying! That is a great idea. I will get through this weekend, and if I haven't passed them by Monday, I will call doc and ask for a shot if the pain is really bad. I just know that if I have pills, I'll take them, and I've gotten so far! He gave me the option of blasting the kidney stones with some laser thing...not sure what it is, but I opted to try to pass them myself this weekend. Maybe on Monday I'll just have them do the procedure. Thank you so much for being here for me, and I'll be needing you!!! You're poor husband. I can sympathize...it's like labor pain, so men who get them now know how bad labor is, lol!!
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Thank you so much!! Yes, I agree that a shot would be better, that way I don't have pills to take home with me! Thank you so much for your concern!
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I have one problem with your post. The problem I have is when you said you were embarassed - MY IMMEDIATE thought was elation, joy, happiness, etc. from one recovering addict to another - i can't express to you how proud i am of you for turning the "evil" little pills away. What you did takes courage and strength (remember that). I am on 22 days clean from pills - i hope to be where you are knowing my addiction and stopping it from happening again. Fight the good fight.

with admiration and kind regards,

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I've been dealing with kidney stones for the last 20 years (and I'm only 38). My addictionologist has told me, as well as my sponsor, that if you are in the hospital and being administered narcotics (morphine, dilaudid, etc) for the purpose of relieving your suffering, that there is NOTHING wrong with it. It's not considered a relapse, or a slip, or anything. As long as it's under the watchful eye of the ER staff (nurses, doctors, etc), and they are fully aware of your past addiction, do not suffer.

I get kidney stones all the time, and find myself in the ER about once a month (on average). I'd love to be able to tell you I Iron-Man it and do it without narcotics, but it's just not possible. Kidney stones are VERY painful, and no one ever said that just because you're in recovery, that you have to suffer.

Make sure everyone is aware of your addiction, and go from there. We were not meant to suffer, so don't put yourself through any more torment and pain than is absolutely necessary. I applaud you trying to tough it out, and if you can do it that way, more power to you, but it's not necessary to try and pass a kidney stone with nothing more than Motrin. That's like cutting your arm off and putting a band-aid on it and expecting it to stop the bleeding. Not gonna do it...

All of that being said, I wish you the best of luck, and I hope to see more of you around here. I like the kidney stone discussions, especially with folks that are in recovery. I honestly wish I'd never had a stone, because besides my stones, I've NEVER had a reason to take a pain-killer. I always ask myself... "If I'd never had a kidney-stone, would I still be an addict?" Tough question to answer, and a Monday-Morning-Quarterback I am not. I'd like to think that I wouldn't be, but who knows. But I digress...

No need to suffer Sister. Make sure everyone is well aware of your addiction, and you take what they give you while IN hospital, pass your stones, and move on. Narcotics while IN hosp[ital to pass a stone are a good thing. After you pass the stone, they usually discharge you with a scrip for Norco or Vicodin or something like that, but if you've made them aware of your addiction, they won't... plain and simple. You'll more than likely just get a scrip for 600mg Ibuprofin or something of that nature, which for AFTER care, works fine (won't touch actual kidney-stone passage pain, but great for afterwards).

I look forward to speaking to you more on this topic, although if you never get another stone again, it'll be too soon!
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