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kidney stones

hi everyone i was in the ER last night all day because of kidney stones, ive never felt so ill in my life thankgod i didnt taper down on methadone, they gave me like 5 shots of fentyle or something lasts 1/2hr each time..... methadone doesnt play a roll in them does it? i know we should drink more fluids while on methadone but anyone else have this problem or is it totally unralted, im home now so im going to have to pass this thing owch thanks
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So sorry to hear this, gosh lately i have heard of more and more hear having kidney stones??  I wonder if this has anything to do with us taking too many pain pills?

I don't know anything about methadone, but i wish u luck!!!
hang in there
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wow. it's the week of the kidney stone!

bubba i have a kidney stone i'm trying to pass right now (ouch!) and was in the ER all last night, also. so i feel for you. literally.

the ER doc says they are more common late spring/early summer due to people getting outside, being active, sweating more, and forgetting to up their amount of liquid intake. this all makes sense since i've been dry off alcohol i've been really working my rear end off in the yard as well as in the gym in an effort to curb the cravings.

i told my co-sponsor today, and he told me that he just passed a kidney stone a few weeks ago, so i don't think it has anything to do with pain pills.

keep us posted on your progress....there are a few of us on this board who are going through exactly what you are right now.

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no kidding!! Kidney stomes seem to ne going around this week..I have no Idea what causes them but absolutely drink alot of water..I have heard pain meds can cause them but I haven't really checked into it..think i will..I'll be saying a prayer for you and Lily..i'm sorry to the both of you..
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i have had chroinc kidney stones my whole adult  life, i got my first one at 16 and now 33. my right kidney is full of them and i cant pass them. they have to go through my back to get them out but scared cause that is why i found my love for the pills. dont get me wrong they are the most painful thing ever!!!  your diet and fluid in take is huge, you need to try to catch the stone so your doc can see why you got it/  is  it your first one? if yes you might be ok. if not they say if you have had more than one than they probably will come again if you dont know why you get them. the meds might be part of it cause they dehydrate you which makes you not break down the right things in your kidney. i will pray for you cause i know the pain is crazy, truly they are harder to pass then when they can do surgery. but do what you can to see why you hav the stone. hope this helps some. you will be in my prayers and i hope you pass it soon.
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Sometimes lots of cranberry juice helps or so my wifes nephrologist says and bottled water.
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hi thanks everyone yes first time with one, i woke at 1am and though't i was going to die , never heard much about them before, i was gagging dry reaching, and i thought it was wind at first, so sittin on the loo for 3hrs isnt much fun, a stone was the last thing i thought off, so by 5am i rang ambo because i was getting really worked up, i just wanted the pain to stop, had to say i was on methadone all that at ER , but still gave me that fentyle stuff, between that and not sleeping felt ****, did the ct scan and found a 4mm stone still trying to pass it was up at 3am last night again, but have anti inflams to take which help, and a follow up appt in 2weeks with urologist. wow i didnt realise a few people here had them too, have to say one of the scariest things  i been through, reason i was thinking of methadone, was because i had gone back up and was thinking maybe my kidneys where struggling to filter it, maybe maybe not,  as i felt like things slowed down when i went back to 20mg literatly phsyically, and the lower dose i felt things moved better but it's just a thought, im pee'ing into a plastic bottle to catch the little sucker to get analysed, strainer they did  say that, anyhow thanks for the prayers well wishes off to drink some more see if i can pass it was another late night and i feel blah, drink lots of water everyone  bye for now  :)
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Those things are painful...i feel for u...good luck and H20 does help....flush it out and try and get better...prayers are with u as i know how u feel  OUCH!
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Hi W im still trying to pee it out GP said might have fallen into bladder 5days now geez hopefully soon thanks hope your well too
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