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klonopin/ultram withdrawal

I started taking percocet nine years ago, given to me by an eye doctor for glaucoma, secondary to cataract surgery. I was 36 years old. Stopped the percocet. Withdrawal symptoms were diagnosed as fibromyalgia. Have been on klonopin & ultram since then. Drs vistis too numerous to mention. No dr.came up that my fatigue and pain were due to the meds. Pain due to the 4 hrs. after klonopin wore off. Had decided to try an antidepressant for my "symptoms." Had a bad "reaction" to most. "Reactions" were due to side effects of med interactions. I recently decided to stop ultam/klonopin and try celexa. Switched from ultam to oxycodone, and weaned off klonopin. Couldn't understand why oxy didn't stop the pain like ultram did. Was confusing klonopin withdrawal "burning sensation" pain with fibro pain.Have had difficulty sleeping, agitated, hallucinating, extreme burning pain. Thought I was going to die, and almost wanted to. Last night I took 1/2 .5 klonopin and the burning stopped. That's when I realized pain that I thought was fibro was withdrawal pain. Why didn't any dr. pick up on this? How long before this burning pain and agitation, dizziness will stop? Yesterday burning was so bad it was in the back of my head, ears, lips, etc. Deadly stuff! How long can I ex[ect this burning to last. I was taking two oxycodone until yesterday. Yesterday I took only one, and an ultram and the 1/2 klonopin. I'm done with these meds and can't  beleive that I have been suffering for so many years wondering why! Feel a litttle better today, but still burning pain.Please help. Thanks, monalisa
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You are the only one so far on this forum who described the withdrawal from narcotics as burning pain as I did.  I am through withdrawal.  It takes about 10 days for me for all the burning to go away, and I am so thankful.  Just hang in there and if you are determined as I am, you will feel so much better.  Keep posting, people here will help you.  The weekends they don't post as much as they are spending time with family.
Love Butterbean
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Thanks for the comments and support! I can't believe that no one else has this burning. It is so bad and I (used to be)a very strong person. I always thought klonopin was addictive mentally and I didn't think I was mentally addicted. Quitting cigarettes was much easier. Now I'm dizzy and afraid to drive. Today is my seond day in the house. I guess ultram is also addictive? Thanks,monalisa
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I, as a 6 year perscription pill abuser would like to report an unexpected success in the area of self-treatment.  I have found success in recovery with the use of clonidine.  I have found that after a relapse one can actually forgoe 95% of the pain of withdrawl by careful use of clonidine.  I usually will take two 0.1mg tablets before bed, leaving two additional tablets by the bedside.  When withdrawl is in full effect a patient/abuser can rarely expect more than 4-5 hours of uninterupted sleep.  When I wake, I quickly take the two other  clonidine tablets and wait to fall back to sleep.  In addition my doctor has me using the Anti-depressent/Sleep medication Trazadone.  Using this method one can expect to get 6-8 hours of sleep or more.  Also, by maintaining clonidine in the blood supply one tablet every 6 hours while awake will have the effects of keeping muscle spasms to almost nothing.  I have found that by keeping the physical symptoms to a minimum, the focus becomes the inherent depression one feels during withdrawl.  I keep my mood up by watching fun entertaining movies and eating "comfort foods".  NOTE TO EVERYONE: If an patient/abuser is taking powerful doses of dangerous narcotics in large quantities this method does not help.  This method is useful to pain-management patients and pill abusers that use between 1 darvocet (very weak) per day to 2 percocet (very strong) four times a day for long periods of time.  This method has the best effect for patients/abusers using hydrocodone 5/500mg three times per day.  

Many doctors I have spoken with feel that an abuser should feel the pain of withdrawl so they are relunctent to make the same mistake twice.  I understand the logic in this, but I can't help but feel this information would benefit doctors that have patients that become addicted through no fault of there own.  

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Fortunately, I am not addicted to Klonopin, but a family member is.  We noticed a huge difference in her mental state and actions when a psychiatrist prescribed Xanax about 10 years ago.  They then switched her to Klonopin, stating it was not addictive.  She has been on it ever since. Well, since then its been a downhill battle. She is now addicted to various other drugs.  She is continually in the hospital. She refuses to see that this medication is not meant for long term use, and I cannot get a doctor to speak to me, let alone back me.  She is terrified of detoxing from this med, and with good reason.  I am frustrated and angry.  
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I'm very sorry to hear that a family member of yours is addicted to klonopin. I also would not believe that I was addicted to klonopin until I tried to stop it. The withdrawal is horrible and the effects that it has had on me over the past several years are astounding!! I think I wrote that Stevie Nicks was addicted to it and went to the Betty Ford Clinic from Dec. 12-Jan. 24 to get off of it. Please help your relative get off this drug. I had terrible dizzy spells and sometimes didn't go out for two days. I also endured terrible pain. The klonopin has to be weaned slowly or else convulsions can occur. A wonderful doctor at an emergency room told me what to do to get off of it. He warned me not to do it too fast, becuse of the chance of convulsions. I have now been completely off for 9 days. The stuff completely changes your personality. Let me know how this person is doing and encourage them to persevere! It is definitely worth it. Got to www.google.com  Type in klonopin and go to the fourth post on the fourth page. YOu can eventually get to an electronic petition of people posting comments about their addiction,withdrawal and desire to get that drug off the market. Horror stories and happy endings!! Good luck!! Post the progress.
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Hi.  Trying to get off of vicodin and have read that clonipin can be helpful, but this thread scares the heck out of me.  Only have a small amount (20 pills) that i have kept in a drawer for almost a year and the few I have taken in the past had no side effects and did not lead to an addition.  So I am wondering if this is still a valid way to detox from vicodin.  Any advice or comments would be appreciated.

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Having been accidentially addicted to klonopin I would advise you not to use klonopin under any circumstance. You are subsituting one addivtive medicine for another. Not worth it. Go to www.google.com and type in KLONOPIN. Then go to the fourth page, the fourth site down. It is very informative. There are many horror stories about klonopin. I was told that it is an "as needed" medication. I never knew that it was addictive and took as many as four of the .5's per day. Klonopin calm the neurons in your brain and when you try to stop the neurons go crazy. It is highly addictive, a benzodiazapine, and horrible to get off of. Just slowly wean yourself off of the vicadin. You can do it and it's not worth getting addicited to another med after all of that hard work. Please check out the web site. Best wishes!!!
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Thanks for your comments.  I am not sure what I am going to do.  It sounds like you are having some success in weaning off the pills, despite that awful burning which I am very sorry to hear you have.  Many other threads mention using benzos to ease the transtition, and the truth is that I have been taking about 1 to 2 mg of xanax a day for about 10 months for anxiety and to avoid panic attacks.  The Clonopin was given to me by a friend before I went and got the Xanax sript myself, and unlike Vicodin, there are days when I can take no Xanax and not really notice a difference other than being a little more stressed, i.e., not the immediate withdrawal and wanting that comes with lack of Vicodin. Since I have read that clonazepam is also an anti-seizure medication--and since avoiding a seizure is my main concern--that is why I have considered taking it when I am getting off the vicodin.  But now your comments have made me think twice.  I guess the main issue here for me is that I do not feel that I abuse the Xanax since I take it as directed and can go a day or two without it, while the vicodin definitely has its hooks in me.  So the plan is to A) Get off vicodin, then B) worry about the Xanax, which for some reason I have more confidence about weaning myself off of even though I have read that the withdrawal is worse than with narcotics.  Obviously we are all different and react to chemicals differently, and there are some prescriptions that some of us have to use and can do so without abusing (I would rather take a xanax to stave off a panic attack than have a drink, for example).  In all of this discussion it is sometimes forgotten that these medications exist for a reason, and sometimes they must be used for that reason. The problem for me is that there are some medications that I use (or rather, abuse) and those are the ones that I feel I need to cut out altogether as I have in the past.  But I will give clonazepam a little more scrutiny due to your comments and think twice before using it.  Fortunately I only have a small amount and not a script, so whatever I have, that's it.  Thanks again and best wishes.
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Just had to say thank you to all who post on this site.  As the family member of the addict, it is so very hard to watch someone I love go through this.  Unfortunately my relative is also borderline personality and on a WAD of meds...and until a doctor backs me in her getting off the klonopin I don't think we have a chance.  I will continue to encourage the detox from it until I'm blue in the face...hopefully someday someone will listen before its too late.  Anyway, knowing from all of you that it can be done is encouraging.  Keep up the good work, know that atleast one person in this universe is extremely proud of YOU for your perserverance.  God Bless and I'll post her progress if there is any.
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I have been on .5mg Klonopin daily for over 6 years. I ahve panic attacks and generalized anxiety disorder, I had a breakdown and ended up in the hospital in 1993. The year following was hell, the docs couldn't find anything to normalize my panic, to calm me down until Klonopin. I tryed a variety of antideppresants all to no avail, I couldn't stand the side affects. I have Hepatitis C and alot of body pain and headaches which lead the docs to start giving me Fiorinol and Lortab. I have been on those for over 2 years. I am terrified to quit the pain meds. I have been told by my doctor that I should stay on the Klonopin the rest of my life, she feels since I haven't increased the dosage in 7 years that I am not addicted. I'm afraid to quit prescription meds. any suggestions?
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welcome to the forum! there will always be room for one more per-
son with a drug problem!

first of all a suggestion. next time you post, do so at the top
of the list. just bust on in another thread. the reasion i sug-
gest this is because it's real easy to get overlooked here in the
"basement." the other forum participants are usually a pretty in-
formal, easy going bunch of people who will not mind this at all.

i, at one time or another, have taken all of the drugs you have
mentioned. the klonopin and fiorinol should be tapered down in
doseage and frequency of administration. it would be a good idea
to have the help and supervision of an MD to help you do this, as
rapid withdrawal could be harmful. the lortab can be tapered too.
the lortab (hydrocodone) is an opiate. opiate withdrawal may make
you wish it would kill you, but it won't in most cases. withdraw-
al from lortab can be very uncomfortable and difficult to do.
perhaps some help from your MD would make it easier. you might
try "digging" around the archives and older postings. you want to
find Thomas's detox recipe. i've found this method to be about
the most helpful and effective method i've ever tried!

you will find this forum is full of many knowledgeable, friendly,
and helpful people. if you come back and post some more, you will
discover that you are not alone in what is going on with you. i
certainly look forward to hearing from you again!

keep an angel on your shoulder!
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I have been on klonopin for seven years...A couple of years ago,I tried to tapper myself off ,  but ended up at the emergency room  with voilent shakes.... along with the rest of the horrible withdrawal that goes along with this drug.. I am way past ready to be done with this drug, and feel a strong anger and will power to get off it for good....I am scared that I will not be successful, due to my long term use, and would appreciate any advice I can get.....
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I thought I wasn't psychologically addicted to Klonopin--WRONG. I have 22 years and change in AA and I discover the f-ing Klonopin is messing with me. I have been off it since Friday and I can tell you tonight I got the bad news: My head craves the ****. I worry about the horrendous symptoms I have read about on this board. Any comments would be appreciated.
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I am new to this forum.  I've been on Klonopin for 12 years.  I got up to 4 miligrams a day as prescribed by my psychologist.  I noticed that the longer I was taking it, the more I had to take to get the same calming feeling, and if I missed a dose of even took the pills a couple hours late, I'd have terrible headaches.

Finally, I decided that since my panic attacks were still there even with 4 miligrams of Klonopin that I should get off it.  I took 3 pills for a month, then 2 for a month, 1, and now its about 4 days and I am completely off the medication with almost 0 side effects.  

I have noticed that my panic attacks have gotten worse with each miligram and month that went by to the point where when I was taking 2 pills, I had to completely stop anything socially that I was doing including not going out in public, period!  That meant basically just staying in my home and so thats what I've been doing the last 2 months.  I feel great physically that I am off the medication but mentally I am really screwd.

MY QUESTION is that I'm wondering if all the surge of panic attacks and not being able to even get my own mail without having a serious panic attack is due to the continued side effects of getting off Klonopin??

By the way, DO NOT try to get off this klonopin fast.  I did that last year trying to get off completey within a month and wow I thought I was going to die the way I felt mentally and physically!!  

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hey there.. The thread you posted on is very old and from the archives not all the current members have their format set up to be able to read old posts that were responded to.. If you could please repost your questions so that the current members can see it and offer you support. I am doubting that any of the people on this thread are still on the forum since some of the posts are from 2002.
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Hi -

I am new to this board but was wondering if anyone could help me.  Addiction is a problem with me, I am a recovering alchy for the past 4 years and going strong - so proud!  I am addicted to work as well - and my job as a PR guy is very stressfull.  6 months ago the stress attacks were getting really bad so the doc placed me on Klonopin to take at night when i got home and could only think of work and got stressed out.  I have been one and off of the meds for a few months now.  First time i went off i was in horrible shape.  However I am taking them again and have started to have terrible eye problems (burning, dry) and cant wear my contacts anymore.  I am also finding that by the end of the day I am just so drained.  The last symptom is that i am starting to feel bloated all the time.  i am a runner and in great shape but let me tell you latley I have felt terrible!  So many people warned me about this med, but i am mist curious is anyone has run into the eyes side effects before.  Thanks for your help!
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YOu should repost this as a new question the starting post is very old and will get overlooked for newer posts.. click on back to forum under this and then post a question.. that should get you more responses.. most of this thread is from 2002..
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I was prescribed 6mg a day of Klonopin about 6 months ago.  I am a recovering alcoholic and did not realize the total effects of withdrawal.  I switched health carriers and now go to Kaiser.  I asked the Dr. is I could just stop and he said no you have to be hospitalized.  I really didn't believe.  The new doctor has been reducing my klonopin .5 mg every two weeks.  I ran out of the drug 3 days ago and I cannot believe the withdrawals.  They were awful.  I called the advice nurse at Kaiser and they prescribed 1.5 mg a day and to reduce by 05. every 2 weeks.  It's an awful drug.  When you're on it you don't feel a change in mood but when you don't take it you become very sick, flu like with confusion, tremors, it's horrible.

For those of you considering this drug, reconsider.

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These posts frighten me.  I have been on Klonopin for about 3 years.  Before that I was prescribed Xanax for sudden onset of panic attacks and anxiety.  I really want to get off this medication.  I have tried to reduce the dose, I don't really take that much, .75 per day, but even if I reduce by .25 I can tell a huge difference.  I have hallucinogenic, ominous dreams, low self esteem, anxiety which affects my work performance and my life in general.  Although the need for anti-anxiety drugs are an unfortunate reality, I really believe they should be prescribed for short-term use in many cases.  I refer to my psychiatrist as my walking prescription pad.  I think I'm not going back.
Best wishes to everybody.
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Hi, I'm new to this forum. I recently decided to get off my klonopin and started doing research online about the withdrawal symptoms.  I started klonopin 3 years ago after having panic attacks.  At first I was on .5mg, then 1mg and then I gradually weaned myself down to .25mg every nite for the last year and a half.  This did not stop all of my anxiety attacks and I was given Ativan to treat any break through anxiety.  I didn't find that this helped that much but give me mental comfort that at least I was taking something.  For all I knew it could've been a placebo.  

Anyways...recently I've gotten into a committed relationship and since children are a possibility in the near future I wanted to get off the Klonopin and give my body a chance to adjust to life without meds.  (I've read that Klonopin can cause major birth defects in pregnant women).  I started to take my .25mg dosage every other day instead of every day.  By 3 or 4 days in I started to notice more anxiety, being unable to focus and a general sense of fogginess.  I've read in the last day or two that these are common withdrawal symptons.  I've decided that I should take .125mg evey day instead of .25mg every other day.    Do you guys think that this may be a better way of weaning myself off?

I've always been hypersensitive to medications and usually only need about half as much of the standard dose for things.  Like 1 advil instead of 2.  I think this is why I feel the same withdrawal symptoms as someone getting off 1mg of klonopin while I'm only getting off .25mg.  Does anyone have any other suggestions other than what's been written in this forum already?  I'm kind of scared to read all these horrible withdrawal symptons and wonder if I'm going to start imagining things out of fear.

Best of luck to everyone who's working through this addiction.  Like many of you I unknowingly started taking Klonopin at the suggestion of my therapist and psychiatrist.  I never really read up on the addictive nature of the medication and was just happy that it had some immediate relief to offer.  In hindsight I regret not educating myself sooner.  Perhaps I would have worked harder to get off these meds in the first year.
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This is a very old post .I would hate to see your post over looked .If you look up at the top of the forum you will see where it says "post a question" Copy and paste this and start a new thread so we are sure everyone gets to read it .....
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I am on day 28 of no Klonopin and its just getting worse everyday. Havnt slept for five days Mentally drained. Prickling sensations. I could deal with it if I could get some sleep. Dos anyone have any ideas how long this will last. Cant take much more. I did a really slow taper  from 1mg to nothing in six monthes or more. was doing great until day 20 off of klonopin. Any advice?  I dont want to go back on this **** ever again. But I feel like im gonna die from lack of sleep AND THE SWEATS AND PASSING OUT FEELING. cant even get dressed or leave my house. From no sleep.
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Any reduction from Klonopin will cause the same withdrawel symptoms. .25 mg is to big to just alteranate every other day. Take the .25 mg and get a oral syringe from your Pharmacy for 10 ml. and a pill crusher. Crush the .25 pill and put in a cup and draw up 10ml of water into the syringe Put in with the crushed pill and  mix. For two weeks draw up 10 mls then 9 then 8 every two weeks till you feel comforatble enough to stop all together. This is called a water titrate method that works well. I got it from a pharmacist. They know more than the docs do about Klonopin withdrawel Im 33 days klonopin free now and still have some withdrawel symptoms. But it is getting a little better each day even my sleep. Also stay away from cafiene, sugar, green tea and if you dont exercisae or diet dont start till after 45 days off the Klonopin. Good luck
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My husband has been on Klonopin for 15 years - 3 mg daily, his has been becoming more and more aggressive over the last year, with me and my kids.  No patience, little things agitate him and he completely overacts, swearing, throwing things.. is this normal?? He will not listen to me when I tell him he is being unreasonable,, he scares all of us now.. do I call his Dr.? The Dr only sees him once a year.. any advice is appreciated
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