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lack of interest

I shared with someone in my journal that i have a lack of interest in sex...I'm wondering if it's because of the opiates, the prozac or both?

I'm on day 5 w/o vics and I feel ok...almost back to normal...whatever that is. LOL. I've been on prozac for several years due to premenstrual dysphoric disorder....(aka. extreme pms). I have been doing the Thomas Recipe since the day I stopped taking vic/oc. I have noticed that when my energy is low and its time to take the L-Tyrosine and Vit B6, it helps, ALOT!  

I'm taking lorazapam to sleep at night...it works well...i do wake up around 3 or 6 am. but that's ok...it's also nice to wake up and have a clear head in the morning :)

thanks for listening and your support!
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Opiates and selective serontonin re-uptake inhibitors like prozac both strongly depress sex drive in many (probably most) people. In fact, one symptom that occurs during opiate withdrawal that I have not seen mentioned here is the rebound sex drive that comes roaring at at the most inappropriate time.
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congrats on day 5! I am right there with you....
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Your sex life does greatly suffer while taking opiates i know.  Usually your sex drive comes back with a vengance once they are stopped and out of your system.        sara
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congrats to you too Lilolme!!! yay us. how ya feeling?

Sara and Kolo...I'm sure HE'LL be happy to hear that! I think i've been poppin these damned things for 3+ years...and the prozac for about 8. I'm still on the prozac though...maybe its time to switch. I know I can't go off of it, I'm a crazy arse beeyotch when not on them. Even I don't like myself when I'm off the prozac.

I've noticed that the amino acids are helping with mood though.

thanks to all on this forum...I can't even begin to tell you how much just reading these posts has helped me.
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The aminos are good for us.  If you have questions about the prozac ask your doctor if there are different meds that you could try....I am so glad to see you feeling better!!!  Stay positive           sara
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I have low libido too and also take a lot of the same meds.  I've been off tramadol 5 days and I feel my sex drive is better, although still not high.  I take Pristiq and I find it's not as bad as celexa where I had zero sex drive.  I hope to get off it too and find out.  I relate though...all of these are bad for sex drive.  The pill can be too, but probably not as bad as having PMDD. :)
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I am finally able to have a healthy intimate relationship with my husband,I've always loved him now I understand why.Living in a fog for so long I hated intimacy but now all the good feelings are coming back,Intimacy isn't just a duty I have to endure anymore.I can now even initiate sex it's great I've missed out on so much.But for 29 years he has stood by me.We are having the best sex we've ever had Good Bye opiates forever.  Denise
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Wow I must be weird cuz mine is always ok for sex after I'm done tampering id I get more of a sex drive that's gonna be SCARRY
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Yessiree, it can be a little scary. In fact I'm finding it a little scary just talking to all you young women about sex drives.
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Where is the best place to go to get the vitamins and even the aminos from the thomas recipe? i am trying to limit the number of different places i have to go to. Like would maybe WALMART probably have everything? or Walgreens?
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i'll take it one day/night at a time and see how it goes.

One thing is for sure...i am really enjoying not having to slip into my room every couple of hours to take a pill...I can't believe i feel almost normal. I didn't think i'd ever have the energy to do the dishes or my nail unless i popped a couple vics...and i've done both this weekend!

I got thru working an overnight without any vics on friday...i survived getting my hair done without being high...i've had the energy to actually get a couple things done around the house without the aid of a pill, any pill.

just a few minutes ago i was outside with the dog realizing that it feels so good to NOT be on pills...to not have to worry about making what i have last, or how I can get more...or whatever.

and its only day 5! I know I'll have my moments...already have had some this weekend...i've caught myself thinking about my next doc appt. and what I can say hurts so i can get more vics....but the reality is, nothing hurts and I think I'll just cancel the appt. it's too easy for me to complain of aches and pains and get a refill. I don't trust myself.

thank you all...

PS. Kolo13...is it really that scary to talk about the sex drives of young women? (LOL)
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Oh yeah, just your P.S. sent little shivers up my spine. See, there's my problem. I'm an irrepressible flirt. It was cute when I was thirty but at fifty it just makes me an old perv. But congratulations, it is wonderful to see you doing so well and so full of optimism. That will serve you well. Good luck.
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ah...i have the flirt gene too....and I completely understand...it was cute when I was 30 also...but now, not so much. but still fun! My man is my very own personal 50 y/o perv! and I LOVE it.

enjoy the shivers!



i got the vit B6 at cvs but the amino acids at the healthfood store...dunno if they are at wal-mart or walgreens...let me know if you do find them all in one place. they really are helping me! I hope they do the same for you.
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I found all of my supplements at Walgreens.  Cancel that next drs appt. When you do you will feel better.  I also told my doctor is was an addict and was truthful with him.  I told my pharmacist also.  That was real hard to do but i am so glad i did.  No more temptations there.

Sure glad im not 50........YET!!!  LOL
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I’m wondering if opiates suppress testosterone levels…anyone know? While oxy's were on-board, I saw my libido diminish to a non-existent level. By day four or five of detox it came back with a vengeance and has not slowed since. I’m now on day 31. Not that I'm complaining or anything.....
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Yep it affects the testosterone levels too.......Glad to hear you are up and running again!!!  Congrats on 31 days!!!  Keep moving forward......sara
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Most definitely yes, opiate use suppresses testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol levels resulting in reduced libido, drive, and aggression in men and women, as well as a variety of other effects caused by reduced hormone levels

And thank you desperatetostop, it is fun isn't it. You know, I am finding that one of the joys of aging is the mellowing of my sex drive. I don't mean a decrease in libido so much as a newfound delight in the little shivers and cuddles that now do for me, at times, what took all kinds of work when I was younger. And to prove that there is a god, I now find women in their forties and fifties to be by far the most attractive. In fact, when I see a scantily dressed twenty year old ( my daughters age ) I just want to put some clothes on them. So here is a salute from me to the women who have been around long enough to just get smoking hot!
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How true that is.....I just about gag when i see women my age dressed like they are 20.  We are far more attractive and seductive with clothes on!!  Oh and so are the men!!!!!!
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wow...that was harder than I thought...but Sara, you were right. I feel better already knowing that I wont be tempted come next Monday!

It was scary though...I almost just hung up. I'm kind of almost sad...but relieved.


just mixed emotions.

I am so loving the way I feel though, i must admit. I feel so good...not worrying about sneaking off the the bathroom to swallow some pills...no 'hot flashes' to deal with...mind is clear, i can stay on track today. this is all so worth it.

thanks again
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The hot flashes should really get better now.  I had them so bad and once i cleaned up i have them on occasion now but that is my age!!!

Way to go on canceling that appt!!  You are showing great strength and this shows how serious you are about staying clean!!!       sara
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I agree, and I am glad I am in my fifties as a dude. Quitting opiates was the best thang to happpen when it comes to arousel. I couldnt foool my wife when using as she knew that I was using, so now she is a getting more than enough. Keep it going ya alllll......
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whew...there goes another warm flash...oh, it's just me blushing. LOL

Just read what you wrote up there about women my age being 'smoking hot' :)

Thanks for the encouragement Sara...i think some of my warm flashes may be my age and my hormones doing there thing.  I am a little young (40) to actually be going thru menopause...but I could be entering the permenopause stage.

I do get warm flashes...but not like when on vics...i would literally be sweating...whereas now, i just get warm....then chilled again when it passes.

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I am sure you are in the beginning stages of menopause!!!!  Welcome to the next phase of life girl!!!!!!  LOL
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wow you dont have anny idea how much it means to me to here you get your sex drive
back...mine was like super/human when I was just on the pills but the methadone
brought it to a crashing end...it has been tuff trying to keep up a good guy image
without it...sorta makes you feel like less of a man i guess.....i mean dang im 47
not 107 and havent been in the real mood in years it was kida like having to
change the oil in your car ..somthing ya just have to do..instead of somthing
that you realy want to do...my wife deserves better...I am a lucky man to have
been with the same women for 30 yr but this sex thing has been very trying
on our relationship less that part  where both dearly in love with each other
but im shure she will be happy when daddy gets his grove back..LOL
hey im 3 weeks clean when will this start to happen???  
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