how long does xanax withdrawal take? i have been taking xanax for 10 years 5mg a day.i have went without alot before but the cunfussion symtoms last a long long time like 2 months long.they are doctor scrip and i always took them the way i should so if someone says you cant gat hooked taking meds as doctors scrip says.they dont know what they are talking about. this is my second week off and i was just wandering if anyone has ever stopped thanks for the help     PS.please excuse my spelling this xanax withdrawal makes you feal really confused..
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It could take months.  Yes very easy to get hooked.  But xanex is is a drug u should never just stop taking without Drs.. awareness   They should taper u off so u dont go into seizures. My Dr. stressed this to me when prescribing me this drug.  I am going thru the change of life and this is why I was prescribed this med.  Anytime u feel u need to talk send me a message.
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HI you need to do this under a doctor supper vision  do not just quit taking it is ha to be tapered....co9ming of zanex can be ruff as you can see it took me about 90 days to taper off 4mg your dose is low but seizure are still possible talk this over with your doctor good luck and God bless.......Gnarly  
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