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looking back

man you guys just looking back at this intense but well worth it journey, not gona lie the first weak or two was pretty rough not today at day 24 im glad i didnt go back i didnt think you could feel this good after abusin drugs but yeah

I always read the posts and was like hmmmm i dont think ill ever feel beter debating to go back but i was always ahh one more day one more day then finaly i felt a huge difference.

i wana say thank you to every single person that posted on my questions and comments
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So glad to hear you are feeling good!!!
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Congratulations.I am so happy for you . I only have 2 weeks tomorrow and I already feel blessed,can't wait to be at 24. Peace.
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Thanks for letting those of us that are behind you know that there are better days to come!! Congradulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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