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So on march 20 about noon I took the last opioid I have. It was about half of a 8/2 suboxone sublingual strip. I'm not addicted to bupe (2nd time taking bupe) but I am addicted to hydro/oxy got it down to about 120 mg/day.  I've been an addict for over 3 years peaking with 200-250 mg/day. Almost always norco 10/325.  I'm 23 yr old male

What has really happened to my receptors and endorphins? I'm concerned about my brain. Is there a timeline of sorts for return to normality? Truly,, does anyone even know if there is permanent damage?

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Hang in there ! I had a similar habit to yours. I would say you will feel pretty good by about 30 days. 90 days you should feel 100% . Opiates do not destroy brain cells like speed or alcohol.  They do however cause changes that take time to return to pre opiate function.   Keep it up and don't go back
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Thank you vicki. I'm definately going to read the disease of addiction and pleasure paths
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Hi yes it does balance back in time..Some people its longer, some balance out quicker..Go into the info on: "Disease of Addiction and the Pleasures Pathways..There should be alot of info..I bought videos and have alot of reading..It is one of my life savers in my recovery...It explains all about the chem/nero transmiiters and the lil ol surival part of the brain...I was told my a head dr that it would take me yr or so..But I feel it is sooo much better in 6 months..I was a poly user for many, many yrs..I am no young chic...So just keep up the good work time is our healer...You will get clearer and clearer every day...when you come clean from all substances.
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Was your addiction similar to mine? And you feel as if your brain function went back to normal? Thanks
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As from what I have heard after time your receptors will return to normal but it takes time.  While this is going on you will slowly start to feel like your old self again.
Like I said, I don't know if I did any permanent damage to my brain but other's opinions may vary.
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