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looking into suboxne

does anyone have a doctor that will take cash i need a prescription for suboxne  
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Well all doctors take cash, but what state are you in? look in the web site for suboxone
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are you already on suboxone and need more? if you haven't started taking it yet. you should research it very well. a lot of people are getting hooked on the suboxone and find themselves in a worse condition. you should shop carefully for a doctor who is well experienced with perscribing it and can show you patients that have come off of it successfully.
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Excellent advise broknbck! It is imperative that you do the research and find a good doctor. He/she is someone you will be working with on your recovery and you want someone who has knowledge and understanding, and also has experience with it's effects, tapering, etc. etc. etc.

The Suboxone program is not to be taken lightly and I have to suggest that you consider the options.

Best to you.
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agree with abk and brokn...sub is sumpin u should learn about before jumping off into sub land..most will take cash//in fact most insurance does not cover sub anyway///or if it will cover the dr's visit/the drs who rx sub usually dont take insurance anyway/some do..that is why is is good to go to the sub site and put in ur zip code///find drs near u..they will usually quote u a price on the phone...learn about this drug first...and if u still think u r a candidate/u have tried on ur own to get clean sevral times or more and just cant get there/relapsing over and over....if u r on a heavy dose..usually say over 150 mgs a day but many ct and taper that dose without sub....300 mgs or more is tough to ct or taper especially if u work....or if u r on a heavy drug..like heroin....and u have tried aftercare with no luck and continue to relapse...then sub may be for u...read thru the health pages on sub

sub will not make u clean..only u can..it can help wds from ur doc...but if u use it very long u have sub wds to contend with...sub wds are no picnic...aftercare is what keeps u clean...learning new coping mechanisms...letting go of the old coping mechanisms that addicts use/which are really not coping mechanisms at all..we escape/we wanna go numb...we dont want to feel pain/physical nor emotional...so we cheat...we use and we escape coping with unpleasant things that happen..or use to feel "better"   but cheating always catches up with u/just as does lying and hurting others...what goes around comes around...and there is no easy way outa this....
if ur fear is wds/remember fear can paralyze u/and get u into deep doo doo....if ur dose is low..and u have not tried with all ur might to stop ur doc/and have included aftercare in ur efforts ...then read up on sub....talk to a good sub dr...and best of luck to u
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