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lorcet to methadone treatment question, please help?

Hi, I have been on lorcets 10/650 for about 4 years now for pain due to two herniated disc's, I am up to taking 10-12 a day, and was wondering if I got on methadone to get off what dosage would they probably put me on, and if so do i have to detox from the lorcets first before starting methadone or is it safe for them to start treatment while I still have the lorcet hydrocodone in my system,  because I thought that they give methadone to prevent detox so I was wondering if they would start me without having to go through the pain of detoxification, I'm scared and just need some advice as to knowledge about it and how much they would put a person using this much on and so forth.  Thank you so much for your responses ahead of time!
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Do not go from lorcets to methadone.  Just don't do it. You will be going from bad to much worse. Getting off methadone is very very difficult.
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I am just checking my options right now, I just want to know if they treat you while your still have the former drug in your system and other specifics, just exploring my options, I understand the risks, I just want to know the process if anyone knows, thanks!
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read the post a few posts down about methadone
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what is it titled?
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you already looked at it , i am curious do you want to take methadone because you don't want to do threw any withdrawals??????
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yes, i tried and could not do it, so i am nervous and trying to find an alternative, i'm not sure what to do but it seems like it's my only option left because i tried a few, clonodine and tramadol, made things extremely worse so I am back on my medication trying to get off without withdrawing, that won't break my pocket because im currently unemployed and i barely have any money at the time being.
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so then you plan on taking methadone for the rest of your life ??? There have been many that have been on this site that have said the withdraw from methadone is much much much worse lasting months.If you look up at the top of this web page to your right you will see something that says "search med help" put in the word methadone it would give you lots of posts on it. I really hope you put a lot of thought into this .....I am afraid you are going from the frying pan into the fire.
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I am not totally sure, I just wanted to know if they combated the withdrawels with it while it was still in your system,  I don't know what I'm going to do I just wanted to know from someone who experienced going on it for hydrocodone and if you have to detox or do they start treatment right away, thats all i really wanted to know.
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hi there, they will have to see you in actual w/ds. They can tell. Whether its goosebumps, runny nose, the constant yawning that go on in the beginning, pretty much thats all they need.  I have gone thru a 21 day detox and a 2 yr maintenance.  After i got thru my 21 day detox i still had chills, , and trouble sleeping, other than that, i was. fine,  Well, that is until i started drinking, an in doing so just subsituted one for the other, which has been my m.o.  Hopefuly, you will be smarter than that.
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I think that a dr who would put someone on methadone to get off pain pills should have there liscense taken away but gl in your search
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have you looked into Suboxone?  It can be used to get off Lortab and also used for chronic pain.  The best way to use it is short term, but it can be used long term.  There will be withdrawals off of any narcotic, but methadone is said to be one of the longest and hardest tapers and withdrawals since it has such a long half life.
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These questions irritate me.. Why would anyone go from hydro to methadone to detox... that is insane thinking.. I agree with the poster above that said a doctor that gives someome meth to detox from hydro should have their license taken away.. It should only be used for heroin or heavy Oxy abuse or someone who used pills heavy IV like Diluaded
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Here's how it works; if you go on methadone, they'll start you on a dose of about 50-70 milligrams. It will be assumed your still taking your loracet's. Over the next month or two, they'll gradually raise your dose (somewhere between 100-200 milligrams). It takes two to three months for methadone to fully take over your system, so you'll be feeling somewhat ill for 6-8 hours of the day until this happens. Since they won't split your dose to account for this (legal reasons) their choice is to give you a dangerously high dose.(Equivalent of 5 times what your taking now).

So...no, you won't go through full withdrawals. But your just switching one opiate based drug for another, that's actually more addictive an harder to get off. Methadone is the same thing as taking loracets, or heroin. So why would you have withdrawals if your going to keep taking the same drug?

Hey, I understand. People get stuck on methadone when they feel they can't handle the withdrawals and they have no money or options left. Check out suboxone if you can, it's much safer and easier to get off in the long run.

But I'm telling you, as someone who was lied to about methadone, that it's not easy to get off of. It's the equivalent of having cancer, going through chemo for a few weeks, and then having to do intense physical therapy to get your health back (stopping methadone, that is). I've been working on getting off methadone for over 2 and a half years now. I'm in that low 4% percentile of people who have managed to get as far as I have...and I'm still taking it (only 2.5, but still), and I haven't even faced the Worst yet! Imagine that, only 4% of people make it as far as I have, and that percentage isn't even people who've gotten off yet!!!
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