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hi i am 21 years old and recently tried lsd about 10 months ago at a major university with a person that lived on campus. it was my first time and i regret the hell out of it. it was acid, i took two hits. i was doing fine for about 4 hours or more and then i hit some bud. as soon as i smoked the weed. i thought about God and why we are all here. and i heard a voice in my head screaming like a person falling off of a cliff into a deep black whole. and i lost it and havent been the same since. like im the same person but my thought process is messed up. like after the trip i was telling myself "i cant feel my brain" yea it was bad. i just dont feel the same within myself. i can control my actions and everything. but just all my goals and everything just vanished since that hit of bud. i need to know what i should do or do i just need time or what? i really need some advise cause i was doing fine for  20 years with a good head on my shoulders and everything. and now i just lost it. it ***** really bad. but help would be great?
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I'd say go see a counselor. LSD is so different fro other drugs in the way it affects the psyche. I know some people have the same problems your having, your not alone. Are you still taking other drugs?
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not really i havent took a drug in 8 months man..
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Lovely to meet you. I can only say that my now 34 year old son started on the same drug at 16 and now lives in Mental health hospital, he has been there for 8 years, drugs tipped schizophrena. I do not have enough knowledge to advise on lsd but do hope this helps! Love Nickyxxx
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personally i never had a bad trip, but i have had good friends who completely lost it, never to get it back. i am extremely lucky because when i was a 15yo run away, i was shooting microdot, alot. this was the 70's and times were i guess gentler. i would see a good internal med doc and get some bloodwork done. who knows what is in that stuff today!? and yes some counselling too. you are lucky not to be drooling for the rest of your days. isn't it crazy the things that seem like a good idea at the time? pm me if you want to. peace, sway
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