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make this your mantra

Just want to tell people to remember, I saw this in here: 1 pill is too many, 10,000 not enough
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thanks man that's a great mantra
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Narcotics Anonymous Chapter 4 How It Works pg. 16
The only way from getting or continuing a habit is not to take that first fix, pill, or drink,
If you are like us, You Know That One Is Too Many And A Thousand Never Enough.We put great emphasis on this for we know that when we use drugs in any form or, substitute one for another we release our addiction all over again or create a new one.
  Check out the Basic Text....It will set you free
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so true...just keeps going and going and going...never is enuf to keep u satisfied..and never enuf to make u happy...just a pain in the rear end really when u think about it..but i guess that is why addicts use/so they dont have to think about it...it is like every now and then a flood of clarity hits and u think..what am i doing?  but it passes when u take another pill..cycle that goes on and on unless u break the cycle..and that is why we r here i guess...good mantra!
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