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marijuana and the cleanest house around

OK, this question is not about me, but about my husband and his addiction to pot.......he smokes it every day, on the weekends numerous times throughout the day, I'm not sure what he does at work during the week.  After smoking, he exits the bathroom and starts looking around the house, scrutinizing what needs to be cleaned and starts his routine.  His weekends are consumed with this.  Every weekend he cleans the same things, whether they need to be cleaned or not.  If he washes the floor, he washes it not once but 3 times.  He gives the bathroom a thorough cleaning, dusts and vacuums excessively, etc.  The problem is that it seems this is all he is interested in doing.  He is not interested in going out and doing anything with me or our daughter.  The only time he goes out is late Friday and Saturday night, he goes by his friend's house and hangs out there and smokes pot and drinks beer.  He does not drink during the week.  Otherwise he hides in the house and cleans.  I believe he has obsessive compulsive disorder and that the marijuana is making it worse, amplifying these feelings and making him paranoid about cleanliness.  This is really starting to freak me out, and wearing on my nerves because it feels like he is always watching me and seeing if I am "making a mess".  Typically this may not be the type of behavior you may associate with pot, but does anyone else out there have this same experience of being obsessed with cleaning and things being in an exact order after smoking pot or know someone who is like this?  Please respond.
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Marijuana smoking and the exacerbation of any kind of mental disorder i well known.Yes, he may be obsessive compulsive and the smoking of pot exagerates it, making him paranoid about, yes it is very possible.
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When I have smoked pot in the past I tend to dive into cleaning and getting things in order. While reading your post I hear OCD in your husbands character. I am diagnosed with OCD and when I would smoke pot it only intensified this behavior. Have you tried talking to him about this? I'm guessing you are not a pot smoker? You should hire out his house cleaning habits, make some money LOL. I'm sorry, I know this is serious but I couldn't help myself. My husband smoked forever and will still light up occasionally now and then. I hate it. He is drinking more and I hate that too. It's as if he is going back into his younger years, trying to recreate youth. I am trying more and more to talk to him about my feelings around this. Communicate to him my concerns. Oh, it helps for a time but then I need to re-communicate again. Marijuana and alcohol are both addicting drugs. I cannot talk an addiction out of him but I can take care of myself by telling him how it effects me (and the kids). We still have a very vulnerable 17 year old son at home who adores his dad and watches his every move.

I don't know if any of this information helps. I wish for you to have some peace around this ~ El
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hummmph.....maybe I need to take up smoking pot....just joking!

I've never heard of this.  My ex smoked all the time, and I find it did the opposite for him.  

I didn't like pot b/c it always made me so parinoid, and go in circles forgetting what I was doing.

Just wanted to comment.

Best Wishes.
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I smoked LOTS of pot for years, and I never had that problem.  It was difficult for me to study, but I did well in school anyway.  My problem was that I thought "it's ok as long as I'm getting my **** done".  Bad mentality.  It still effects you psychologically.  I did become sort of a hermit after smoking.  If he quits smoking, he needs to make sure that he is careful not replace it with drinking.  

I'm clean right now from everything and trying desperately to stay clean on this super bowl sunday!!!!  Good luck to all!
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have you asked him to quit smoking pot? what does he say?
people on drugs are consumed with self, his primary focus is getting high not his daughter, maybe with some healthy boundaries you can get your family back on track
i got clean in 04, but my husband continued to use, there was no way i could live with someone in active addiction, its grueling, i told him to get clean or say good bye
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I'm with you Enemy! Hmmmmmm so that's been my prob all this time! LOL Totally kidding!

I have never really heard of anyone being productive on smoke. Seriously.  Most people are when they are high from pot.  

Here's a question.................when he doesnt smoke....is he at all like that?
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Most people are LAZY when they smoke. Sorry.  
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Okay, just a question.  Is there a possibility that he may be doing something else w/the pot?

Because of my ex who had a bad pot problem, I was surrounded w/tons of other smokers.  I've never seen pot do that.

But.....but, I knew a woman not so long ago.  I lived w/her for a couple of months when me and the exboyfriend split.  She cleaned houses for a living, and every morning before she'd leave her house, she toked on a roach....about 5 or 6 hits.  She said it calmed her and fogged her head just enough to go out and complete her days work which was 2 houses a day.  And that was it.....that's all she smoked.  It wasn't for energy she said.

I think most of us here who took painkillers had the cleanest houses around.  Almost OCD........and didn't mind.

Best Wishes.
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i dont know about the pot making him do it, but it is definately OCD symptoms.  my brother is OCD big time and his house is spotless...we always joke if you are having a party invite him...he cleans everything up.  if he is eating with you make sure you dont put your fork down or he will be washing it...
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