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maybe cold turkey from oxy and fentanyl

So I had a heart to heart last night with my mom (greatest mother in the world) and she said no matter what I wanted to do she wud help me as much as she possibly could. Whether that means financially kr whatever.
She said if I wanted to take time off work and just cold turkey then she wud clear her schedule and sit by the bed as long as it takes. Its obvious at this point that my wife is going to offer no support whatsoever.
So, on to my question. I know oxy detox is usually 3-5 days for the worse symptoms to be over. But ive heard fentanyl takes much longer. Does anybody have experience? How much longer does is take for a fentanyl cold turkey? Should I switch to all oxy for a few weeks first?
And finally, if I take 5 days off, so with weekend on both sides that wud be 9 days? Wud that be long enuf? I'm not sure because although my addiction started on the low side with just a few vicoprofen, its been 7 long miserable years
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I think you should do one at a time. I'd start with the Fentanyl because it IS a tough one. You can ct from that and take the Oxy. You'll still have some symptoms but  nothing terrible.  Then ct from the Oxy, stay home, and accept the help from your Mom, you'll need that!
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Aren't mothers wonderful?  Mine has been amazing through this as well.
I am so happy that she is going to help you because it's hard to do alone and without support.
I agree with Vickie.  First the Fentanyl and then the oxy.  
Good luck and keep posting.
Also tell your mom to log in here and ask any questions she has while you are detoxing.  We will be happy to help her, help you.
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The only problem with that is I cant take that much time from work. I kniw its just a job, but it pays really well. I have no education and don't think id ever be abke to find anything else close. I know my health is # 1......
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I agree with Vicki.  I was on Fentanyl and oxy at high doses, as well as other meds.  I weaned of the Fentanyl fairly slowly.  If you have the kind that has the gel patch it cannot be cut.  But if you have the flat one, you can slice a bit off that each day.  You may not even feel any withdrawals or just slight by doing it that way.  I got a little too ambitious at times and the withdrawals weren't pleasant.  The slower the better.  Then when you're done with the Fentanyl, you can focus on tapering the oxys.  You won't be done overnight but it will be more bearable.  Even with a taper, use the things in the Thomas Recipe; it helps. And hydration is most important of all.  

You can do this.  Fentanyl is a beast to come off but you'll be so glad when you're done.
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