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medication addiction

what are the physical effects of weaning yourself off antidepressant medication?
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Hi, Which one?
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yes,what kind were you taking and how much?  i have come off of a few and can maybe help you.

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it's been over 7 years since i weaned off.  I tried several, due to side effects my Dr threw many at me the last decade. My life is much better without them, the family thought i was distant.

how much were you takin of what? .....ssri's ........  Paxil and zoloft are very weird feeling but doable in taper.   I ct'd zoloft and had my only seizure
cymbalta, etc all about the same
I tried several other ssri's that never helped, probly the easiest one to taper was welbutrin.  what dosage, some only use 100 or 150mg per day others over 1000mg/day

i never was on lithium or maoi's
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I'm listening and waiting to see the answers you get.....after you share which AD and at what dose.

I, too, was on a AD of one kind or another for 10 yrs.  I chose to get off them when I put down the opiates.  I have had a lot of physical things
going on, too.  That's why I am ready to hear what gets posted.

Each one works a little differently....and I had terrible side affects from Cymbalta.  (15 side affects that I identified in the med guide)
I liked Lexapro the best.....too expensive once I had no insurance.
Last one I took was fluoxetine......but I abused it as I weaned off opiates and ended up with seratonin syndrome for awhile.  It was wacky & awful!

Let us know more and I'll be watching, too!
Blessings to you~
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i will just go ahead and share my experience on the ones i took as well just in case you come back:

Effexor was the first:  first of all the side effect going on this med were bad too.  i wish someone had warned me about this one.  when i came off of this i had major depression.  i almost killed myself.  it was that bad.  my psych.  did not taper me and i tried to CT.  bad idea.  when i figured out what was going on.  i went back on and tried to taper myself.

Effexor comes in capsules so i was opening the capsules and actually counting spheres.  it was crazy.  when i thought i had gotten down enough, i jumped.  bad idea.  i was suicidal.  brain zaps.  i went to ER  and they gave me xanax for a week to come off.  after that i didn't take either and that was that.

i was so afraid to take anything after that but the panic/anxiety i took it for came back a couple years later.  i couldn't drive on highways or i would panic.  i went on Lexapro.  this one was okay but like clean said, very expensive.  i tapered w/o incident off of this one.  but very carefully.

next was Cymbalta.  (capsules as well which scared the hell outta me)  this one worked and i did notice marked depression after coming off.  sad and crying.

Lastly was Celexa. this one is similar to Lex.  in the same family.  it is in pill form which is great.  i was on it for about 3 yrs.  got pregnant and tapered off w/o incident.  this one in my opinion is the easiest one i have taken.  

i have put myself back on it recently and i am already feeling tons better.  

hope this helps.
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I was on lexapro then cymbalta for years.  I ran out a couple times and was very ill.  Had the head zaps that feel like electrical bolts going off in your head.   Dr said those are likened to mini seizures.  My stomach hurt awful, had shakes and runs.   They weaned me from those when I asked because they are not only expensive but I didn't like living in fear of w/d and being so cependent on them physically.  Dr had me take 1 of cymbalta and 1 zoloft for a few days.  Then 1/2 cymbalta capsule and 1 zoloft for a few days, then e ery other day for few days, then every 2 to 3 days to once a week.  I had some mild anxiety so took xanax to help with that.  

Like others have said, it depends on what you are taking, how long, dosage and if you are going cold turkey, tapering or switching.  
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Oh...that process took about a month to complete.  Let us know how you are doing.
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