I am trying to get off ultram myself have been on it for 2 years take 4- 50 grams a day can you tell me a way to taper off of them... have been on them for my back and I know there is another way.. need your help
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is ibuprofen and tylenol a blood thinner
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Ultram or tramadol was supposably a non addictive when first marketed. Well that statement made by the manufacturer is not at all thorough. In fact If you were interested in a suboxone detox you would more than likely be turned down as the two drugs interact with each other, in terms of possible seizures. Are you using them as directed as I every 6 hours does not sound like a abusive dose of this medication, Many people looking for help with this drug are using 20 and 30 tablets a day!  On your next DR. visit ask to be switched to Ultracet, which only contains 37.5mg of Ultram and tylenol. Buy doing this you would be able to step down gradually, Then the following month only use 3 tablets a day, month #2 drop down to 2 a day and month #3 drop to 1 tablet divided in 2 twice a day, After that ask your DR for 5 days worth of an anti-anxiety medication like Valium to be taken only for anxiety and possibly  at bedtime as you may experience difficulty sleeping through a full night. Valium is a good choice as it has works on anxiety and as a muscle relaxer.
To answer your second question ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory. Tylenol is not a blood thinner it is
in the class of non opiate pain relievers.
The blood thinners are aspirin and coumadin, these are medications to avoid during post op- surgery as it will prolong the healing process and unwise to use. But aways check with your Doctor.
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Thank you so much for your information. I was taking 2 -50 mg 3 times a day.. I probably didn't make myself very clear. that makes 6 a day. I guess no one wants to admit that they have to take pain medication. My back is all messed up and all that can be done is pain management. Called my Dr. and they are going to give me the shots in the spine and hopefully that will help. He seems to think I am a good one for this procedure. In order to get off before the procedure , they told me to 1/2 the dosage for a week and then 1/2 again until I am off. It is not a pleasant feeling when you hurt..but your saying the best way is do it a month at a time. am hoping the shot works and I can get off of them for good. Didn't start taking 6 a day until about 4 months ago, before that ,was taking 2 a day and then the pain got so bad had to increase. Will talk to my Dr. about ultracet though and also the valium.But Valium is an addictive drug also , isn't it? Gosh seems as though you can't win for losing.. Thanks again for your help and will keep in touch. I had to get off blood thinners before the procedure and was taking ibuprofen along with the med. and that's the reason I asked if they were in the family of blood thinners.
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