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memory loss causes

I have been taking xanax for approximately ten years....have tried to stop it on and off by tapering down i quit completely once for about a week (i didnt know then you could have seizures) and things were going good and I had no symptoms then something bad happened i can't remember what and i went back to the "scary place" and had to start taking them again. anyway i am under stress from my teenagers mouth and sometimes my spouse doesnt understand me. Also both in charge of aging parents to some extent ....I am 52....i lose things forget things and sometimes i will try to recall events and can't. Can this med cause early Altheimers or Dementia?Wouldl like to stop but don't seem to be able to do so ....  God bless you any input is appreciated
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I hope you get more responses because I'd like to know the same thing.  I really don't thing they cause Alzheimer's or Dementia but memory loss can be quite varied in degree. I've been on Xanax .5mg for anxiety, agitation, depression for about 2 years.  About 6 months ago I've found that my memory is profound compounded by disorientation.  Like you, I lose things break china and glassware regularly.  Don't know the day of the week the date and even the time of day.  Just the other night I had taken a nap woke up and jumped on here thinking it was 7:30am.  I must have fell asleep again because next thing I knew it was 12:15. So I'm thinking if it's 12:15 in the afternoon why is it pitch dark outside.  Well I sure you can guess the answer.  I'd been on the computer at 7:30pm and it was 12:15 after midnight.  That's really scary.  I forgot to add I've noticed my condition (confusion) has gotten worse since I asked for Zanax 1mg instead of .5mg.  Also I've recently had a few minor fender benders so I realize this dose is too much.  Anyway, I'm going for surgery on July 12 and after a reasonable amount of time when I am able I will be seeking a drug withdrawal program with the help of a medical professional.
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I am in a "depression class" (thanks Kaiser), and they say memory loss is very common with depression. With all the physical problems & meds to deal with them, who wouldn't be depressed?????
I started on anti-depressants after 3 years sober, still very very depressed. It helps for a while, then stopped. I realize my entire life I have been depressed, and now have Fibromyalgia, and take Wellbutrin for that. But nos I am getting off Subutex, then Soma (a muscle relaxant which is undoubtedly a downer). I already have flu-like symptoms, which of course ARE DEPRESSING. I want to get thru it.
I am 56 and feel like life is passing me by. Lonely, isolated, scared, you name it . . . My memory ***** too. Anyways, depression is a major factor in memory loss.
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