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is there anything to help with a mephedrone withdrawl
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hi welcome to the forum although I have no first had experience with your doc I know its called the bath salts drug...its similar to mdma but the high dont lat as long as for withdrawals there should be no physical withdrawal from this drug ...however you could develop a physiological dependence on it and many durgs like meth or coke have the same effect your best bet is to try and deal with your addictive behavior both N/A and A/A offer free programs that I think you would find beneficial the mental aspect of these drugs is just as distrtutive as a physical dependency this is something that may take a wile to work threw good luck and God bless.....Gnarly    
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Are you referring to things such as Molly's Plant Food or Purple Monkey which contain Mephedrone?

I can't tell you it's long term effects but can tell you that in early sobriety I tried it for abit. It has all the characteristics of an aphetamine. I liked it at first, but quickly realized that it really quickens the heart rate and stays on some time even after the effects wear off. I can't imagine that prolonged use would be good for your heart at all.

Early on, sobriety was difficult and I would look for that "quick cure". I don't know that it's physically addictive, wasn't for me, but physchologically was to an extent. I have read a few stories of overdose deaths, as is with any drug there are those who push the limits. I wouldn't be surprised that in the near future, we may read of others who weren't necessarily abusing them, but after prolonged use developed health problems as a result. I've also read that it will be illegal soon. I know you may feel that "pull" to use it, but try to stay away, it just can't be good for you.

Good Luck!
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I know that I am not addicted to it. I haven't touched in 3 days. Still feeling the effects. Just want to feel normal again. Anything to help with this terrible comedown.
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