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Did you know if you delete link in email of messages they disappear from inbox?  I think thats what happened. So I had several messages this am and deleted them from my email and they are not in my medhelp. If you messaged me yesterday I didnt get them.
I will click on link or leave them in my email until I check my inbox.

I went to a meeting yesterday. No N.A was available at 12:10.  There were alot of peeps that were only addicts though. Sorry to say I shot out the door like a bullet after the meeting. Probally would have been nice if I stayed and chated .
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between these messages, personal mail and other stuff I'm surprised I haven't destroyed all of medhelp with my screw ups.  One of these days I'm going to accidentally hit a button and everything is going to disappear

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Thanks for the info on the email. I'am always goofing up on email!
Have a nice day Clamity2 GOD bless Ya!
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