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i am 3 months pregnant and my husband uses meth can it hurt the baby if he comes still cums in me
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The is an interesting question. For my opinion I think I would have to say no that it won't hurt the baby. I say this because when he ejaculates in you, you don't get high from meth. So no I don't think it will do anything. Plus after a few days the semen disipates anyways.
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No it can't hurt you... or the baby... atleast I have never heard of such, I wouldn't think the meth is metabolized through the body out into the sperm... it would only be a danger if the mother were using. Hope this helps,
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The seamen won’t hurt the baby but having a dad on meth will.
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Boy oh boy, I thought I've heard it all.
No, no, no, will not hurt the baby.
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