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methadone and libido

ok. i've read many questions and answers here. n also read a lot of articles that tell me methadone decreases ur libido (my husband has been on it for a while now). but does that also mean theres nothing that can be done abt it? I love my husband n I knw for a fact that he loves me too. I understand he is having a problem. n I believe every problem has a solution, some r easy sum r hard, sum take a little while n sum take longer. I dunno wat the solution is. we used to talk well abt problems, even sex. but nw v dun talk abt it much, n im finding it difficult. so the question here is, should I let him b. or should I initiate n talk abt it n I dunno, do sumthing? n wat exactly can I do?
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Hi  well methadone will kill not only your labido  but also the very ability to even have sex for a man  I was on the crap for almost 7yrs and lived in a sexless marriage for 5  of those years...when he is ready to come off it everything will go back to normal  there is life after methadone..................Gnarly...........................
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so theres actually nothing I can do, other than standing by his side n waiting for as long as it takes for him to get off methadone.  
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Hi  well viagra will help somewhat  even with that I dident get to full size and was unable to ejaculate  but there is nothing that will help the lack of sex drive.....has he thought of coming off of it yet???  we can help with that we have a lot of members who have beet this drug  give us some info  like how long has he been on it????  at what dose??? and his age   all those factor in on how hard it will be  just know this there is life after methadone and where here to help
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Phoenix- all opiates do that. I'm female, and when I was using my sex drive was totally absent.

Of course you should let him know how you feel. You are both equally important in the marriage. As addicts, we tend to think it's all about us and that causes lots of resentments. Talk to him. You know, methadone is not a life long drug. It's supposed to be used to keep peeps from using needles, but the whole point is to be able to function in the world w/o numbing our feelings. Is he in recovery? He can't just be on methadone and expect to magically learn how to cope w/ life. We need to learn skills.

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he has been on it for abt 4 yrs n is trying to get off it, but heroin just gets to him everytime eh tries. sure will ask him to get help here. thanku so much... n jifmoc, ive tried talking, but he clearly doesnt want to. I believe its difficult for him. n nt being able to communicate is getting to me. communication n sex were the 2 best things v shared. but nw everything is changed. he seems to b irritated all the time. n im kinda losing my cool too. I just want to knw if I shud keep trying. like initiating, n doing stuff for him. or is tht going to make it more difficult for him. I dunno, its so hard. but even this bit v rnt able communicate. the min I try bringing this up, he is either not in the mood or changes the topic or gets irritated or hurt. I need some kind if a clue, something...
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