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methadone detox day 50

Finally made it to day fifty and feeling alot better, but i know im still gong to have days where i dont feel this good. My doctor said i should consider soboxon i looked at her and laughed, and said after all i went through, i think your high, and i said this right to her face cuz thats the type of peron i am. she said it would help with cravings in the future, and i told her my fear of having another habit outweighs my cravings for the time being. fear keeps me in line. but im glad i finally feel better hope it lasts!
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Congrats on those 50 days clean and feeling better. Keep it going. Methadone is a ***** to get off of but your doing it:)
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50 days! WOW you have my congrats! In my opinion suboxone is a miracle drug! But you can't rely on it all of your life! I think if you absoutly can't handle the cravings on your own, suboxone is the way to go. But I'm not sure if that's the case for you! Keep on keeping on! Your doing great
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Nice job! It does continue to get better every day. I don't have my calendar right in front of me but I'm somewhere around day 85 since my last dose of methadone. You gave the correct answer to your doctor in my opinion. You would have been taking a giant step back if you took the doctor's advice. Keep doing what you're doing. AA and NA meetings will do a lot for you if you're still having cravings. Keep up the great work!
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When your doctor began tapering you off what was his dosage?  Also, did he prescribe any vitamins or foods to assist?

There is a reason they tell you to get on suboxone, chemically.  There is also no considerable WD other than mental with that.

As much as people don't like to replace one chemical with another there is a reason why doctors prescribe them.  Methadone is less damaging to your brain and body than opiates, and the chemistry of opiate addiction makes it next to impossible without considerable and frequent recidivism to get off completely.  Yes, you could be that 1% of people that can get off and stay off without a 5 year relapse, but statistically speaking its difficult and most of us got in this mess by not being that exceptional person who could do drugs and put them down.

IF you can do it without suboxone then don't.  If you can't, then do.  Simple as that.  The goal is to not relapse back to opiate addiction.

Personally, I always recommend a total lifestyle change and comedy movies.  You need adrenal rush and seratonin raising to get over drug addiction.  You need positive friends in your life and positive influences, someone many of our personalities prevent.

I'd bet big money that most of us are the type of friends who always have to listen or help our friends in need and get dragged into their problems.

This is something else to stop.

You need and deserve a whole new life.  Much love to you.
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Big pat on the back for 50 days....and that is coming from someone walking the exact same path...I once considered using Subs but once a made it about a week, I told myself and the doctor, the same thing. Although, I did tell her she was high(lol)!

I am not knocking subs or methadone, because everyone has their own path to take, I just know personally for me, it is something that got deep inside my bones and has been a beast to get over.  In hindsight, I would have much rather tried to just detox from pills.

In the end, I think it boils down to the mental ability to overcome and stay clean.  The only thing I can be sure of at 50 plus days off it myself is that I am going to continue to fight it...no longer will I just give in and ignore the addict I know that lives inside of me.  If I never get him out, then I will just have to fight him for the rest of my life.

Good luck and keep it moving.
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btw, there is a reason why medical doctors inch people off methadone.  I just wish you had more medical support.  :(
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damn i wish i had ur confidence!! i had and i stress had 36 days days clean and went back to dones herion oxys ect... anything i could get my hands on and boy ami paying the price again!! u give me insperation to do it but my fkd up mind and body aches is getin the best of me . i dont have no support and it ***** but u go gurl.. so proud of u
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Hey Cookie good to here your starting to come around....just remember this stuff is cyclic and just when you think its letting you off the hook it comes back with a vengeance
your recovery has been coming along well....im still thinking keep the 90day mark in the back of your head there will be days ahead that will make you think you lost the fight
you haven't theirs just set backs for as long as your habit was your doing great
I hope this is it for you....from here on you come bouncing back...there have been people beat it in 60 days but for most its a 90 day deal...the ones that come around in 60 days are usually really young and haven't been on it that long....but just hang in there your making great progress take it one day at a time....if you started on the whey protein shakes they help out a lot....most who have tried them have found them to help try and start a regular exercise program it will help with the energy thing also...the main thing is not to get discouraged ....keep your attitude and spirit high ....your beeting this thing one day at a time...pritty soon life will start looking a lot better to you....you got this thing beat you just dont relise it yet...keep up the fight your almost threw it......Gnarly    
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