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methadone detox

My mother was just fired from her job for selling one of her patients some of her methadone. dont ask me why she did somthing so stupid considering she works at the metadone clinic and does the intakes as well as she is also a patient herself and was taking 220 mg of methadone herself a day . But anyways, they tottaly fired  her and also cut her off but not like 21 day detox cut off i mean cold turkey. Im afraid she is gonna go out and get high what can i do to help her through this? I am also 3,000 miles away from her so it would be hard to help in person. please any advice will help im scared im gonna loose her again how can she detox easily without resorting to the streets at all, hopfully.
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Sounds like she could use inpatient treatment, I have heard of long term places that specialize in "methadone to abstinance" that do it slower and a little more comfortable. Thats one hell of a high dose to kick on your own i never kicked methadone, but i have kicked heroin. I am a recovering  addict i have a year clean now my prayers are with you and your mom.
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WOW please research and find some available option, this is to much for her to handle in her shape!
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I left you a private message check your inbox asap. Message me back get chance.
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